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Empire Admin -> Shallow Grave (11/12/2005 3:50:33 PM)

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OMGWTFBBQ -> thanku empire for finding me this gem (4/7/2006 9:27:28 PM)

Well i was reading this empire magazine and i found that this film was reviewed for some reason or other and that it got 5 stars. At the time i was into black comedys and this supposedly was a comedy. I was not dissapointed and found the film quite funny. The ending though made the film what it is because it is so well done. Watch and find out.

shawshank prisoner -> (4/3/2008 4:09:09 PM)

Danny Boyle's best. One of the best british movies of all time.

Balian of Ibelin -> Absolutely Brilliant! (9/3/2009 9:14:08 PM)

Shallow Grave is so unique! It is really tense and the storyline is fantastic. One question I'd like to ask Danny Boyle is how did he pack it all into 90 intense minutes? How? It was awesome!

nc_jj -> Fasten your seatbelts... (7/1/2010 2:50:12 AM)

For this nonstop tour-de-force. You'll never forget this experience. Gritting and terrifying, this is a movie that will shake your nerver. See it if you dare...

Blue Ryan -> Shallow grave (1/2/2010 7:01:40 PM)

Darkly humorous, symbolic and surreal, Shallow Grave is a good British film from the director who can appear to adapt almost anything.

blaud -> Danny Boyle's Best (17/1/2011 3:24:11 AM)

The sublimely haunting atmosphere created by Danny Boyle in this supremely original thriller is by far the most memorable of any of his films, and still retains its' power to this day. The entire cast are excellent, the setpieces are suitable drab, and the script is sharp as a tack. Gloriously entertaining black comedy

danfacey711 -> (1/4/2013 3:20:27 PM)

Danny Boyle's best.
Intense, exciting, clever and brilliantly simple.
Love the black humour and the cold characters who all revolve around each other as the plot deepens and throughs these three friends into the grave.

TheGodfather -> (13/5/2014 9:38:57 PM)

Shallow Grave
Danny Boyle`s debut film tells the story of 3 young people (among wich is Ewan McGregor in one of his first roles) who share an appartment en are looking for a new roommate to join them. One day, a guy named Hugo rings the bell: he wants to rent the room. Everybody happy, until Hugo is found dead in his bed and the remaining three make a big discovery. That is the beginning of a thriller that is a fluent mix of tension, very black humor and a bit of Hitchcock.
The characters are eccentric and interesting, in wich especially Christopher Eccleston as the gone-crazy David steals the show. He gives a fantastic performance as the evil-minded and slick accountant.
With Shallow Grave, Boyle made a permanent impression on and was of great influence to the British film scene, the start of a new era for British cinema.


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