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Empire Admin -> X-Men Origins: Magneto (12/11/2008 10:27:47 AM)

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Marwood -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (12/11/2008 1:22:06 PM)

This sounds intriguing, it's been floating around for a while and I hope 20th Century Fox do make some progress on it. As the Empire article says; it will probably depend on Wolverine's success but they'd better get their skates on if both films are going to keep the "X-Men Origins" tag and be part of a proper series.

I like the fact that Xavier is to be featured and hope that there will be an epilogue of sorts with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen reprising their roles. It would be nicer still if it led into X-Men (Bryan Singer's original film) perhaps showing one or both of them getting ready for the "war" by assembling their teams. Why not throw in Mystique/Cyclops cameos too?

Rumbaabaa -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (12/11/2008 2:36:43 PM)

I agree - I'd like to see the beginnings of the formation of the X-Men and the Brotherhood too. I'd be very surprised if Mystique did not turn up in this film (assuming they ever get round to making it...).

BatFan -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (12/11/2008 3:09:58 PM)

This would excite me if it weren't for the fact that David Goyer was directing. I'm expecting another shitfest like Blade Trinity.

Timon -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (5/5/2009 8:10:20 AM)

Seeing as X Men Origins: Wolverine has made $87 million dollars in its first weekend, despite being rubbish... expect this greenlit asap.

HIM -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (5/5/2009 11:09:08 AM)

I'd rather see an X-Men Origins: Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds was the best thing about Wolverine despite being in it for 2 minutes near the start.

Tech_Noir -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (5/5/2009 12:12:40 PM)

This is the only X-Men spin off I'd pay to watch.

Rgirvan44 -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (5/5/2009 12:24:33 PM)

Is there anything else that needs explaining from the scene we saw in the first film?

Would only be interested in this if McKellen was involved, and as it is an origin story I doubt he would.

It would be interesting if this told the story of Eric and Charlies life in the early days, but I suspect they will make it into a dumb action movie along the lines of Wolverine rather than the obvious Malcolm X/Martin Luther King story that is already set up.

Marwood -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (5/5/2009 3:33:15 PM)

Off to see Wolverine tonight (just for completion purposes, it looks pretty mediocre) but from what I've heard it's a pretty brainless affair and just manages to be enough fun to stop it completely submerging into X3 waters.

Anyway, I'd hope that a Magneto prequel would take a different path and be more philosphical and (dare I suggest it?) adult. I'm sure that's what Goyer has gone for script wise but the success of Wolverine might convince Fox to ramp it up as an action film.

I'd hope that McKellen would feature somewhere - maybe using some de-aging tech to throw him in at the end and try to link it to X-Men 1 with him appearing a similar age as he does there. I'd be very disappointed if neither he nor Patrick Stewart featured somewhere.

However I'm not sure this will ever get made anyway, there's been dithering and waiting to see if Wolverine is a hit but even then this would surely have to be a different type of film, unfortunately I could see it following the Hannibal Rising model and ultimately rob Magneto's character of interest if done badly (which I''m sure Fox will ensure if their always rumoured micro management is applied again). 

JIm R -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (8/5/2009 3:56:33 PM)

The immediate rammifications of the story lean it to a more adult approach, nazi war camps are not known for their fun moments, a serious tone is ultimately required.
The potential for the early story, Charles and Eric's friendship and connected vision falling apart and the assembly of the orginal 60's line up would be great and the assembly of the Danger Room, the formation of the Brotherhood, Magneto's turn to the dark side etc.
However, Fox no doubt will wrap this aspect of the story up quickly and have everyone's powers on display inside of half an hour.
Also, if Wolverine's origin film is anything to go by, contanuity is not high on the 'to do' list..... [:@]

BatFan -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (8/5/2009 4:58:14 PM)

Maybe if it was released in the Febuary/March or November/December schedule, it could be more adult and not need as much action and could be sold as more of a thriller just woth superheroes. Although this is Fox we're talking about, if they can alter his story to have as many bangs as possible to be a blockbuster and appeal to the broadest audience possible, they will.

Looking at the de-aging effects used in Wolverine on Prof X, I really wouldn''t want that to be used in a whole film. I actually didn't like it that much in X3. I would much rather they re-casted and have young actors playing Magneto and Xavier in the past and have Mckellen and Stewert as them in the present.

I was thinking of actors who could play them when they were younger and I saw a drawing of Magneto that looked unbelievably like Mark Strong, and he would be a brilliant choice I reckon. He also could play a young Xavier aswell but if he was cast then it would give me much more faith in the film.

Tech_Noir -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (8/5/2009 5:10:57 PM)

Like the Star Wars prequels, the story of Magneto and Charles is a gold mine of potential. What makes a villain a villain.

Timon -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (8/5/2009 11:14:47 PM)

A gold mine of potential that I fear will be raped and pillaged....

Rgirvan44 -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (8/5/2009 11:31:10 PM)

I continue to maintain the belief that Stewart did not personally take part in any of the film of Wolverine - it wasn't de aging that made him werid, it was that the effect was a cut and paste job.

Timon -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (8/5/2009 11:33:32 PM)

Would have been better if they'd just cut a scene from early TNG episodes and inserted it on a new background a la Kingdom of Heaven where they altered a shot of Orlando Bloom to make it look like he was on a boat...when really, it was a flipped scene of him crouching in a basement.

Rgirvan44 -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (8/5/2009 11:43:57 PM)

They could have just shown the bald head from the back. Stewart doing a quick voiceover and then Wolverine looking at them all getting on the helicopter in the far distance. It could have easily been edited around.

It was either a cut and paste job or someone was attempting to create a photo real human face, cause no way was Stewart on set.

Moviebabe -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (9/5/2009 6:59:45 PM)

this spin-off is going to be...........Magnetic!.................sorry couldnt resist! [:D]

Snake-Eyes -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (10/5/2009 10:44:31 AM)

'sigh'... Snake-Eyes was once the biggest Marvel Mutant Fan on the Block. but after X-MEN 3 and WOLVERINE, I really couldn't give a toss now. The way that these films were from the very start was just wrong!
  • Cyclops is supposed to be the leader - he didn't DO anything!
  • Storm - she got her arse kicked all the time, in the comics, she was a 'Goddess'!
  • what the f**k was the point of Angel in Part 3?!
  • why was Vinnie Jones cast as Juggernaut?
  • why did Colossus not have a bigger role?
  • In the comics, Mystique is Nightcrawler's mother
  • why were Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth reduced to henchmen in the first two films?
  • what the f**k was up with Gambit & Deadpool?!

ah, what the hell.... what does the almighty 20th Century Fox give a s**t about the actual fans who grew up with these stories? it's all about selling yer action figures and dvds in time for X-MAS!

Marwood -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (1/6/2009 9:56:17 PM)

So Total Film have chatted with Bryan Singer recently about returning to the franchise by maybe directing Magneto. Now Singer seems interested but this is no way an announcement so don't read much into it.

However I would champion him directing this film considering he's the only director imo who has made decent X-Men films. Snake-Eyes, I understand all your above points and agree with them but I also believe that you'll never be able to do justice to every character on screen purely because of the amount of them lobbying for space in a 2 hour runtime. The only time I think having a large cast of characters like that and them all having decent development was in The Lord of The Rings (Star Wars falls short of the mark though) and that's because it was a trilogy with each film at least 2 and a half hours (theatrical). I think Singer largely got it right and think he would make a good fist of this as well. Plus his presence may lure Ian McKellen to come back, I'd be very disappointed if he didn't make bookending appearances.

David Goyer wants the job but I think he should stop at writing it, Blade Trinity was god awful and by all accounts The Invisible and The Unborn are utter dreck so I've got no faith in him to make a success out of Magento either.

grucl -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (2/6/2009 8:36:48 AM)


David Goyer wants the job but I think he should stop at writing it, Blade Trinity was god awful and by all accounts The Invisible and The Unborn are utter dreck so I've got no faith in him to make a success out of Magento either.

3 words: The.Dark.Knight. 

BatFan -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (2/6/2009 11:36:50 AM)




David Goyer wants the job but I think he should stop at writing it, Blade Trinity was god awful and by all accounts The Invisible and The Unborn are utter dreck so I've got no faith in him to make a success out of Magento either.

3 words: The.Dark.Knight. 

Goyer didn't direct The Dark Knight, he didn't even write much of it. He and Chris Nolan came up with a story outline but Jonathan Nolan wrote the actual script.

Marwood -> RE: X-Men Origins: Magneto (2/6/2009 12:50:46 PM)

grucl, Goyer gets my respect for writing Batman Begins with Chris Nolan and plotting a 2nd and 3rd film (elements of his outlines were fused into The Dark Knight by Nolan) but beyond that he had f-all to do with TDK. He was present on the publicity circuit but he didn't write the script or actually DIRECT it did he? I'm sure the Nolans consulted with him and ok, he's admitted he's spoken with Chris about a 3rd film but who knows where that will go anyway?

My point was Goyer as a DIRECTOR, something so far he has screwed up (by most accounts - as I said before I've only seen 2 out of the 3 films I know he's DIRECTED). I'm pleased he's been on script duties but clearly writing is his strength as opposed to DIRECTING so I think he should step back and let someone else do it - whether it's Bryan Singer or not.

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stumpy102 -> stumpy 102 (27/2/2010 5:58:40 PM)

hope they make this film,it would be nice to see a villains origin story! hopefully they get brian singer as he seemed to understand the x-men world and the characters.

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