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Empire Admin -> Red Sun, Black Sand (9/1/2006 12:09:57 PM)

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Timon -> Red Sun, Black Sea (1/9/2006 5:20:09 PM)

I'm very excited by this film and it's sister film Red Sun, Black Sand and can't help but think this is a very bold step for Eastwood.

I'm expecting Flags Of Our Fathers to be very brutal in its visuals as we've come to expect from war films ever since Spielberg all shell shocked us with Saving Private Ryan but rather than being another by the numbers war film or even a recruitment film (like John Wayne's Sands of Iwo Jima used as a propaganda piece by the Marine Corp during Vietnam), I expect Flags to show the true trauma in being portrayed as an national hero and an icon of history when you only view yourself as a normal man especially when some many of your comrades didn't make it and they were as brave as you.

Eastwood has chosen an impressive cast choosing solid actors rather than superstars and I think this a good move as it will make us embrace the characters and the fact that this is a true story rather than playing "Spot the famous face."

Red Sun, Black Sand though is going to be a very different affair I feel and most likely not the war film many of us are used to seeing. Whether you accept it or not, the Japanese did committ atrocites during the war on par with the Germans. Their actions in China defy belief but unlike the Nazis, the Japanese have never really had to face up to their actions. You can put this down to industrial and political reasons but the fact of the matter is that Japanese culture then and to some extent now is ENTIRELY different from Western culture.

Japan has always been a feudal society where actions are taken for the good of the whole rather than the individual be it a village, buisness or a country. This was true during the war. The Japanese commanders were very strict about holding their ground and as an extent many Japanese troops were killed in the Pacific campaign but their steadfast actions took as many Allied lives. The whole Japanese discipline of honour is hard to understand and comprehend. Sacrificing your life for your country was seen as a given. At the time Japan was a very nationalistic and to some extent racist society and while the country has come to some sort of terms over their actions during the war, it's fair to say that they have not had the same war guilt put upon them as Germany has.

I think its very brave of actor like Ken Wannabe to make this film and I see it as a positive step to some sort of acceptance for Japan. Whether the Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese or former American POWs feel the same way is another matter but I have no doubt that out of the two films Red Sun, Black Sea will be the more poignant and better film.

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