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Empire Admin -> Exclusive: Near Dark Remake Is Off (12/12/2008 8:32:55 AM)

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vineethchacko -> I second that! (12/12/2008 8:32:55 AM)

It's impossible to keep a good vampire down. There are good vampire movies possible. 'Twilight' should not pose a threat to that. Surely, we can do better than 'Underworld'.

John76 -> Why does Empire feel it's okay to remake some films? (12/12/2008 9:45:32 AM)

It seems every day there's news of another remake and these boards are full of protesters bemoaning the lack of originality in Hollywood yet implied in the story above, and in previous news pieces, Empire writers look forward to the prospect of another take on a previously successful film. I really think we should be expecting more from you guys - since when does a lack of originality warrant praise? There is indeed room for two dark, moody modern day vampire movies but why shouldn't we be looking for an original slant on it rather than a rehash of a movie that was only made in the 20 years ago but since it doesn't have 105 flash cut edits in each scene and everyone has slightly dodgy hair is therefore due to be remade. Empire's slide into a fanboy sci-fi mag I could just about forgive but this embracing of the remake culture I can't.

al101 -> oh thank god! (12/12/2008 10:13:23 AM)

for a sec there, when i first saw the picture, i got a horrible sinking feeling! phew.

thejonner -> Thank fuck... (12/12/2008 10:52:22 AM)

...for that. Just leave well alone.

CORLEONE -> RE: Thank fuck... (12/12/2008 11:03:41 AM)

Another reason to hate Twilight. A Near Dark remake is infinitely more interesting than that teeny bopper shite.

bobthegrinch -> I agree with John 76 (12/12/2008 11:52:29 AM)

I really have no idea why remakes have become too common these days. I don't understand the point of re-making films that were already good in the first place. I'll admit that I enjoyed the Dawn of the Dead remake but it's no classic. I can kind of understand why they remake foreign language films for an American audience because mass audiences will most likely never see the originals even if they were heavily promoted. The only instance I'd really support a remake though is if the original had a good conept but was a bad film or if it's an adaptation of a novel/comic where the original film radically altered what happened in the novel/comic (I'd love to see a faithful adaptation of I Am Legend). If the original is good though (like Near Dark) then don't bother. Did we really need Death Race, Harispray, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Planet of the Apes, The Pink Panther, The Wickerman, Rollerball, Get Carter? I could go on but basically I think remakes should be stopped unless there's actually an intriguing reason to do so.

Nicky C -> Does not need to be made ... (12/12/2008 11:56:37 AM)

... at all. Ever. In any way shape or form. Why remake an old story in an attempt to retell it in a way that is relevant to today (I'm looking at you, Keanu!)? Why not just write a story that is relevant to today? Near Dark, in particular, is a cult movie. Would remaking it ensure success? I don't personally think so.

Bushman -> Can you hear that Holywood? (12/12/2008 12:13:32 PM)

It's the sound of a million cinema fans breathing a collective sigh of relief. For once the remake monster has been stopped in it's tracks. Hurrah!

PythonFan -> (12/12/2008 12:37:56 PM)

YAY!! Thank god for that. That is all.

granny -> Finger lickin' good news (12/12/2008 1:02:57 PM)

Hurrah. A Near Dark TV series in the, er, vein of True Blood would have been more interesting perhaps. Or the prequel Lance H wanted to make.

Tech_Noir -> RE: Finger lickin' good news (12/12/2008 1:26:27 PM)

Near Dark is a masterpiece but it's an 80s masterpiece, you can't remake that kind of magic.

Glad there's no remake but I'd be interested in a prequel or even sequel (although Jenny Wright seems to have vanished and we'll just have Adrian Pasdar and the horse).

Speaking of horses, anyone notice how weird that first horse Caleb shows Mae looks like? It's like it's been shaved all over.

shanewire -> Thank Christ! (12/12/2008 1:55:09 PM)

The effects hold up beautifully and the performances are sublime. Who could ever compete with paxton? Dawn of the Dead and old monster flicks with shit effects are sometimes in need of and update. This movie does NOT fall into that category. LEAVE IT BE. The scene in the bar is one of the finest scenes in movie history. Couldn't be recaptured. 'Scuse me, i need to go watch Near Dark again now.

Jubby -> (12/12/2008 5:48:23 PM)

don't care about this vampire shit! were is the wolverine trailer i thought their was gunner be one on 12 dec

Dark Flower Rose -> I taught Severen everything he knew, but not everything I know. (14/12/2008 9:02:59 PM)

I for one am relieved. Near Dark is woefully underrated. It’s the most beautiful vampire film next to Nosferatu. It think it looks almost contemporary. Only the 80s synth score ages it. There’s no need for a remake. Simply re-release!

gordonemanuel -> Not sure... (27/8/2009 10:59:01 PM)

Im not even going to talk about Twilight aside from to say its rubbish. I love the original Near Dark movie, but I always though it would be cool to see a sexy grungy vampire road movie set in the desert, with a much younger cast then ND, like 15/16 year olds or something. Perhaps an adaption of Popy Z Brite's Lost Souls could be cool, but preferrably not made in Hollywood!!!

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