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FlangeBags -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (10/7/2008 9:39:20 PM)

Good list, but no Transformers, no Motoko, no one from the Dandy or Beano?
There were some glaring omissions.
Also, I would like to have seen Spider-Woman up there somewhere - because she's conflicted and occasionally treacherous, and not because I have an unhealthy obsession with her.  That's just a coincidence.

geejtopia -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 12:41:58 AM)

Have to jump on the "not a big Superman fan, but still thinks he deserves #1" bandwagon. Also have to say yay to Spider J., Jessie, Dream and John Constitine making the top 15.

And my MIA list:

Apathygrrl -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 4:12:44 AM)

I liked your list and I can see why Superman is higher than Batman, even though I would prefer the reverse. Superman is the original and so you gotta give proper respect to that.
However, my personal fav comic book chars are missing. I can understand why most of these are not on your list as most of them are somewhat obscure (except the first 2) but they are my personal favs so I gotta mention them ^-^
Eric Draven from the Crow
Catwoman from Batman
Gally (aka Alita) from Battle Angel manga
Vash the Stampede from Trigun manga
Johnny (aka Nny) from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
and Death Jr. from Death Jr. (He's sooo cute!)

zacupquark -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 4:34:26 AM)

Where the heck is THOR?!?

Slinkson -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 6:56:39 AM)

Superman is intrinsically old fashioned he is so retro it is unbelivable despite Smallville and Superman Returns efforts to modernize him he really is a character stuck in the 40s  I mean how many people do you know called Clark ? even his name is old fashioned .

Redrising -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 8:48:57 AM)

I know a Clark and it has a throwback hipness to it these days. On the flipside of that argument how many people do you know with Bruce as heir first name?

The list was fine. Superman definately deserves the top spot as his image and iconography creates a sense of pride and hope. Batman is just as iconic but represents vengence and fear and for that alone he desrves to be below Superman. Genuinely surprised The Flash didn't make the list though.

jimoakley666 -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 10:46:13 AM)


ORIGINAL: britesparc

jimoakley, I sorta know what you mean - if I'm honest, I don't normally buy Superman titles, either (I'm far more into Batman, as you may have gathered from my total man-crush on Dick Grayson). But I don't think necessarily he's a stagnant character. As someone who does lots of writing myself, I think there's loads of mileage in someone essentially godlike who feels shackled by his powers, unable to relate to normal people, etc, etc. But it's true that it makes him much harder to write for than characters such as Wolvie and Bats, who have many other facets and suchlike. Plus I stand by my argument that he's an icon of the genre, and should be represented as such.

However, I was directing my post more at people like this:


ORIGINAL: puggled

Superman is a one dimensional frustated gay bloke that can't even cop off with Louis Lane. Christ what next another Bush in power.

Ah. I see. I'm still not sold on argument for Superman's number 1 status for any other reason than he was pretty much first on the scene. He's iconographic for the same reason as Mickey Mouse, but wouldn't call him the greatest cartoon character though.

Love your Avitar thingy though, ha ha.

monkeyfish -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 1:03:31 PM)

Speaking as someone who isn't much of a comics reader, I think it was a pretty good list with an appealing mix of popular mainstream characters and cool cult/indie types and characters from different styles/genres/eras, that way it has a much better chance of introducing people to a wider variety of works. For a list to be that comprehensive and cover such a variety then some people will have to fall by the wayside. I'm sure there was a very conscious decision to limit the number of X-Men and Batman villains so as to avoid populating the list with just them. So, although people might be disappointed by no Two Face/Gambit, surely The Joker/Wolverine are better characters to come from that particular world?
Having said all that, Hellboy is ridiculously lowly placed!

anakin solo -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 1:54:48 PM)

[sm=fighting01.gif][sm=icon_smile_pistols.gif]A great list but jesse custer should have been way higher up as should have been iron man and superman.

everton -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 1:59:56 PM)

Suiperman? Superman????????


Quite probably THE MOST OVERRATED character in literature, not just comic books. Worst superhero ever! Essentially God, yawn. This issue he's not indestructable because .....................(insert lame plot device here). Only ral problem is that a a woman who doesn't deserve his attention doesn't fancy his disguise. just about the only cool thing about Superman is that his "costume" is his Clark Kent disguise and his real self is the dude in the tights.

Lots of TV and movies at work here I think. DC comics are generally poor relations, Batman has been awesome at points throughout his history, and could be number 1, but after that it''s all Spiders, & wolvies and Dooms Oh my!.

Freakin Superman. 80% votes for lower tells you something. (although the rather odd 20% voting for him to be higher than 1st probably says something too.)

thefatman -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 2:14:35 PM)

Deena Pilgrim has been portraited on screen: 

britesparc -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 2:17:38 PM)


ORIGINAL: jimoakley666

Love your Avitar thingy though, ha ha.

Cheers!  It's a cartoon flea that I used to voice in a (tiny, rarely seen) TV "bit".  But the artist responsible will be chuffed you like him [:)]

Mason Verger -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 2:30:53 PM)

There's been a glaring omission...


Swan05 -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 3:27:01 PM)

Why did you only have to pick one watchmen and why then did you pick the wrong one. Dr Manhatten is god, he's literally god. And he's blue and naked which is, y'know, kind of cool.

nummulite -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 3:48:29 PM)

Okay, some intersting choices on the list - but where's Spike Spiegel? Major Motoko Kussanagi? Or even Ichigo Kurosaki? Characters from some of the most inventive recent graphic novels. I wouldn't expect them to come out on top, but I thought they might have placed in the top 50...   

chapmanjosh -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 4:15:02 PM)

where where where where is


he is the first to wear the skintight costume that has become a hallmark of comic-book heros, and the first to wear a mask with no visible eyes another superhero 1936! ok the movie wasnt great but still, a little respect please..

princemadonna -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 4:22:51 PM)

Whoever wrote that list should be fired. Loads of the characters were jokes! Where was Catwoman? Storm? Gwen Stacy? The Green Goblin? Jean Grey as the Phoenix? Supergirl? Storm? It was so sexist! Half of them if not more were nobodies in the comic world, and what about the super heroines? And Superman as number 1??? Okay he's got the most super-powers, but the least character. It should have been Batman or Spider-man.
That was the worst list of "super-hero's" I've ever seen. Hardly anyone agreed with the choices either - do you research next time or let the public decide.

yan_hippy -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 4:35:10 PM)

Where's Ogami Itto of Lone Wolf and Cub fame.

Truly for me, the greatest comic book hero ever. 

Who needs special powers when you are as wise and methodical as he?

Looking forward to the new film currently in production.

Cinema_Junkie -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 6:39:38 PM)

Was highly suprised at how high Death and John Constantine were on the list, but Superman? That has to be the most obvious outcome ever.

michaelw -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 7:09:02 PM)

Where is the greatest Marvel hero of them all? Where's the Mighty Thor?

charlie_10000 -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 7:13:00 PM)

Excuse me but if Usagi is in the list then where are the TMNT??? I know the movie wasn't great but they were still loved as comic book characters!

Slinkson -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 7:21:24 PM)

I know a Bruce , the only other Clark I have heard of is Clark Gable thats why I feel CK is very old fashioned .

In fact I think a lot of DC characters feel very old fashioned the sort of stories that were being told in Green Lantern  in the early 90s felt more like stories from the 60s , funnily enough the only DC character that seems timeless is Batman maybe that is like you said Batman is about vengance + fear , also who belives in that truth justice and American way crap these days ?

Yes I was suprised that Flash was not there and a lot of other Marvel characters too Galactus , Silver Surfer , She Hulk , Thor , Storm , Cyclops ,  Beast , Iceman , Angel , Cable , Apocalypse , Sabretooth where were any of them

princemadonna -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 7:21:36 PM)

My top ten:

1. Batman Has the darkest and best storylines, great movies and amazing villains.
2. Spider-man Wise cracking, tragic storylines, in depth character everyone can relate to.
3. Catwoman The most famous comic book female, bar none, made unforgettable by Michelle Pfeiffer's performance in 'Batman Return's.' Who else can look that hot in a cat suit while kicking butt and brandishing a whip? And she's the only person who has Batman wrapped around her little finger.
4. The Green Goblin or Gwen Stacy Was one of the most important stories in comic book history with the start of the Bronze Age, and neither mentioned!?? This for me was the most tragic storyline ever and was dealt with brilliantly. Why is Venom in there if they aren't?
5. Storm The first iconic Black comic book heroine (she has been said to be the first black hero in mainstream comics period actually), plus she rocks, has had amazing storylines and controls the weather!
6. Flash He's funny, sweet and has a heart of gold.
7. Supergirl Much more interesting than her cousin, she actually has a personality, plus her character development is stronger with her constant self doubt by herself and others and her origin is way more interesting than Kal-El's.
8. The Joker One of the scariest villains ever with a twisted tale, who also killed off Robin (Jason) in another of comic's biggest stories and nearly finished Batgirl (Barbara) in another amazing story.
9. Jean Grey/The Phoenix The strongest character in the Marvel universe, and one of the most important story arcs ever. This pole was way too misogynistic.
10. Wolverine Do I need to justify this guy?

    Obviously these are all DC and Marvel

    John Firth -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 9:57:36 PM)

    No dissing of Captain Haddock will be tolerated. Professor Calculus should be there too.

    Anyhow, own up all who voted down for Vladek Spiegelman. Be ashamed, all of you.

    muffinino -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (11/7/2008 11:44:01 PM)

    Deadpool is made of win, he should be way up there! He's the man, in a crazy, psychotic kinda way.
    Glad to see that Apollo & The Midnighter are included, they have blood, man love, violence, totlitarianism and great hair.

    However - Steve Rogers not in the top 3? I think not. The man was shown punching Hitler on the cover of his first comic. Punching Hitler, people. That is all.

    frappuccinoman -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (12/7/2008 1:07:21 AM)

    That list is simply awful....

    andymckenzie.glasgow -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (12/7/2008 1:22:22 AM)

    Eh hello people? Judge Dredd over the Joker, are you FUCKING KIDDING? Glad to see Dream and Death up there, cone on the Neil Gaiman fans!!!!

    Gotham_Newsie -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (12/7/2008 2:57:48 AM)

    Hmmmm....I disagree. Batman is greater than Superman in my book. Honestly, Bruce Wayne didn't need super powers to conquer the Joker, who is by far more menacing than any of Superman's enemies, where Clark Kent just has powers that bestowed upon him. And he gets killed by a rock. A rock...

    Najemikon -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (12/7/2008 1:41:44 PM)


    ORIGINAL: andymckenzie.glasgow

    Eh hello people? Judge Dredd over the Joker, are you FUCKING KIDDING? Glad to see Dream and Death up there, cone on the Neil Gaiman fans!!!!

    The Dark Knight hype machine is in full swing, supported by what promises to be an incredible performance by Heath Ledger, so all things Bat are going to be riding high. And it certainly is one of the best characters ever. But in the big picture I think American comics are the poorer cousin of 2000ad which has far more bite and integrity. The US comics are so insubstantial.

    The list as a whole is great because there's a wide range, but I couldn't believe Empire included Death in the Family as one of the great Batman stories in the other list. Putting a characters fate to a reader vote is pathetic and I pretty much gave up on American comics after that and was proved right by the ridiculous mega stories where they kill everyone off and bring them back again (Zero Hour, etc). Just awful.

    So yes, Dredd above Joker. Dredd should be number 1 and find room for Judge Death as well, who could also kick Joker's arse.

    princemadonna -> RE: The 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters (12/7/2008 3:56:34 PM)

    I think it's all personal taste, I'd put Batman or Spider-man as number one and I think Judge Dread is one of the worst comic characters ever, he looks like a complete idiot.
    I think it's a good idea to get ppl involved in comics, they are after all the readers - 'Death in the family' is one of the most important Batman story arc's. Can you name a JDread one? That was one of the worst comic book movies ever as well. SS sucked big time.
    Even though Batman and Robin was awful, the rest have all been awesome, the first two Tim Burton ones are amazing.
    This list had too many 'cartoon character' type's in my opinion. I wouldn't call a lot of them Super Hero's at all. I think Empire needs to look up what an actual Super Hero is. Plus, they left out far too many women. Some of which are more important than their male counterparts.

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