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Empire Admin -> Witherspoon, Rogen In Monsters vs Aliens (11/3/2008 1:46:58 PM)

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magnusbarfod -> colbert and bauer? (11/3/2008 1:46:58 PM)

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....that actually is quite good. but, dreamworks animations almost always come in as poor relations to pixar, so this may well fail to live up to the promise. but it would be a shame to waste that cast...

Bluehawk -> Steven Colbert is the US President (11/3/2008 1:47:00 PM)

Steven Colbert IS the US President. ;-)

sclark -> (11/3/2008 1:49:46 PM)

It is Dreamworks whough, with the exception of the first Shrek, how many of their movis have had decent scripts? Not many, they tend to rely on big names to pull in receipts - see Shark Tale, Madagascar and Over the Hedge for proof. On second thoughts don;t I've wasted my life watching them so you don't have to waste yours!

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