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Empire Admin -> New Rambo Trailer Online (24/10/2007 8:16:31 AM)

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keyzersaulsie -> Sly dishes fictional revenge for the enslaved monks of Burma,,. (24/10/2007 8:16:31 AM)

I'm in. And then we should send him in for real.

Biggus -> (24/10/2007 8:25:54 AM)

2 words: HELL YEAH!!!

umer_ejaz -> (24/10/2007 8:28:36 AM)

i'm in aswell, this is Rambo of course but a lot older than the first three so I'm not expecting much but something a lot better than the third one which I didn't like. Anyway good on Sylvester Stallone on making this at the age of 60!! Can hardly wait for it

livewire -> All Aboard the 80's express (24/10/2007 8:52:13 AM)

This has me as excited as Balboa and it kicked ass. i'm so there

Wraggsterino -> Anybody else hear the cheeky continual reference to Cobra 2nd half the trailer? (24/10/2007 9:17:09 AM)

...hinting at his next project maybe?

olirog -> Kick Ass, Stallone! (24/10/2007 10:21:14 AM)

This is going to liven up the winter months no end! Let's hope audiences all over agree… Rambo could really be back, back! I'll be waitin'…

Nick12161988 -> RE: Kick Ass, Stallone! (24/10/2007 10:36:12 AM)

It certainly looks the part. For nostalgia alone this should prove to be a worthwhile trip down to the cinema.

Let's just hope it doesn't dissapoint!

giddig -> Looks like fun. (24/10/2007 10:43:27 AM)

Rocky Balboa was way better than I thought it should have been so this is a promising bit of nostalgic entertainment. However, I cared about good old Rocky. It may be harder to care about Rambo though.

Porrohman -> RE: Kick Ass, Stallone! (24/10/2007 10:44:08 AM)

Only thing missing was the names Golan-Globus !!
That was awful,and i`ve been excited about this up till now.
A bit of jerry goldsmiths score would have improved it a little at least.

coljohnmatrix -> (24/10/2007 11:19:54 AM)

Sly is keeping the 80's action movie spirit alive, and that's good enough for me (I guess my username hints that I have a soft spot for 80's action movies!)

I thought Die Hard 4.0 was surprisingly entertaining in a so-stupid-it's-good sort of way, so it's a shame it was watered down for a PG-13 certificate. At least Sly isn't making that mistake :P

I'll be there when it's released...bring on Rambo!!!

The Hooded Man -> RE: (24/10/2007 12:03:29 PM)

Looks like Die hard 4 might have competition for the choice of movie for morons.
Stallone is making a fool of himself ... again.

The Jackal -> Hmm... (24/10/2007 12:17:13 PM)

Technically, this SHOULDN'T work. It SHOULD be labelled a bad idea.

All I can say is bring it the fuck on...

shool -> RE: Hmm... (24/10/2007 12:39:48 PM)

Bring it on. There arent enough 80's action fest-esque movies around these days.

The Hooded Man -> RE: Hmm... (24/10/2007 12:49:45 PM)

Jesus wept. Stallone should be banned from making films if this is as atrocious as the other 2 sequels.

Cameron1975Williams -> Stallone is a Movie God! (24/10/2007 1:17:38 PM)

Anybody who knows anything about how Rocky got made should have respect for this man. So I don't wanna hear alotta B.S. from any of you haters who don't know nothin' about nothin'.

I think Sly redubbed his dialogue for the trailer as well as adding the voice-over. Trailer's are about marketing. I think the finished film is far more grittier in tone than this trailer leads you to believe.

drutt66 -> bring it on (24/10/2007 1:17:46 PM)

looks good, cant wait to see Sly kicking some old school ass! So what if he 62 or whatever, he'll one slick bas*ard!

punchdrunk -> It's going to be bloody... (24/10/2007 1:35:27 PM) here is the uncut trailer (warning contains violent scenes and bloody carnage)

livewire -> RE: Anybody else hear the cheeky continual reference to Cobra 2nd half the trailer? (24/10/2007 1:51:46 PM)

we live in hope!!

callumcostello -> (24/10/2007 1:59:32 PM)

Sly back in CopLand shit-kicker mode is a damn good thing....

the chimp -> i'm sorry (24/10/2007 2:17:09 PM)

i feel really bad about posting this, as i hate to put down a movie before seeing it, but sly really is looking past it now. sure if i look a fith as good as him at his age it'l be something, but rambo is supposed to be a "barbarian" of a man who feels no pain and could kick the crap out of a dozen men at once. looking at the prievous rambo's this just feels wrong. i thought the last rocky was'nt that great, loads of dribble, a short training montage then he loses the fight anyway. pointless really. kudos to sly for giving it a go but please stop messing with rocky and rambo, let us keep the memories.......... oh yeah i'll be the first to admit i'm wrong if this film is great, i just can't see it happening though.

Felix -> (24/10/2007 2:25:18 PM)

Isn't this Hot Shots :Part Trois?

tallaght24 -> The Jackal is right! (24/10/2007 3:25:00 PM)

FUCKIN A!!!!!!

Kev@CTU -> Best. Trailer. 2007 (24/10/2007 3:36:08 PM)

This is the best trailer ive seen in an age!
Any movie which harks back to the golden era of action films (ie the 80's) gets my vote!
Now all we have to do is get Arnie out of office and back into the jungles to do Predator 3!


nookuboy -> Oh yehhhh (24/10/2007 3:59:01 PM)

The r rated trailer that came out for this film a few months ago looks awesome - very hardcore action!!

clarkkent -> (24/10/2007 4:24:51 PM)

AWSOME. I didnt think the dialogue wad clunky, some of it was down right cool. And as for being too old? Stop talking fucking bollocks, he doesnt look that old.

coljohnmatrix -> RE: RE: (24/10/2007 4:54:32 PM)


ORIGINAL: The Hooded Man

Looks like Die hard 4 might have competition for the choice of movie for morons.
Stallone is making a fool of himself ... again.

Haw, let's all play spot the guy who's too "cultured" to enjoy 80's action movies.

It's (probably) a scientific fact that enjoying ridiculous 80's-style action movies makes you more of a man. It boosts your testosterone level to "mad hard" levels. The two Rambo sequels are both classic of 80's action, their dodgy political message cementing their credentials.

If you don't like Rambo, stop coming on this board and whinging about it! As Rambo says "Don't push it, or I'll give you a war you won't believe"

stu1980 -> (24/10/2007 5:35:04 PM)

This will be a "we love America because it only takes one american to save the world" Cheesefest of a film! and we will all love it for it. so quit yo jibba jabba and just wait till it comes out :D

Hughezy -> (24/10/2007 6:05:31 PM)

i really hope that this is as good as First Blood.

darth silas -> First trailer was better. (24/10/2007 6:14:29 PM)

This trailer is a bit cheesy for my taste.The first one was better and more hardcore.Should be a decent action flick though.

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