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bruce_banner -> Sam Rockwell (28/6/2008 4:41:56 PM)

am i the only one who thinks that sam rockwell is one of the most underrated actors in hollywood? i mean he was great in films like galaxy quest, the green mile and the assasination of jesse james. so why doesn't anyone in hollywood show him some love and give him better work?

matthewforan -> RE: Sam Rockwell (28/6/2008 4:52:14 PM)

I'm with you, he's a great actor brilliant in the films you mentioned and even better in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

Kazuya -> RE: Sam Rockwell (28/6/2008 5:02:26 PM)

Yeah, really cool, immensely talented actor. The only good thing in the first Charlie's Angels film. His finest role to date is Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, as matthew said, what a powerhouse performance, but also good in Matchstick Men, The Green Mile and personally I thought he was hilarious in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. He's got a lot of good roles coming up, so hopefully his star will just keep rising.


matthewforan -> RE: Sam Rockwell (28/6/2008 5:16:21 PM)

When did he play the guy from Nickelback? [:D]

Kazuya -> RE: Sam Rockwell (28/6/2008 5:20:54 PM)


ORIGINAL: matthewforan

When did he play the guy from Nickelback? [:D]

[:D] Yeah, he looks completely out there in Hitchhiker's Guide. Very funny though.

Lydia_H -> RE: Sam Rockwell (30/6/2008 4:37:49 AM)

I always love Rockwell in whatever films I see him in, I'd like to see his career grow and grow

Wilbert -> RE: Sam Rockwell (30/6/2008 10:14:39 AM)

He's great. More people should seek out Lawn Dogs and should DEFINITELY try and find Box of Moonlight.

ElephantBoy -> RE: Sam Rockwell (1/7/2008 1:21:56 PM)

Yeah Lawn Dogs is well worth checkikng out, very funny in Hitchherkers Guide, on top form in Confessions of a Dangerious Mind and good also in MatchStick Men.

no1psh -> RE: Sam Rockwell (1/7/2008 6:00:26 PM)

Ya Lawn Dogs is well worth a look, I'm a big fan of his since I saw this film. Then I thought he was excellent in The Green Mile and The Assassination Of Jesse James.

jonogage -> RE: Sam Rockwell (2/7/2008 6:55:51 PM)

His role in galaxy quest was a highlight, especially hilarious. I'm hoping "Choke" is going to get a UK release date as it is his first proper leading role, and one penned by Chuck Palahniuk too, it looks great. 

Biggus -> RE: Sam Rockwell (6/7/2011 11:25:45 PM)

This thread seriously needs bumping and what better way to to do it than this!

Nexus Wookie -> RE: Sam Rockwell (26/11/2011 9:15:16 PM)

Sam Rockwell rocks! Loved him in Moon; a really powerful, poignant performance. Really good in Jesse James too. And in Confessions....his a fucking beast!! Out acted Clooney and Julia 'overrated' Roberts!!

Nexus Wookie -> RE: Sam Rockwell (26/11/2011 9:16:49 PM)

PS - freakin' hilarious in Hitchhikers! [:D]

saraphonics -> RE: Sam Rockwell (19/1/2012 11:14:34 PM)

he is fuckin incredible! brilliant, brilliant actor. so underrated!

SilentJoe13 -> RE: Sam Rockwell (11/2/2012 10:51:25 PM)

Rockwell is a brillaint actor! One of the best working today who has never been nominated for an Oscar.
The Green Mile
Confessions of A Dangerous Mind
Matchstick Men
Snow Angels
Moon (how the hell did he get snubbed for Moon?)
All of these should have given him a nomination and at least ONE Oscar win and he should be way more established in Hollywood than he is now. He is waaay too underrated.

Judge -> RE: Sam Rockwell (13/12/2012 2:02:04 PM)

Another absolute gem of a performance from Rockwell in Seven Psychopaths, to see him nominated for Best Supporting would be an immensely well deserved surprise. Stole the show again.

rich -> RE: Sam Rockwell (13/12/2012 6:18:47 PM)

Does this count as a Moon spoiler? Not sure. Anyway, I like this guy.

Nexus Wookie -> RE: Sam Rockwell (13/12/2012 7:07:03 PM)

I thought he was excellent in The Assassination of Jesse James; the guilt he harbours for the death of Jesse James and his suicide is really tragic no doubt made that more powerful by his performance. He is so fucking talented and which ever film he's in he makes it shine. Its criminal he did not get nominated for his magnificent turn in Moon. His performance is again really powerful, moving and funny in the same breadth. The moment at the end when he cries ''i wannna go home'', it damn near broke my heart.

I love the guy.

EDIT: Just realised i've posted in this thread already! Aw hell. Sam Rockwell is such a great actor it doesn't matter if i say it out twice![:D]

ElephantBoy -> RE: Sam Rockwell (29/12/2012 3:47:44 PM)

I really enjoyed the odd ball combanation of Farrell and Rockwel in 7P, thought he really had some cracking lines and really went for it!

Moon is truly a outstanding film and Rockwell's performance is truly subtle and unerving. He carried a difficult part off with ease.

rich -> RE: Sam Rockwell (30/12/2012 12:29:38 AM)

Also the best part of Iron Man 2 [:D]

KnightofZyryab -> RE: Sam Rockwell (30/12/2012 5:28:14 PM)

For repeated proof of Sam Rockwell awesomeness, Moon is on BBC2 tonight, 10PM.

no1psh -> RE: Sam Rockwell (6/1/2013 9:48:18 AM)

For such a talent he was used so badly in Iron Man 2. He's a hell of a talent, but sometimes I feel he gets under used. Robbed of an Oscar nom for Moon, shows how good of a leading man he can be given the right material.

joysingh -> RE: Sam Rockwell (11/3/2013 8:49:08 AM)

Sam Rockwell is the best actor in Hollywood...

bydabeachman -> RE: Sam Rockwell (3/6/2013 7:45:33 PM)

Sam Rockwell has proved time and time again that his acting ability is one among the tops in Hollywood. He is unfortunately under used in many aspects of his career. The amount of character he brings into each role, after seeing it, I feel there is no one else who could play his roles. There is a connect-ability with Sam that the viewer can attach to. His humor is the first thing you will notice about him, bringing a sarcastic yet absentmindedness to his characters. From Matchstick Men to Confession of a Dangerous Mind, Moon to even Charlie's Angels. I am an all out fan of Sm Rockwell and feel he deserves more prominent roles, perhaps not the lead, but his supporting character roles are prime for him. More of these I would like.

dillon.anderson1378 -> RE: Sam Rockwell (10/6/2013 10:55:21 AM)

He definitely should have received a Best Supporting Actor nomination for 'Seven Psychopaths'. He made that movie what it was.

CriticNumberOne -> RE: Sam Rockwell (11/10/2013 5:33:04 AM)

Yes to this thread!
The Way,Way Back is his film.
Great bittersweet performance that others force and fail.

Magenta -> RE: Sam Rockwell (11/10/2013 10:18:32 AM)

Sam was really the only reason I went to see The Way,Way Back and of course just completly and effortlessly swipes every scene.
I went with a friend who had never heard of him ( cue my film nerdness) she was so impressed by him so I sent her a list of every film she should see with him in [:D]

First film I saw him in was Lawn Dogs and I've been interested in his career ever since.
Havn't seen Box Of Midnight which I must say sounds just bizarre in a great way of course also Choke I havn't seen.
Looking forward to seeing A Single Shot quite a serious role for him this time.

CharlE -> RE: Sam Rockwell (30/10/2013 12:33:05 PM)

Watched Seven Psychopaths for the first time the other night and it reminded me of the fact that this man is criminally underrated. He was the only good thing in Iron Man 2.

Pandora -> RE: Sam Rockwell (5/11/2013 12:43:34 PM)

I agree that he is underrated. Or maybe he doesn't want to be too famous??

So what roles are up next for him?

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