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Empire Admin -> Elijah Wood Talks The Hobbit (14/1/2008 9:12:43 AM)

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umer_ejaz -> (14/1/2008 9:12:43 AM)

Great. Now all we need is Guillermo Del Toro to sign for both films and we shall have 2 great films on the way

steveg66 -> (14/1/2008 12:27:17 PM)

The Harry Potter camp also Del Toro him for the last film (which might possibly be a 2 parter). Is he becoming a Director God?

ilovekaren -> (14/1/2008 1:27:41 PM)

he certainly aignt a god but a friggin genius gods are reserved for wars a bollocks like that del toro has proved that her can do this kind of big movie plus he wants to do it and his films are stylistically amazing that besides jackson i carnt really think of any one else i would want to do this movie go del toro go

cluesy -> (14/1/2008 4:42:33 PM)

I thought we'd heard that ages ago and also that the idea for a film between The Hobbit and Fellowship was based on a lot of "in-depth" notes by Tolkien himself.

John Cane -> (14/1/2008 8:17:01 PM)

I don't care who's in it or who's directing these it, if Pete Jacksons involved we're gonna be in for a hell of a movie!

Keith M -> (14/1/2008 10:58:02 PM)

Tolkien wrote in detail in 'The Appendices' of LOTR about the sixty years following the Hobbit, including some pretty cool stuff about the early adventures of Aragorn, when he went by the cover name of Thorongil if I remember correctly (to hide that he was the heir of Isildur), so I doubt there would be any need to 'invent' anything (sacrilege! Insert your own fanboy rant here)

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