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shawshank prisoner -> Seth Rogen (2/9/2008 11:04:01 PM)

During one of my scarily frequent daydreams recently, I was thinking about whether or not one specific star has ability to, based purely on their role, make a film a personal must-see. While Other people may be innevitablly attracted to films featuring names such as Pacino, DeNiro et al, my current favourite film star has to be the one and only Seth Rogen. His comedy turns are simply excellent and he, along with the rest of his Judd Apatow gang, is hilarous. I've seen every one of his films and am thoroughly looking forard to watching his career (hopefully) blossom to the extent of being named as one of the greatest comedic actors of his genration.

Surely others must feel the same way?

Larry of Arabia -> RE: Seth Rogen (2/9/2008 11:21:47 PM)

There's a thread for Rogen here.

scarface666brooksy!! -> RE: Seth Rogen (24/11/2008 6:11:57 AM)

One of my new favourite actors. He is so f***** funny i cant stand it.

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