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Empire Admin -> Romero Wants To Put The Thing On Stage (6/3/2008 5:06:12 PM)

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clarkkent -> (6/3/2008 5:06:12 PM)

i would LOVE to see that

ilovekaren -> (6/3/2008 5:35:54 PM)

that would a great idea

Porrohman -> RE: (6/3/2008 6:31:45 PM)

You`ve got to love the guy.....and his MASSIVE F**K OFF GLASSES!!  [:D]

Taz69 -> If this works then.... (6/3/2008 7:01:33 PM)

lets have Night of the Living Dead: The Musical.
Singing zombies - gotta love it. It could outdo the 'Singing on the Ritz' scene in Young Frankenstein.

T.MONTANA -> (6/3/2008 9:52:56 PM)

singing zombies, don't know if its me or the skunk but im rolling about!

Deviation -> RE: (6/3/2008 10:25:33 PM)

How about him directing a The Thing sequal?

tallaght24 -> Madder than a bag of hammers! (7/3/2008 7:20:11 AM)

I'd still watch it though. To quote the great Jack Burton, (yet change the name) "You're a crazy son of a bitch George..but GOD BLESS YA!"

Haylo -> Evil Dead The Musical (8/3/2008 4:35:52 PM)

..can anything top 'What The F**k Was That' for best song?? Wish it had come to England...

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