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Myrk -> Odd thing (28/4/2009 1:56:32 PM)

Norwegian newspaper gave it three out of six, and calls the film disappointing.

How did -they- manage to see it?? And the review was published six hours ago.

Saying it was mostly just actionscene after actionscene, so apparently a norwegian journalist have seen either an illegal copy or a mash of trailers ^^

Link to the site:

geekpenguin -> RE: Odd thing (28/4/2009 5:32:43 PM)

Was surprised to find that Empire hadn't reviewed this yet. Sitting on it 'til tomorrow perhaps?

Going to see this tonight at the 10:30 showing. Really looking foward to it, but will wait with bated breath so as not to feel the bitter dissapointment of X3 all over again o_O.

geekpenguin -> RE: Odd thing (28/4/2009 5:41:39 PM)

On second thought, I don't want to know! Gonna wait until I've seen it. The mood around so far is so-so and I don't want to pre-judge.

Marwood -> RE: Odd thing (29/4/2009 9:33:14 AM)

Even MSN has a review up for this now.

Disappointed, didn't get to watch it last night. Ah well.

Chrisseh -> RE: Odd thing (29/4/2009 9:36:45 AM)

empire review is up. Most reviews aren't great. But a lot are just saying 'not as good as expected.'

I didn't expect it to be amazing, so hopefully I will be a little bit surprised.

Hopefully :)

elab49 -> RE: Odd thing (29/4/2009 10:02:39 AM)

They saw X Men 3 - how good were they expecting it to be?! [&:]

BatFan -> RE: Odd thing (29/4/2009 11:50:18 PM)

So I just watched it and i've got  aquestion about the scene after the credits


Okay so the director said there were multiple endings after the end credits. The one I had was Wolverine drinking in a bar in Japan setting up Wolverine 2. I Read through IMDB and apparently there is one with Deadpool but there is conflicting reports of what actually happens in it (one person says that the headless corpse of Weapon XI touches it's head no longer sowed shut and says "shhhhh" but another report has Wade Wilson himself pick up the head and say "WHat are you looking at to the camera, breaking the 4th wall and showing that weapon XI wasn't Deadpool but a clone) so I thought i'd ask here what other endings there were and what actually happened in the Deadpool one?

elmwood2309 -> RE: Seen the unfinshed cut (30/4/2009 1:57:31 PM)

Never would i even compare Spider-man 2 to The Dark Knight, I've never been a Marvel comics fan but i liked the x-men movies i despise spider-man even though I am a Sam Raimi fan, and yeah i saw the workprint edition but i saw it again finished this time and i retract what i said about it being up to scratch with the first x-men. Plus it was a moment of weakness it's one of the two films i've ever watched online. I'm the guy that drags my friends to the cinema which exactly what I did yesterday to see Wolverine finished and i have to admit I didn't like it, Ryan Reynolds was the best part of the film and I hate Ryan Reynolds.

This is just another overblown, retarded Hollywood vehicle that fails on a lot of levels.

JoeyPottr -> RE: Seen the unfinshed cut (1/5/2009 6:26:46 AM)

I don't care what the critics say, or you film critics say, I will judge for myself. I never go by what someone else says when it comes to a movie. Besides, it's Hugh Jackman, and that man is FINE, I could watch him reading a phonebook.[:)]

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