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Empire Admin -> Gilliam Says He Will Make Don Quixote (4/1/2008 2:07:07 PM)

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Lupin 3 -> Good Omens? (4/1/2008 2:07:07 PM)

I almost forgot he was making that. Please cast Christian Bale and Russell Brand.

the ageless stranger -> Right, I'm taking a stand Empire! (4/1/2008 2:11:59 PM)

Enough of these snide little comments like "Depp is (we hope) now done with the Pirates movies " and the like. The last two Pirates films were far from perfect, but they were a hell of a lot more fun then most other summer blockbusters to come along in the last few years. Any more of these snotty little Pirate-bashing comments being inserted into barely-related articles, and it'll be pistols at dawn!

swordsandsandals -> RE: Right, I'm taking a stand Empire! (4/1/2008 2:22:53 PM)

Ah, get a grip. Pirates 3 was a bad film that should have been good. Empire are justified in hoping against a Pirates 4. Look at other Part Fours after the third has been dodgy... As for Gilliam, he is one of the most interesting and varied filmmakers around. These projects could be interesting.

jasperoosterveld -> RE: Right, I'm taking a stand Empire! (4/1/2008 2:40:37 PM)

Pirates 3 was not funny, not good and way to long. The documentary made about Don @#*@(*# is one of the funniest ones i have ever seen, everything that can go wrong goes wrong! Really bizar.

Dirty Hartigan -> RE: Gilliam Says He Will Make Don Quixote (4/1/2008 2:45:46 PM)

It's great to hear Gilliam still wants to do these movies, but it doesn't sound like there are firm deals in place thus far. I really wish they were though - the Good Omens script is meant to be brilliant, according to the novelist himself.

Biggus -> (4/1/2008 2:49:23 PM)

I know that Christopher Lee has been dying to play Quixot for years. I wonder if he'll be replacing Rochefort after all he's appeared alongside Depp on multiple occasions now.

simonbrislin -> RE: Good Omens? (4/1/2008 2:50:37 PM)

Please do not cast Russell Brand as anything...ever

kingoftheducks -> RE: Good Omens? (4/1/2008 3:46:52 PM)

swordsandsandals wrote:

Empire are justified in hoping against a Pirates 4. Look at other Part Fours after the third has been dodgy...

Aw, shame, I was looking forward to Pirates IV: The Quest for Piece's o' 8


Anyway, always great to hear that Gilliam still has Quixote on the mind, it's just a real shame that Jean Rochefort won't be able to play the knight errant himself, the footage they actually shot originally was quite wonderful, though you could clearly see Rochefort was in discomfort at times.  Still, he's cropped up in a couple of projects lately (Most notably Mr. Bean's Holiday and Tell No One), but, as much I hope he'd be capable it is, sadly, unlikely.

I don't think Christopher Lee would be a good choice to be honest, I'm hoping that Gilliam will hire a foreign actor for the role, I don't know why that  appeals to me, it just does!    Unfortunately every other suitable actor I can think of seems to be dead, so, lucky I'm not in charge of casting really.

Can't wait to hear more about these projects and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

britesparc -> (4/1/2008 3:52:04 PM)

Stranger, it was Gilliam who brought Pirates up, don't blame Empire! And no, the last two Pirates films weren't fun; that was the problem. I'd have forgiven them for being too long, confusing, overloaded with unnecessariy CGI, full of themselves and with a rubbish ending, if only they'd remembered how to be fun like the first movie was. But, hey - each to their own.

edhockey -> RE: Good Omens? (4/1/2008 4:14:01 PM)

Not too sure about of these for Good Omens. As ace as Christian Bale is, I can't see who he would fit as. Same goes for Russell Brand (minus the ace part!)

As excited as I am about this, I'm waiting & praying for someone to start making  a big screen version of the Discworld novels. The Hogfather was good on TV but we need something with either Vimes, Rincewind or the Witches in!!!

lukeyboy -> RE: Gilliam Says He Will Make Don Quixote (4/1/2008 4:29:00 PM)

Not gonna hold my breath for Don Quixote but Good Omens sounds, .....a bit like Preacher or the Prophecy or something else with Angels and Demons in it! I look forward to that one.

And in my humble opinion there was nowt wrong with any of the Pirate's films, it was a very enjoyable trilogy,... it seems some people just like to moan! (as do we all from time to time)

Deviation -> RE: Gilliam Says He Will Make Don Quixote (5/1/2008 1:07:44 AM)

Please make it happen, please make it happen....................

Good Omens sounds great, and Don Quixote is a film I was waiting for, heartbroken thinking it would never. Fingers crossed. Let's hope they get made, without interferece(we all know what happened to Brothers Grimm and Brazil).

keyzersaulsie -> Terry, God has told you not to make Don Quixote!!! (5/1/2008 3:57:09 PM)

Don't ignore the signs man! Don't become a Jacobian Tragedy Figure for the modern age! And if you do... please put me in it!

Toursiveu2 -> Cast John Cleese as Don Quixote!!! (5/1/2008 4:16:36 PM)

I always thought John Cleese would be the perfect Don Quixote. He's now the right age and has the perfect stature that the role requires.

TheGodfather -> RE: Cast John Cleese as Don Quixote!!! (6/1/2008 9:38:20 AM)

Finally, finally it`s gonna happen. Woohoo!! [:D][:D]

Kazuya -> RE: Gilliam Says He Will Make Don Quixote (6/1/2008 9:08:40 PM)

Very good news indeed. Gilliam is a superb director and deserves to be able to finish this project. Looking forward to seeing what he can do with a mega-talent like Depp as well.

dracovir -> RE: Gilliam Says He Will Make Don Quixote (7/1/2008 10:56:05 AM)

Its good news, Gilliam usually takes a pounding for his films but one cannot deny his capability as a director.  If Good Omens gets off the ground, and Gilliam is in my opinion one of the few directors who could do Pratchett/Gaiman the justice they deserve, this will hopefully pave the way for more of their works getting silver screen treatment.

Only related thing I'm worried about is a big screen reworking of Neverwhere that I heard about, changing the setting to Amercia ofc  [&o]  The BBC series was good enough - do we need an americanised film of that?  In fact, would Neil Gaiman or Terry Pratchett works work as well once americanised?

vicki-leigh -> RE: Gilliam Says He Will Make Don Quixote (7/1/2008 12:02:14 PM)

Don Q will be good, no doubt, but I'm seriously worried about Good Omens.  Even with Gilliam in charge it'll be hard to capture the book and FFS don't cast Russell Brand in it!  In fact, don't cast russell brand in anything!!

missphoenix -> RE: Gilliam Says He Will Make Don Quixote (7/1/2008 12:16:47 PM)

Oh my God!! How dare they try to move Neverwhere to the States? How will that work? Most of the characters (Angel Islington etc) are named after bloody London stations and areas (Night's Bridge - Kinghtsbridge!!). They cannot move it to the States that would be beyond ridiculous. I'm not a fan of Terry Pratchett but I love Neil Gaimen and love Good Omens so it'll be great to see it onscreen. I wonder who'll play Crawley and Aziraphale?

phaeton -> Neil Gaiman told us that ages ago (15/1/2008 9:50:28 AM)

You're drastically behind Olly, Neil told us that, also exclusively, at the Stardust premiere. Bwaha ha ha!

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