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Olly Richards -> 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (5/12/2007 8:07:00 PM)

Your votes are in and the results are up. The 100 sexiest movie stars to ever grace celluloid are now officially decided. What do you think of the list? Which stone cold fox missed out on a place? Which big ol' minger slept their way onto it? Add all your comments here.

Amelie_Scotland -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (5/12/2007 8:53:16 PM)

Emma Watson? She's the same age as me, that is kind of weird.
Why no Joaquin Phoenix? I take in my multiple voting counted for nothing? He deserves a place much more than Miss Watson which is practically cradle robbing. [:'(]

WINTERMUTE -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (5/12/2007 9:02:00 PM)

Oh where, oh where is the luminescent beauty of one Maggie Gyllenhaal?
I mean, not only is she gorgeous but she can act as well, which is more than can be said of some of the "pretenders" on the list...
And what about our own "homegrown" beauties - Samantha Morton for instance?
Or Zhang Ziyi?

homersimpson_esq -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (5/12/2007 9:03:24 PM)

**contains spoilers if you haven't read the countdown yet.....***

Emma Watson so near the top? Puh-lease.

Mind you, having Natalie Portman at #2 redeems matters, even if Scarlett Johansson is scandalously low at #8.

temetnosce -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (5/12/2007 9:10:23 PM)

That's a weird 'hot' list.... there's a couple of kids in it for God's sake!!!...one is a lass known for playing a 14 year old or something around that age who is placed higher than both Monica Bellucci and Jennifer Connolly!!!!!!! Who the hell voted??? Clearly a few of the fantasy franchise fans had a real go at getting their faves in.....i suppose the list can only be as good as the votes it receives.

What's Scarlett doing out of the top 3 though??? Surprising to say the least.

FirstContact -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (5/12/2007 10:14:48 PM)

Astonished at the absence of Ursula Andress for walking out of the sea in Dr No; astonished at the absence of Raquel Welch poster girl of the Sixties for One Million Years BC - that fur bikini - and of my own favourite Greta Scacchi, who burned up the screen in Presumed Innocent, White Mischief and many others... and yes I voted!
Either I'm old (probably) or some small children voted - the girl from Harry Potter!! Please...

jeffamania -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (5/12/2007 11:42:34 PM)

Who voted for this list? Pls Empire...next time...limit your voters to true movie goers...rather than people into pop culture? Several stars over the last hundred years...deserved to be in the list ahead of the nonsense you have in the top 20.....what about Sean Connery, Steve Mcqueen, Cary Grant, Marlon Brando, Robert Redford, Urlusa Andreas, Meg Ryans etc.....they should be in the top 20! The only person that is fairly ranked in the top 20 is Brad Pitt.

kingkongkeepin -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (5/12/2007 11:48:13 PM)

Well Harrison Ford and Sean Connery are far too low...

Felix -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 12:04:08 AM)

One thing, didnt Denzel Washington face up to Gene Hackman in Crimson Tide, not Hunt for Red October? [8D]

BatFan -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 1:35:28 AM)

Where in the blue hell is Zooey Deschanel and Ellen Page, okay Page is not conventionally sexy but on screen and in interviews she shows something which not many hollywood starlets have which is intelligence and someone who seems like she isn't part of the whole glitz and glamour business. That for me is sexy.

JamesTyson -> 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 5:44:59 AM)

Denzel Washington gave Gene Hackman a piece of his mind in Crimson Tide....not the hunt for red october, that was Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin. Sort it out Empire!

Olly Richards -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 7:43:27 AM)

Whoops, good point well made. I'll have that changed. All the sexiness lead someone to get their submarine movies mixed up. Sorry about that.

friendlyfire -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 9:31:58 AM)

What the Deuce is wrong with your picture editors? Why would you have a Paul Newman entry (#19) that bangs on about his "bluest peepers known to man" and illustrate it with a black and white photo? For that matter, why have a pic of Nicole Kidman (#41), "Hollywood's most fanciable ginge", as a blonde? Fools! Fools, I say!

jnat -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 10:09:56 AM)

Where, oh where, is Kirsten Dunst and Maggie Gyllenhaal? And Zhang Ziyi? And Zooey Deschanel? And Claire Danes? Who voted? What's wrong with them? Why is Scarlett Johanssen not in the top 3 with Natalie Portmen and Angelina Jolie?? WHY????? 

arb303 -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 10:26:19 AM)

Ok lets be serious for half a second....jennifer Aniston NOT in the top 50??? And even worse there is no sign of ELISH CUTHBERT. I mean come on people the movies may not be brilliant but answering the door to a dripping wet blonde goddess in The Girl Next Door is surely one of the sexiest moments in cinema....

mendosa -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 11:32:16 AM)

Nothing to do with the poll, per se, but why all the damned 'ass' mentions ? It's ARSE, for God's sake. Unless people really have been having donkey-to-donkey sessions in films, and I've just missed a straight-to-DVD corker.

Mind you, it's the same in the magazine. Ass this and ass that, so I shouldn't be surprised. Deep breath, rant over. [:)]

Manfrendshensindshen -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 12:16:28 PM)

Denzel Washington in The Hunt For Red October - good 'un, Empire!

I guess I have a weird taste in women, for my top ten would have looked rather different. And the only bloke I voted for (Sean Connery) isn't very high up the list either. Wouldn't it be more worthwhile of Empire staff chose their favourites?

Mojo -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 12:28:54 PM)

Glad Natalie Portman was so high, although she should always be at number one. Scarlett should have been second. Nice to see Kiera Knightley slowly going down the list, hopefully next year she'll be at 38 or something.

As for the men, Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood were far too low.

masumi -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 12:52:50 PM)

I am very glad that Gerard Butler is 10th.
He was the sexiest on 300.
Could you tell me when did   the voting start ,how was  the voting done and who  was going to be the subject for the voting ?

mattchoman -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 1:25:16 PM)

Obviously, you're never gonna agree 100% with this sort of list, but all in all it was pretty respectable, though like many others here, Scarlett takes my top spot. I'm intrigued as to how people voting platonically (ie persons attracted to females voting for males and vice versa) affected the list. For example, did Craig and Bale feature so highly through bloke votes or did people mostly stick to what they like?

Stewie_Griffin -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 1:27:33 PM)

I'm guessing i'm the only one who voted for Rose Byrne. Not only is she stupendously sexy but she's talented and cleary a down to earth, smart aussie girl. Which i also find very sexy.

Mrs.Doyle -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 2:49:52 PM)

Nice to see my man Rickman in at 83 ahead of Clint Eastwood and Al Pacino! However, the "Did You Know " fact was knocked on the head by him in a radio interview earlier this year when he said he never knew he'd had a speech impediment!

Got a feeling some very young people were doing the voting here!

steveg66 -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 3:02:27 PM)

Monica Bellucci not even top 10???!!! (My number 1). Heads will roll!!

Laura T -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 3:38:22 PM)

Come on people!!!  The kids from Harry Potter are in the top 30!!!  Who voted for them???  How the hell are they sexy or sexier than people like Gael Garcia Bernal, Jennifer Connelly or James McAvoy.  And why is Angelina the Saint always top?  Isn't anyone else fed up of seeing her smug face everywhere?  I remember when she used to be cool and edgy, not all saintly.  I am glad that a natural beauty like Natalie Portman is second, but sad to see that Johnny Depp is dropping down the list.  It's nice to see so many home-grown stars in the list though!!!  Big up the Brits!!!

Leo1988 -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 4:02:42 PM)

can you explain us why antonio banderas isn't in the top 100. I think you should start to create a new list. Because in my view it is laughable.  [:D] OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hammerfan -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 4:12:49 PM)

Can someone please explain to me why Keira (the stick) Knightley is at number 9 and Aishwarya Rai is not even in the list!!!
In what reality does that make sense?

shool -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 4:13:39 PM)

Agree with Angelina Jolie as number 1 without a shadow of a doubt. She ozzes sex appeal from every pore.
Agree for the ladies that Brad Pitt is up there.

Thought Megan Fox should have been higher and that Raquel Welsh should have been in there too.

jediwarrior -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 4:40:45 PM)

Keira "bloody" Knightley at 9. Well if you like girls with a stick thin figure and a wonky mouth then I suppose that's your choice.

Helen OHara -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 4:43:20 PM)

Y'all voted for them - or if you didn't, you missed the very long voting process that we had flagged up all over the site. Don't blame us!

samthemanc -> RE: 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (6/12/2007 4:53:12 PM)

Keira Knightley is beautiful, (IMO much more so than angelina jolie) but if we're talking purely 'sexy' you can't really argue, she turns most women.

Whoever wrote 'being french works for gerard depardieu and he looks like an elbow'... class, had me in stitches (although Audrey Tatou should have been much higher)

Would it not have made sense to do a top 50 men and top 50 women though? And Daniel Radcliffe? come on!! what's wrong with you women, at least with emma watson she's good looking, although i've not seen her do 'sexy' yet. Does that mean i should be rushing out for Order of the Phoenix and it's explicit scenes?

Where's Alexis Bledel?

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