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theoriginalcynic -> Moonlight - Living TV UK Speed (20/2/2008 8:42:08 PM)

I thought it was terrible - bad acting - poor dialogue and a lousy storyline.  The lead is wooden and Joss Whedon should sue them.  Camera zooms on LA anyone? Cop called Kate? Vampire detective? Flashbacks?

It wasn't all bad - two good actors who really should know better.  The dude out of Alias and Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars.  Poor guy - is this how low he's sunk?  The lectures were laughably bad - I know that was the point but even so. The Vampire who doesn't kill - drinks blood ect... has been done - see the awful bloodties (another ripoff)

Why did he go to the cafe? It was closed so why would the girl be there? He seemed surprised to meet the cop at the beginning and yet he said he's been tracking her?

There's only one Vampire show and it's called Angel.  Anything else is just a pointless re-tread.  I'll be passing on this one  

Blunderbuss -> RE: Moonlight - Living TV UK Speed (21/2/2008 10:18:40 AM)

I caught an ep of this in the US and my reaction was very much 'meh'.  As theoriginalcynic points out there in nothing new in Moonlight.  This is Angel without the hip, post-modern awareness that Joss Whedon does so well.  Had the producers wanted to try somethign radical they would have come up with a lead character who actually didn't mind being a Vampire.  I'm not suggesting that the hero has to go around sucking necks, he can stay on the blood bank diet, but for once it would be nice to have lead in a show like this who isn't moody or brooding but just accepts his lot in life and makes the most of it...

Felix -> RE: Moonlight - Living TV UK Speed (21/2/2008 10:35:08 AM)

Does anyone know if this is actually a remake of Blood Ties that was shown on Living as well?! [&:]

theoriginalcynic -> RE: Moonlight - Living TV UK Speed (21/2/2008 1:24:07 PM)

I don't think it's a remake.  The sad thing is David Greenwalt signed on as showrunner (co-creator of Angel) in May 07 and then left in July 07 due to health problems.  What was Greenwalt doing? So, glad his name won't be tainted with this but if you look on wiki it gets over 8 million viewers. Proof that Americans are crazy...

Sleazy -> RE: Moonlight - Living TV UK Speed (12/3/2008 1:15:06 PM)

ah... here it is, please ignore my other thread..

well I am enjoying this, sure I'm only 3 episodes in so theres no real continuing story yet but I actually look forward to this coming on.

Its been much better than the Sarah Conner Chronicles

theoriginalcynic -> RE: Moonlight - Living TV UK Speed (12/3/2008 1:22:27 PM)

I'm glad you've upped this thread again as Monnlight has improved.  Episode five was verging on the good as Mick had to make it through the desert with a witness.  He had no blood and it's a sunny day! Bad for a Vamp! It still rips off Buffy and Angel (what doesn't?) but it's getting better...

Sleazy -> RE: Moonlight - Living TV UK Speed (12/3/2008 1:33:42 PM)

5 episodes? is it?

*quick check*

we're both wrong, this weeks was the fourth. Really good episode, was quite gripping, only grip was the cgi rocket fired by the chopper looked fake.

theoriginalcynic -> RE: Moonlight - Living TV UK Speed (12/3/2008 1:58:13 PM)

Only gripe? Come on... he was shot and the hole healed complete with Bullit.  The rocket would have been a heat seeking missile which would have hit them even if the car swerved...  the part where time cut as he bit the witness has been taken from Buffy / Angel.  The part where he bit his friend to survive - see graduation day Buffy.  But apart from that it was good...

Sleazy -> RE: Moonlight - Living TV UK Speed (12/3/2008 2:55:31 PM)

i never really watched much buffy/angel so i hadnt picked up on that.

I wouldnt have thought it was a heatseeker, my gripe was the explosion didnt affect the vapour trail. the bullet bit i noticed but that sorta thing doesnt really bother me. Its just a fun vamp show, you could probably nit pick faults in any such show.

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