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Empire Admin -> Trailer For Miracle At St. Anna (13/6/2008 9:06:03 AM)

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monodogg -> looks good (13/6/2008 9:06:03 AM)

yep this looks interesting, a lot more so than the new punisher trailer

badmartin -> I don't like spike lee (13/6/2008 9:49:23 AM)

I like spike jonze

RJNeb2 -> RE: I don't like spike lee (13/6/2008 10:04:01 AM)

I'm sure Lee's current spat with Clint Eastwood has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he has a film coming out.....

CameronJames -> (13/6/2008 11:46:24 AM)

Spike Lee pisses me off with how blatantly racist he is. But just because he's black no-ones allowed to call him out on it.

Eomer_King -> (13/6/2008 11:57:44 AM)

What on earth does that mean?

Manfrendshensindshen -> (13/6/2008 12:10:08 PM)

What a misleading title - sounds rather like some American football movie about an underdog team, who - against all odds - succeed against a superior, arrogant adversary at some place called St. Anna and thus left an imprint on history by proving that the American Dream is alive and well. Directed by Stephen Herek. But that trailer looked surprisingly good, I just hope Lee can keep his inner urge to deal with 'issues' in check.

AYBGerrardo -> (13/6/2008 12:12:53 PM)

Wow - I'm gripped already - an excellent trailer! Looks kinda like 'Saving Private Ryan' but much darker...
CameronJames, you're calling Spike a racist? That's out of line...
Are you making these accusations because he said Malcolm X needed to be directed by a black man (which is absolutely categorical truth, and I'm saying that as a white man myself) or because of your resentment of black people?
It is my opinion that after the two greatest injustices of the past millennium, perhaps of eternity, no white man has the right to call an individual black man, or the black community, racist.
Your words disgust me. And they should disgust anyone who feels that slavery and racism are wrong. Reported.

TheMadFatChickKiller -> Sounds intriguing (13/6/2008 1:03:42 PM)

Lee doing a war movie? Sadly, Spike Lee is a victim of his own big mouth, and it is easy to miss, unless you actually watch his later films that he is a naturally gifted filmaker. He's more famous for mouthing off and I think someone needs to take him to one side and point that out. He is not a racist because he has never said anything to hurt any other minority. Saying that 'MalcomX' must only be made by a black man is no more incendiary than saying 'Themla and Louise' must only be made by a woman, and look how that turned out. Ultimately I hope he wants to be remembered for his films rather than his admittedly huge gob.

samthemanokayman -> Walter Mosley (13/6/2008 1:22:49 PM)

i'd love it if one of the characters was easy rawlins, maybe in a cameo. From the novels i seem to recall he fought in italy in ww2

dave404 -> HELL YEAH (13/6/2008 1:47:27 PM)

Now this looks good, not saving private ryan good but better than the thin red line good. One for the cinema.

swordsandsandals -> Looks Quality (13/6/2008 2:51:04 PM)

That looks like an actually decent war movie. It can only be good surely? Oh man, I'm a sucker for a good trailer.

magnusbarfod -> dave 404... (13/6/2008 3:17:39 PM)

better than the thin red line? the greatest war film of the last 20 years and of the most haunting pieces of cinema to grace our screens?

I don't think so.

My name is Legion -> RE: (13/6/2008 4:11:50 PM)



no white man has the right to call an individual black man, or the black community, racist.

What an utterly moronic statement.

AYBGerrardo -> RE: RE: (13/6/2008 4:26:53 PM)

It's honestly what I believe...most people seem to believe all the races are on an equal footing...I'm not saying any race is superior to another, but the attitude of 'yo i'm not a racist because I believe black people are just as good as me' is stupid and worryingly is hypocritical and, yes, it is racist. When we continue to try to forget that we have done wrong, all the while presenting ourselves as liberal by regarding other races as equal,...well, that doesn't do anyone any good.
We have to accept we have done wrong, and accept that the black community has full rights to criticise us.
But we don't have the right to criticise them - besides the fact that we are guilty, anything 'wrong' they've done, any violence they've started in riots, it has come because as a race they are oppressed and continue to be so.
And we're still at fault.
When I hear opinions like that of CameronJames, it is easy to pick up on this resentment that blacks apparently have more rights than us that is all too common in a time when we frequently deny our racism
CJ is mistaken though, and a better understanding of the mentality of the oppressed would help him immensely. In the meantime, those of us searching for redemption must stamp out this ill-educated attitude. Hence, the post (not yours, legion) was reported. Hence, I'm giving you an outline of what's really going on.

Hanna -> Why... (13/6/2008 4:53:38 PM)

don't you all shut the fuck up? Or, failing that, take it to the Guardian website where your petty, misinformed bullshit might be tolerated. Cheers

Hanna -> P.S. Film looks great (13/6/2008 5:00:46 PM)

looking forward to it

albumental -> AYBGerrardo (13/6/2008 5:52:15 PM)

"But we don't have the right to criticise them - besides the fact that we are guilty, anything 'wrong' they've done, any violence they've started in riots, it has come because as a race they are oppressed and continue to be so."

Mate your intentions are obviously honorable but seriously, the way your expressing them are seriously patronising and in their own way could be deemed offensive. Your use of "they" and "we" sounds as if you're discussing another species!

AYBGerrardo -> RE: AYBGerrardo (13/6/2008 6:27:28 PM)

Yeah, I see what you mean, but when I'm outlining something complex I had no choice but to group people. But I agree with you 100% that the white man should not stand up for the black man, whatever his intentions. Please understand, though, that I wasn't standing up for black people, or Spike Lee, but for my own strongly-held beliefs - and when I picked up on an occurrence of something I despise, I had to attack it...
I shouldn't have gone shouting about it, though, you're right.
A digression: The Greek playwright Euripides believed in the emancipation of women. His plays were focused on man's mistreatment of women, but at the same time he glorified those men. Or at least that's what the Greek men in the audience would have thought. In truth, his method was irony. For figures such as Hippolytus, he showed their traditional, heroic nature but the more attentive member of the audience would pick up on the fact that the hero was in fact the cause of the problems throughout the play. Perhaps then, that is how the truly liberal white man should fight racism. Otherwise, you're insight is fundamentally true - black men should fight their own battles; white men shouldn't fight them "for them".
Another digression: A white liberal student once asked Malcolm X: 'I truly believe in your cause. What could someone like me do to help?'
Malcolm paused, and said 'Nothing.'
Perhaps that is the hard truth.

Jonno007 -> Looks Good, but.... (13/6/2008 6:32:53 PM)

Spike Lee's attack on Clint Eastwood is a new low as far as marketing is concerned, to insinuate that one of the greatest and most respected film makers alive today is racist, is despicable. Spike really needs to buck up his ideas, he is a very gifted film maker himself, why he feels the need to make such ridiculous accusations is beyond me (apart from the obvious self promotion).

Now AYBGerrardo, your heart is in the right place, but any ethnicity can be racist, I have worked with alot of people from different countries and i've seen Turkish people that are prejudiced against African people and African people that are prejudiced against Iranian people (for example).

Slavery was wrong. However I was not a part of it and I am very much against it, I don't feel guilty just because I'm white, why should I?

fantasy89 -> more!more!more! (13/6/2008 6:37:51 PM)

looks fresh and challaging! nice! I wouldn't miss this movie for anything and I dont remember Empire covering this movie before except in the Cannes blog! i want more news please!!!

My name is Legion -> AYBGerrardo (14/6/2008 11:48:03 AM)

If you want to wallow in misguided guilt for what others have done in the past, simply because you have the same colour skin, then go ahead.  Me?  I couldn't give a toss, I have never oppressed anyone therefore my conscience is clean.

Oh, by the way, many of the old slave traders were black, so I guess by your logic every black person should feel guilty too.

Have a nice day.

mozzy_gal -> (14/6/2008 9:58:20 PM)

Now that's just downright ignorance. Fair enough ther'es no point banging on about something that happened donkey years ago but don't be ignorant and say "i couldn't give a toss". And about the every black person should feel guilty also? Oh please, don't even hold your friggin breath! What nonsense! haha!

mozzy_gal -> (14/6/2008 9:59:13 PM)

Back to the main point, film looks fab! Looking forward to this.

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