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Barry -> As Alannis said, isn't it Ironic. (29/11/2007 8:13:00 PM)

I think perhaps Empire should have set a better example and not have published the leaked warner brothers Dark Knight pictures a couple of months back. Cos now it's happened to them.

I'm always disappointed when things are leaked like that and ruin the fun for everyone, and naturally I was equally as disappointed when Empire published and linked these leaked pics.
For some reason my last post was deleted, but I think this is a fair comment to make. Deleting this is draconian.

The Joker -> Me (29/11/2007 8:22:45 PM)

All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy.

keaneye -> I'm twitching with anticipation (1/12/2007 2:35:10 PM)

Reading the article on this Joker makes me want to go on a murderous rampage just to get to the most recently filmed scenes of the Dark Knight. I wants to see it now.

mayo12 -> RE: the joker + gothAM (3/12/2007 9:24:43 AM)

Iv cracked it!the fear toxin was actually a big was actually just Heath-as-Joker walking through the Narrows one miserable night and everyone there that seen him realised just how whacked out you could be in Gotham and get away with it!

Well,at least until July 2008.   [:D]

wordtoyourmother -> Svelte (3/12/2007 5:46:52 PM)

I truly believe that the slim, svelte look of Batman in this new movie can be contributed to the new suit. They redesigned it, replacing the standard cowl (which was bulky around the shoulders) with more of a biker helmet. I think it's an optical illusion that he looks "slimmer." Plus, Bale has always designed his body to meet the role.

I will agree with this though: Roker is a shit reporter. The fake interest in Batman was quite obvious. "Hmm, so you got this, homicidal guy running around." Can we show some interest? How about a degree of professionalism. Oh, and way to check your sources, with the fake Joker pic and what not. With such a "cult-like following" I can't understand how they couldn't find someone on the set with more of an interest in Batman. Instead they send the weatherman to interview him. Stick with "we've got clouds rolling in from the West, and sunny spots in the South", dude. Nicely done, Today.

waddylove -> Sweet....Bring back Robin.. (5/12/2007 1:37:55 PM)

Bring back Robin for this one and have the Joker beat him to a pulp with a crowbar for his bad acting in the first minute, just like in the graphic novel "A Death in the family".

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