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Empire Admin -> ElfQuest Movie On The Way (9/7/2008 10:08:14 AM)

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DreadPirateRoberts -> (9/7/2008 10:08:14 AM)

I've never heard of elfquest.Is that weird?

bigmurds -> Haa Haa Haa (9/7/2008 11:55:14 AM)

Just had to re read this as for a second there i though it said written by Wendy Richard. Cor Pauline Fowler was a busy woman wasnt she.

Dr Science -> . . . dropped the Marshall! (9/7/2008 2:44:02 PM)

that might be the best one-liner I've read in any empireonline news story
Sublime work Mr Hewitt

I was a huge ElfQuest fan for a while - there was a real hippie theme going on - plaits and flares and grooviness - but I think they'll struggle to recreate the three fingered elves in a live action format - I hope they go with the animation route

I'll be very surprised if there's more than a passing similarity to the comics

dave_0989 -> GREAT !!!! (9/7/2008 3:51:38 PM)

I love dodgeball it is one of the best gross/genuinely funny films ever and its awesome to see a director tackle a new gnere when he comes back and not re hash himself so good luck

PS i dont think it'll be as good as rings nothing will but it could be pretty good i think

scarlet_273 -> RE: ElfQuest Movie On The Way (9/7/2008 4:37:11 PM)

I can't wait for the movie!!  I have been a fan of the Elfquest comics since I was 5 years old.  If you don't know anything about Elfquest, you should check out their website at www.elfquest.com  You have made my year!!!!

DJConan -> (9/7/2008 6:35:29 PM)

Why on Earth has it taken so long for this to happen? This series rocks and has all the elements for success. It's got the sex and violence but in just the right doses. What really makes it great are the strong, individual characters and storylines that put those characters through the ringer for our reading - and now viewing - pleasure. Congrats to everyone involved!

ButchCassidy -> (10/7/2008 9:44:20 PM)

Hang on, wasn't he attached to a big-screen version of Magnum PI back in 2006?

Metalion -> (11/7/2008 11:29:14 AM)

Elfquest is probably my favourite comic book. It perfectly combines sensitivity and violence and the Wendy's drawing style is simply one of the best around. Bring on the movie for Pete's sake!

xayian -> (21/7/2008 5:52:09 AM)

Wow! It's about time! I read ElfQuest when it was in novel format and it was the first fantasy book of substance I ever read that wasn't a "choose your own adventure" ;) I've been hooked ever since and I can't wait to see it on the big screen. I hope Thurber can make it happen

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