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Empire Admin -> First Image From Cirque Du Freak (3/7/2008 10:36:47 AM)

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Acho -> The author.... (3/7/2008 10:36:47 AM)

....of the Cirque du Freak series is Darren Shan, not O'Shaughnessy.

My younger cousin lent me some of the books to read (the author used to go to his school or something). The first one is okay. Quite simplistic in some ways, but to be expected I guess for a kid's book. The cast list on the film is very impressive though. I particularly like the addition of Kristin Schaal!

kinge247 -> Reilly (3/7/2008 10:48:27 AM)

John C Reilly should be given more roles.  Loved Walk Hard.  He was in a great film in 2004 called 'Criminal' about conmen.  The guy is just a great actor.

Arcanine -> the author (3/7/2008 11:17:18 AM)

Shan is short for O'Shaugnessy you smart arse twat !!!!!!!

CameronJames -> (3/7/2008 11:35:00 AM)

why is it that putting twat on the end of an insult takes it from offensive to fucking hilarious everytime.

Acho -> RE: the author (3/7/2008 12:39:45 PM)


ORIGINAL: Arcanine

Shan is short for O'Shaugnessy you smart arse twat !!!!!!!

Goodness me. Such anger. Especially considering the lack of smart arse twat-ness!

Be that as it may, he publishes his books as Darren Shan.

In answer to CameronJames: it's cos swearing is cool! [;)]

arran01 -> awesome (3/7/2008 1:20:09 PM)

I loved the books and will be very happy to see it on screen!
The cast looks great as well

Bubba76 -> WTF? (3/7/2008 9:19:19 PM)

Not liking Reilly's get-up in that pic! Looks like Adam and tha Ants gone wrong! hahaha

fang -> (3/7/2008 10:34:08 PM)

Meh. Really don't buy John C. Reilly in the part at all.
Sorry John.

white mage -> (7/7/2008 12:05:32 PM)

I really like the books and I hope the film will do them justice. John C Reilly does not look like a convinicing Crepsley to me but he may supraise everyone.

KnightofZyryab -> RE: (9/7/2008 5:03:48 PM)

Hmm. I don't really think Reilly is a good choice at all. Still, I can be proven wrong.

Rebecca_Cooper -> (11/7/2008 2:41:50 PM)

I'm not really liking John C Reilly as Larten Crepsley. However, if his acting is good then I am prepared to overlook this... He was good in Walk Hard.

GetYourTeethOut -> Hmm (27/7/2008 12:28:09 PM)

I love these books. i dont think John was a good choose. I imagined Crepsley to be taller, really skinny and dark red hair. i just hope this film is as detailed as the books.

froodle04 -> Dr. Jeckell Mr. Reilly??? (2/8/2008 7:28:08 PM)

A lot of people are saying that john probably wasn't the best choice for the role of Mr. Crepsley. Well if John's acting skills were only good for comedy, they wouldn't have used him. What most people don't know about him, is that he has the kind of personality changing, in his acting ability that Heath Ledger had in his role of The Joker in Batman The Dark Knight. Changing from funny/weird man helping out gilbert grape, singing, and finding a long lost half brother, to dark mysterious figure lurking in the shadows, raising a new child of the night to drink blood to survive, and once in a while doing tricks in a freak show. We have not seen the dark side of John yet, but be prepared for a shock when you see him on the big screen with his dark grimace taunting you in the theater.

CalicoMaryVane -> CalicoMaryVane View On John C Rielly (2/8/2008 8:37:17 PM)

I think like most people have said, that he wasn't a good choice in the role of mr crepsley. I imagined him...alot! skinner than that and extremly ginger with straight hair...same with darren shan...ach well the film better be good and do the book justice...unlike the harry potter films :@

CalicoMaryVane -> RE: Dr. Jeckell Mr. Reilly??? (2/8/2008 8:40:03 PM)

It's not that he ain't good actor or owt..i don't doubt's just he doesn't seem to suit the role of mr crepsley nearly as well as he should. [sm=rolleyes10.gif]

froodle04 -> RE: Dr. Jeckell Mr. Reilly??? (4/8/2008 12:10:08 AM)

I understand where you are comming from, but they wouldn't have hired him if they didn't see Mr. Crepsley in him. I'm sure he will do fine in making you believe he is Mr. Crepsley, but i totaly agree with you with one thing, if John came to me with his usual routines of acting, I wouldn't take him for a cheap horror movie made by home cameras, lol. He must have done above average to get the directors attention though.

pigasid -> not spelling right (24/8/2008 6:49:35 PM)

Any way every one is judging Jhon for all we know he could be a great lartan but I'm just saying, he could also be very crap but if all of you are gonna judge a book by it's cover thats fine. But you shouldn't be messing with Darren shans name!

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