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Timon -> The Devil's Whore (16/11/2008 11:56:50 AM)

So who else is going to be watching this this week?

Looks great and we haven't had a English Civil War drama for ages.

Decent cast too... Dominic West and John Sim.


Citizen Dildo -> RE: The Devil's Whore (16/11/2008 2:42:30 PM)

Dominic West & John Simm?  Count me in!

agent cooper -> RE: The Devil's Whore (16/11/2008 7:00:40 PM)

Most obvious reason to watch this is not only the impressive cast, someone forget Michael Fassbender? but the writer one Peter Flannery.

Flannery wrote the masterpiece that is Our Friends in the North which not only starred Christopher Eccleston but also gave certain Daniel Craig and Mark Strong their big break. 

Dave B -> RE: The Devil's Whore (16/11/2008 7:24:00 PM)

Looks interesting and John Simm is great. I'm looking forward to this.

elab49 -> RE: The Devil's Whore (16/11/2008 10:41:54 PM)

Given the creative talent I was really looking forward to it but having read some articles in the weekends I'm a bit worried about how over-simplified the Civil War stuff will be - some of the stuff - Ind on Sunday - was just plain wrong. And always conflated protestant/puritan without seeming to know what the difference was and badging the Civil War as solely religious. That could be annoying - fingers crossed it won't be.

El Becks -> RE: The Devil's Whore (16/11/2008 10:50:28 PM)


ORIGINAL: agent cooper

Most obvious reason to watch this is not only the impressive cast, someone forget Michael Fassbender? but the writer one Peter Flannery.

Flannery wrote the masterpiece that is Our Friends in the North which not only starred Christopher Eccleston but also gave certain Daniel Craig and Mark Strong their big break. 

Loved that series and Daniel Craig as Geordie was my favourite character. 

I hadn't caught the publicity for The Devil's Whore but with Flannery's writing and John Simm and Dominic West (will be so nice seeing him again now The Wire has finished) starring I'll definitely be setting my SKY+ to record it on Wednesday.

Rumbaabaa -> RE: The Devil's Whore (17/11/2008 1:19:55 PM)

Looking forward to this too. Aside from the talent involved, the Civil War seems to be a very neglected part of our history

theram05 -> RE: The Devil's Whore (17/11/2008 1:39:46 PM)






Felix -> RE: The Devil's Whore (17/11/2008 1:52:18 PM)

Its pretty much your perfect nights viewing, isnt it Rammy. [:D]

theram05 -> RE: The Devil's Whore (17/11/2008 1:56:15 PM)

If I havent blown one out by the end of the opening credits then I'll be very disappointed.

jenzie -> RE: The Devil's Whore (17/11/2008 11:40:39 PM)

now i have to tape HEROES .....

well, i watched HEROES while i taped SANCTUARY .....

and SACTUARY is now on monday .....

this and the einstein one-off on saturday means good stuff .....

Bezerker -> RE: The Devil's Whore (17/11/2008 11:57:56 PM)

I'll watch it for McNulty

elab49 -> RE: The Devil's Whore (19/11/2008 8:55:01 PM)

GOod grief - Sky's EPG lists this as The Devil's Wh**e - are the puritans taking over the listings, then?

Dragar 11(New Birth) -> RE: The Devil's Whore (20/11/2008 8:32:03 AM)

Taped this last night. Had to watch heroes. Is it any good

Giant Green Rabbit -> RE: The Devil's Whore (20/11/2008 11:49:58 AM)

I thought it was rubbish. The plotting and pacing is really really bad, with the writers having no idea what element of the show should be at its heart. There was no time taken to build characters, no time taken to investigate the concerns and grievances of those involved in the plot and no time taken to build up the gravity of the conflict. Shows like this compare very unfavourably to the likes of John Adams (HBO), which spent two whole episodes, almost two and a half hours to build up to the point where the Declaration of Independence is signed and conflict is assured. Even with its larger budget, HBO recognised that it's not battle scenes and the spectacular that can be the focus of the show, but the personal and polticial developments of the key characters, and their relationships between each other.

TDW was somewhere between aimless, and by-the-numbers - none of it amounts to very much. It lacks both dramatic and emotional weight.  too was looking forward to seeing McNulty as Cromwell; I wish there was more material for the character and for others around him so we could really get a sense of their griuevances and what drives them as individuals; the internal conflicts within their camp. I wanted there to be some exploration of the King's perspective. Instead he seems to sit around idly whilst every so often an advisor comes to tell him that something else has happened which is bad. The king grimaces, looks weak and then continues to sit around idly. There is only one scene in John Adams with the then king George III, and in his five minutes you get a sense of how important he feels monarchy is to governance. He sincerely fears that America's population would suffer for want of a king. In yesterday's programme, Charles should have had several times that screen-time to get an overview of how and why the royalists had come to their position. Let alone the complexities of the dynamics of the civil war, I dont think it even did particualrly well in illustrating the basics of the conflict.

Mason Verger -> RE: The Devil's Whore (20/11/2008 3:37:31 PM)

Why does the devil need a whore?

Timon -> RE: The Devil's Whore (20/11/2008 5:05:59 PM)

Yeah I thought the pacing was a bit over the place. Things seemed to happen too fast. One minute Charles I is in parliament, next it's the Battle of Edgehill. No sense of scale, no sense of the country ripping apart...

It just Like GGR said, it's not sure what it wants to be.

mafyou -> RE: The Devil's Whore (20/11/2008 8:26:44 PM)

I have to agree. What's annoying is that Fassbender, West and Simm are all really good and very cool. The story is just all over the shop and the introduction of some of the characters was just awful. Battles were good though. And what is with that devil? It looks awful. I'll watch next week probably (well I'll download) but after that I may not bother. Bit of a wasted opportunity.

Is there any stuff like this (Historical period drama) that is actually good? Maybe of similar time. PM if anyone can offer anything up as I don't want to be the one who makes this go off topic. TA!

mafyou -> RE: The Devil's Whore (5/12/2008 7:09:48 PM)

Is anyone still keeping track with this?

Monkeyshaver -> RE: The Devil's Whore (11/12/2008 2:18:51 PM)

The Devil's Bore

mafyou -> RE: The Devil's Whore (11/12/2008 6:48:52 PM)

I rather enjoyed the first two episodes more than the first two. I'm pleased I stuck with it in the end.

Jackie Boy -> RE: The Devil's Whore (5/4/2009 8:00:04 PM)

Bar a couple of decent performances (namely Andrea Riseborough & Dominic West) this just didn't do it for me i'm afraid. I believe this was originally conceived as a 10 part miniseries for the BBC but for reasons unknown it was dropped, which is when CH4 came in to the picture. However due to limited funds it was condensed into this rather lame 4 part series. Yet another case of what could have been.

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