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Empire Admin -> Are You Ready To Enter The Arena? (28/4/2008 1:43:06 PM)

Post your comments on this article

jmace86 -> "A danger that there's littlem ore than bustin' heads and breakin' limbs"? (28/4/2008 1:43:06 PM)

That does not sound like a danger to me, that sounds like the makings of a great film!

KennyM -> (28/4/2008 1:54:53 PM)

Wasn't there a film like this done before,

DougCarnage -> (28/4/2008 1:57:02 PM)

Yeah... definetly was a film done like this.. and indeed it was entitled Arena... mmmmmm....

Blitzspeare -> This plot was originally in the 200AD comic (28/4/2008 3:00:44 PM)

Man, I read this article and it brought back a one-off story in the 200AD comic from the 80's. It was about a modern soldier who passed out and woke up to find himself battling soldiers from different periods of history - Romans, Atilla Hun-like characters etc and at the end of the battles, the viewpoint pulled back and it was a futuristic game played by a dad and his son where the characters were fictional, or they were transported from the past or similar. Surely a copyright issue? Man 200AD in the 80's that was real comicana!!!

Blitzspeare -> ...again following on from my 200AD comment... (28/4/2008 3:02:32 PM)

The best arena / duel story from 200AD was with Johnny Alpha and Wulf entering an arena competition as so many bountys they were after were taking part - some great fight / battles ensued and some great monsters / /aliens - when will we have a Johnny Alpha (Strontium Dogs) film ?????

Taz69 -> Been there done that (28/4/2008 3:20:02 PM)

Sci fi film and television as been inundated with this particular storyline. It is a staple of every sci-fi/fantasy show. From the original Star Trek, to Angel, From the original Battlestar Galactica to Buffy
Throughout the movies it's been done (mostly as lame excuse of a martial art movie) most of them so bad the titles escape me.
Expect a really duff videogame tie-in by a company wev'e never heardx of and after the game release probably never will again.

bagrot1 -> (28/4/2008 8:08:24 PM)

A more interesting concept might be Riverworld (made a few years ago as a pilot on Sci fi) where people from all time periods wake up on the bank of a river after they die. there were a series of books y Phillip Jose Farmer which explored a broader theme than just an arena fight.

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