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Empire Admin -> Joaquin Pheonix To Quit Acting... (30/10/2008 10:53:46 AM)

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nclowe -> (30/10/2008 10:53:46 AM)

O_O *is speechless*

matthewforan -> RE: (30/10/2008 10:59:59 AM)

Well first the great news about Preacher finally getting somewhere and now this talk about a mixed news morning. One of the best actors out there is now going to be a focus on music, well good luck to him anyway.

doctorolorinbats1975 -> (30/10/2008 11:25:57 AM)

Empire puts across why Phoenix may have quit quite well. It should also be noted he's never watched any of his films. I wish him luck with his singing career as his voice was quite good in Walk the Line, but I hope one day he'll return to acting.

Romarth -> (30/10/2008 11:30:01 AM)

Great actor, and his talents will be missed. But, I suppose, if this is what's gonna make him happy, reach for the stars. And who knows? I might end up buying his album...

CORLEONE -> RE: RE: (30/10/2008 11:57:21 AM)


ORIGINAL: matthewforan

Well first the great news about Preacher finally getting somewhere and now this talk about a mixed news morning. One of the best actors out there is now going to be a focus on music, well good luck to him anyway.

Thinking about it, Phoenix would be a great Jesse Custer!

Manfrendshensindshen -> (30/10/2008 11:58:31 AM)

Blimey. That boy's got presence and an undeniable sense of passion (at least in his better roles). What a shame. Hopefully he'll be back by 2010. Oh, and what's it with those rumours that Sean Connery's returning?

tomcat -> (30/10/2008 12:26:39 PM)

Is he really any good? Other than Walk The Line I've never thought he was particularly convincing. His performance in Gladiator was especially bad. Good luck to him, but I'm in no rush to see his return to the screen.

Albertine -> ^^ (30/10/2008 12:42:58 PM)

He will probably return, he is too young to quit. But also he said that he couldn't quit before because he is never happy with what he does, so he really should have quit at Walk the line and not now. So he is doomed to return to rectify his work. He is also a good singer so I think he'll manage that pretty well;)

tres long -> phoenix (30/10/2008 2:23:07 PM)

well i must admit its a bold step to take but why not have a go! however i do think that Phoenix is an under rated actor and under-used in a lot of films. hope he doesnt turn his back on the silver screen however i must admit the film i think he is outstanding was walk the line and the sound track is excellent!

rayhiggins -> (30/10/2008 3:03:37 PM)

Best of luck to him and all, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he'll be back to acting after 2-3 years.

Barraluke -> (30/10/2008 4:39:45 PM)

I think Joaquin is a very talented actor, but judging by his Walk The Line vocals, it looks like he could be a good singer also. If this is the case, and he can forge a succesfull/semi-succesfull career in music, then I don't think we will see Phoenix on the screen any time soon.

joanna likes films -> A Real Shame. (30/10/2008 5:49:03 PM)

I always liked Joaquin when he was outstanding in Gladiator and brillant in Walk The Line. I was shocked of this news, he's a excellent actor but to do singing? Well, that's up to him but I will miss him and I will see his last movie on the big screen. Probably cry on that day. I wish him well for his new direction, I hope it does good for him and who knows? He might be a great singer and won't come back to Hollywood.

sanchia -> (30/10/2008 8:17:49 PM)

He'll be back. How many actors have tried the singing route and failed?

Sphinx -> RE: (30/10/2008 9:08:32 PM)

Let's hope so!!! Damn it Pheonix if it ain't broke don't fix it!!! [&:][&:][&:][&:][&:]

fuzzywobs -> No major loss (30/10/2008 9:50:08 PM)

couldn't care less! disliked walk the line and i don't think he's a particular loss to the acting world. his brother however.....

Amelie_Scotland -> RE: No major loss (30/10/2008 10:11:49 PM)

I'm a huge fan, as most people here know, so I'm obviously shocked and upset about it. But whatever makes him happy is always good and I have a sneaking suspicion his music will fare better than the usual actor-to-singer stuff. I hope he does act again one day.

Tech_Noir -> RE: RE: (30/10/2008 10:24:17 PM)

Quite a surprise.

Anyone else notice that Wacky Phoenix has become quie dull and depressing lately, in interviews anyway (going down the Harrison Ford route)

rupert303 -> RE: RE: (30/10/2008 10:46:18 PM)

who's really going to take seriously as a musician? and does he plan on writing his own songs? sounds like throwing the baby out with the bathwater to me (or just a rouse after a few bad box office receipts) but good luck to him.

mk269 -> (31/10/2008 2:33:49 AM)


Mason Verger -> RE: Joaquin Pheonix To Quit Acting... (2/11/2008 1:02:52 PM)

He probably got tired of being confused with Joaquin Phoenix.

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