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Empire Admin -> Inglorious Bastards Goes Out To Studios (9/7/2008 1:28:19 AM)

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kinge247 -> At last! (9/7/2008 1:28:19 AM)

Its about time we got some actual concrete evidence that this is going ahead. Hopefully Tarantino will be back on form with this.  Brad Pitt rules and Eddie Murphy can be really good with the right script and director (not Brett Ratner).  I really liked Deathproof but agree that its not his best effort so this should bring him back on track.  Bid quickly Holllywood so we can actually see it.

hatebox -> (9/7/2008 2:19:54 AM)

Death Proof was bloody awful, but I like the idea of a Tarantino WWII movie. Bring it on. And get Roth and Madsen like you promised.

AYBGerrardo -> (9/7/2008 9:06:26 AM)

<< Look at the related reviews!
Empire likes these guys!

Mad Dog Tannen -> It'll all end in tears. (9/7/2008 9:29:22 AM)

Mark my words.

missphoenix -> funny picture (9/7/2008 10:04:00 AM)

Tarantino looks like someone's just stuck their finger up his arse, and he quite likes it.

AboyNamedSue -> hahahah (9/7/2008 10:16:17 AM)

Very true about the arse - he needs to get his head out of there too. Talented twat that he is!

Hughezy -> (9/7/2008 10:33:10 AM)

isn't this the script that he was said was "ready to go" back in 2003? also, whatever happened to the new kung fu film that "is going to me my next film?"

QT is an arsehole, he just loves the sound of his own high pitched voice and will say anything because he knows that the Internet will go crazy over it, and Empire is one of the worst for it.

i mean, you guys put an ELI ROTH news story the other day: why? NO ONE CARES about Eli Roth, he's an awful and very imature film maker.

shanewire -> Don't you condescend me man (9/7/2008 10:33:23 AM)

Pitt was the Bomb in True Romance!
He delivered those lines well relative to everything!
I hope and pray he's in this flick
And Madsen can fuck off.

Kev@CTU -> (9/7/2008 10:36:50 AM)

Hey, no bad words said about Death Proof - that movie rocked!

jedi_theforce -> (9/7/2008 10:37:53 AM)

Good to see Tarantino back at last!!
I thought Death Proof was pretty good, thou not a patch on Pulp or Jackis Brown, but Tarantino's war movie??
Got to be good, i reckon MASH crossed with Apocolypse Now.
Oh and some samuri swords.

spacemonkey95 -> (9/7/2008 11:01:57 AM)

"the upcoming DVD release of Inglorious Bastards"

Eh? How does that work then?

adambatman82 -> RE: (9/7/2008 11:30:26 AM)


ORIGINAL: spacemonkey95

"the upcoming DVD release of Inglorious Bastards"

Eh? How does that work then?

the original italian film from the 70's is being reissued in america soon, under the guise of a three disc set including tarantino commentary et al.

i hate tarantino bashers as much as they proclaim to hate him.

Hafredal -> (9/7/2008 11:31:03 AM)

death proof rocked my movie-world, yes!

Severen -> RE: (9/7/2008 12:35:04 PM)

Although this is set in WWII, I'll wager it'll have a 70's look, i.e afros, a cheesy 70's soundtrack and will feature some Tarantino fave deadbeat from the 70's in a vain attempt at catapulting them onto the A-list, all to appease his huge ego. Quentin Tarantino presents a Quentin Tarantino production of the 6th film by Quentin Tarantino featuring a cameo from Quentin Tarantino. Just fuck off back under Roger Avary's infinitely more talented shadow.

Mad Dog Tannen -> I haven't got anything against Quentin Tarantino. (9/7/2008 1:16:19 PM)

It's just that he makes shit films.

CameronJames -> (9/7/2008 1:35:06 PM)

I've never understood QT's acclaim, all of his movies have been entertaining, but none have been the earth shattering masterpieces they're all made out to be. Blood and Hommages are all he's good for and neither are particularly interesting.

Bewilderbeast -> RE: (9/7/2008 1:45:38 PM)

death proof was a great film and i personnally cant wait for this one! DP wasnt his best but it still pisses all over 99% of hollywood's output. at least the guy can write decent characters and not just 2 dimensional, tired cliches. i can respect ur opinion if ur not a fan of his work, but ur talkin outta ur ass if u say he only makes shit films. the funny thing is, most of ur are probably only bashing him because it has become "cool" to do so. maybe you should come up with ur own opinions, perhaps even some reasons for them! something a little more that "hes shit!", the calling card of an asshole

D.J -> (9/7/2008 2:48:31 PM)

Death Proof was a complete and utter pile of elephant cack, unless Tarantino produces something worth watching this time then his career as a master filmmaker is finished.

D.J -> (9/7/2008 2:51:16 PM)

Death Proof was a complete and utter pile of elephant cack, unless Tarantino produces something worth watching this time then his career as a master filmmaker is finished.

Bewilderbeast -> RE: Inglorious Bastards Goes Out To Studios (9/7/2008 2:58:05 PM)

thanks for proving my point!

CameronJames -> (9/7/2008 3:33:10 PM)

What's with this "You're only calling him crap because it's cool" bollocks you're all waffling on about, when the fuck has spouting opinions on the internet ever made you cool, we're all losers here, now shut the fuck up and let people hate the gurning weirdo.

elamela -> RE: (9/7/2008 3:50:47 PM)

tarantino is back.if he choose brad pitt he know something.

i love matt damon -> Wyver Kan (9/7/2008 4:55:13 PM)

if he took a long time to perfect it, it may be like the good old days, i just hope that its not like death proof and his high school stuff, well my high school stuff, all i know is that there's gonna be a lot of pressure on him, for the people, ad him self if this IS his dream project, you know what he needs, he needs the joker, some murderer, a happy and insane murderer who kills for no reason, but as his main role, and he always gets his way, no hero to save the day, and no one can stop him, and he needs a nobody as the (lets name him, something that dosen't make sense, like the wyver, wyver kan, i don't know why) role of kan (do any of you have any other idea for his name?), well if QT doesn't, some should, don't you agree?

kdawg -> King Quentin (9/7/2008 5:11:30 PM)

Grindhouse was about making movies events again and having a laugh with your friends....i was well up for seeing both films one after the other...the fact i did not still bothers me today...but...ive seen them both seperatly and Death Proof was and is excellent in my opinion far better than Kill Bill vol 2.
Im excited about Inglorious Bastards and know Quentin will deliver the goods whether the film gross's 100 million or 10.

Ify -> RE: RE: (9/7/2008 5:17:04 PM)



Just fuck off back under Roger Avary's infinitely more talented shadow.

Yes, it's clear by their filmic output that Avary is more talented than Tarantino (!)

Mad Dog Tannen -> Bewilderbeast (9/7/2008 5:19:47 PM)

I have my own opinions. Tarantino slid downhill after Pulp Fiction. Jackie Brown has its fans but I found it quite dull. Kill Bill is mostly useless and Death Proof was unwatchable. Just uninteresting characters talking about nothing for hours. He's a great talent, but he isn't using it. Maybe he a two-hit wonder.

Mad Dog Tannen -> Bewilderbeast (9/7/2008 5:26:16 PM)

Of course, you've never said something is "shit". You've always made sure you laid out your opinions clearly when expressing yourself, giving a series of points to back up your argument. This, of course, has the drawback of making you the most insufferable human being on planet earth.

HippyHippyShake -> RE: Inglorious Bastards Goes Out To Studios (9/7/2008 7:51:51 PM)

It will be exciting seeing this finally on the screen. We've heard bits and bobs about it for son long im quite excited

VijayUK -> Mad Dog Tannen... (10/7/2008 10:14:09 AM)

I completely agree with you. 'Reservoir Dogs' & 'Pulp Fiction' (in particular) were fabulous. But I think he is so over-rated, and has a huge ego he feels he can make junk like 'Kill Bill' and the awesful 'DeathProof'. To me, Tarantino views movie-making as a hobby, to fulfill his wild fantasies. I think he gets off on the foul-mouthed girls and fancy he cars he never had when he was younger ('DeathProof'). Which is a shame, because he is extremely talented.

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