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Empire Admin -> Del Toro Producing Pinocchio Movie (17/11/2008 7:03:43 AM)

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Jack'sSmirkinRevenge -> Awesome-O 3000 (17/11/2008 7:03:43 AM)

Wow, this sounds excellent. I could see this being a really dark and twisted version, and love the idea of it being stop-motion. Could really add to the whole vibe. Although not strictly stop-motion, I've got an image of Radiohead's 'There There' video in my head, which I loved and had a beautiful but twisted feel to it. Del Toro really is just about the best at his craft these days so I have high hopes

neofunk2001 -> (17/11/2008 8:18:51 AM)

Love the idea, it does sound twisted Guiseppe creating Pinnochio as a sex doll and maybe Pinnochio wanting to become human to exact his revenge on his pervert creator lol

Taz69 -> Classic (17/11/2008 12:04:06 PM)

Along the lines of Tha Dark Crystal.
Although it'd have to some way to beat the porno version where men and women bend over in front of him as Pinnochio lies.

Sphinx -> RE: Classic (17/11/2008 9:34:10 PM)

Dark Crystal-esque + Del Toro's vision of the Donkey transformation = a wacky, wacky movie. He might as well jump on the bandwagone, anyone hear more about the gothic version of alice in wonderland?

DouglasG -> RE: Classic (18/11/2008 6:29:05 PM)

Its bound to be brilliant! [:D]

Wozza80 -> None more black (19/11/2008 5:50:10 PM)

I've always found the Disney version of this tale to be quite dark(Certainly one of the darkest Disney outings!) so this news comes as a joy to me. A no holds barred version would be awesome. Keep the good news a-coming Empire.....

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