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sanchia -> RE: I am pissed off because... (13/7/2014 11:59:18 AM)

I have just had to drop something off at my sisters house only to come out and find a massive flatbed pickup blocking my car in. After finding out who owned it and asking them politely to move it I had to listen to a rant about the way everyone should park in their deed allocated parking spots (this ignores that the deeds were drawn up 30 years ago and there has been reconstruction since that time and half the parking spots would now be parked across an access road). It turns out this bloke moved in a couple of months ago and has decided he is the only resident able to make decisions and the parking system which has worked well for the past 20 years is not the right one. Sadly he did not get my passive aggressive insults about how wide parking does cause a problem (looking at his girlfriends car which as about a 3rd of a cars width from the car next to it) about large vehicle taking up multiple spaces (one resident had a large trailer there for storage for a while which he complained about but he then parks his pickup with a trailer attached taking up three spaces). He then had the temerity to complain about how someone who had just moved in parked (and he missed my comment about it is bad when someone new moves into a nice neighbourhood and then causes problems).

So essentially he wants the parking to go back to a way which will now involve blocking entrance gates and roadways because that is what is on his deed and it is everyone elses fault that they want to keep to the system which has been in common agreement for the last twenty years on the freehold car park (he is trying to get the council involved but I doubt they are interested). I foresee pariah status in his future. [;)]

What is ironic is that his girlfriend is parked in someone elses designated spot according to the deeds anyway.

Scruffybobby -> RE: I am pissed off because... (20/7/2014 8:08:44 PM)

Power cut at the Vue cinema in Livingston right when I'm watching Monty Python live. Bloody hell!

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