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homersimpson_esq -> Discussing Films In Review Threads (19/12/2007 1:38:51 PM)

On the MyEmpire account page, there is a tab for "MyReviews", where one can scroll through all one's own reviews. If a particular film has garnered mixed reviews, it means there might be a lot of discussion of that film, which means that when searching through one's own reviews, there are loads of 'reviews' for one film, that are in fact just posts as part of a discussion. I only mention this as there was a good discussion going on Atonement that, (in line with the current rules, so I take no issue with the mod decision!) was locked because it should be discussed in the review thread. My argument for changing the rule for this is that another post in a review thread might get less attention than what is clearly a musing. Also, extended discussion can detract from the reviews themselves, meaning that anyone going to a review thread for, say, a review, is greeted by a lot of discussion posts when all they wanted was a few different reviews. It's partly why I tend to post reviews in the 'mini-reviews' thread in F&G, as the review threads themselves are often taken up by either tiny two sentence 'reviews' by newbies (no harm there, mind) or extended discussion rather than reviewing.
As I say, I have no issue with the mod's decision - (I'm not mod-bashing!) - because, as it stands, that is the way the rules work. My issue is with the rule itself that a Review thread should be for Reviews and that, if there is call for an extended discussion on the film, that a separate thread be started where all issues pertaining to said film can be discussed. "The Bourne Ultimatum - Discussion Thread", sort of thing. I can see why the rule is in place - to limit loads of threads being started for every little query - but one thread for reviews, and one for discussion would make things neat, and also allow for extended potentially spoilerific discussion while keeping the reviews thread nice and, well, full of reviews!

BobaJango -> RE: Discussing Films In Review Threads (21/12/2007 4:09:26 PM)

True. The film reviews section of this site is made up of few proper film reviews and more chit-chat about the films. It's inevitable really though. If somebody posts a review then somebody will moan about that review because it conflicts which their opinion. So instead of writing their own version to counter that, they'll usually just slag the review itself off.

Scruffybobby -> RE: Discussing Films In Review Threads (28/12/2007 2:57:05 PM)

I reckon that's a pretty good idea. The "movie musings" section is surely for just that. Musings on movies. You just have to look back at what happened with the Simpsons Movie thread.(the one that disappeared, not the current one) Probably one out of ten posts on there, at most was a review. Or  the Golden Compass one 

I can be guilty of posting non reviews in the reviews section. I did it for Atonement for example. So yeah the reviews sectio should just be for reviews. I don't think we need a separte section for discussions though, just keep them in MM. 

Mycroft -> RE: Discussing Films In Review Threads (31/12/2007 9:16:39 PM)

I can see where you're coming from, there's never been a great amount of synergy between the forum and the main site. But even if we stopped advocating the review thread as the longterm catchall area for a particular film, debate will still naturally arise while it's on release. Separating the two is maybe too artificial to be practical.

Threads on specific films were moved away from Movie Musings to reward the effort that goes into more imaginative topics, and stop it being an unmanageable catchall for everything. You probably have a similar argument for reviews. Personally I rarely go to the effort of writing large ones so haven't noticed them sail by in a stream of debate, but I can see how it's annoying to others. I find the debate pretty valuable in itself for deciding what to see, but on the other hand it'd be nice to have the review thread as an easy reference and another for casual talk/spoilers. There's always the relevant Future Films thread going to rot after release, maybe we could take advantage of that instead? The best trade-off between practicality and easy conversation is kind of elusive, with several forums things are spread a little thin but lump it back together and it quickly turns into a mess.

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