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Empire Admin -> Exclusive: Data Talks Goonies 2! (23/10/2007 1:26:48 PM)

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TheGreatEye -> (23/10/2007 1:26:48 PM)


R P Howard -> (23/10/2007 1:33:47 PM)

Not really a proper sequel if it's animated! Is there an audience for this??

dunkah -> (23/10/2007 2:13:21 PM)

Yes! Yes! Yes! Shame it's not live action though....

IMac -> ...if they re all back - shouldn t a live-action movie be on the cards?! (23/10/2007 2:15:34 PM)

...some of them might not be actors anymore, but I m sure they d be up for it, just for the banter!...

Come on Mr Spielberg forget the animation malarky and schedule 'Goonies 2: They 'R' good enough!'

..."Hey U guys!"...

morg1138 -> RE: ...if they re all back - shouldn t a live-action movie be on the cards?! (23/10/2007 2:24:23 PM)

This should be interesting, could be really good or just shite!

shool -> Cant see this working (23/10/2007 2:34:28 PM)

I absolutely love the Goonies. But I cant see this working.

Animation? Bah!

Its got straight to DVD written all over it.

britesparc -> Sounds alright, actually (23/10/2007 2:51:09 PM)

At first I was skeptical, but this sounds okay... the animation idea sounds good, actually, it means they can take the story wherever they want without caring what the cast look like nowadays!

Timon -> Animation? (23/10/2007 3:10:13 PM)

I'd have prefered a Live Action sequel even if it was DTV, not sure why animation should be used. It's not like they're the TMNT's and will be doing gravity defying stunts....

wes clough -> Monster House!! (23/10/2007 4:04:47 PM)

For some strange reason Monster House had the same feel to it as the goonies.

I have watched it a few times with my kids and I cant shake the feeling, Anybody else get the same thing?

So maybe a CG goonies sequel could work!

Rogue -> (23/10/2007 4:18:22 PM)

An animated series is probably the best way to continue the legend that is the Goonies...could be good, could be pants! Look forward to more news on this though!

ilovekaren -> (23/10/2007 4:50:58 PM)

dont really now bout this one. goonies is my all time iconic childhood movie and still is my no1 fav if it happens they best bloody do it right

mikeonbass2 -> They'll never get Sean Astin (23/10/2007 7:56:27 PM)

No way no how.
He even thought LOTR was beneath him...

Harry_Knowles_Ver.2 -> RE: (23/10/2007 7:57:04 PM)

What is with hollywood's CG obsession?

Anytime they greenlight a half decent kids movie it's "hey lets do it in CG!!!"

I for one have had far more then enough of these glorified big screen computer games

coomi01 -> This sounds quite good and the only way I could see it... (23/10/2007 9:34:44 PM)

...working. Live action or cgi, who cares. If Spielberg gets Indy right again, and Donner doesnt stay on Lethal Weapon 4 mode, this could actually be very good. And why the hell hasnt anyone had the bright idea of tuirning the goonies into a video game. Er hello!!! Money printing machine!!! In fact, give it to Rockstar (GTA makers) and I bet they could turn something pretty awesome out of it.

boredbluekoala -> WOW another sequel no-one needs (or WANTS) (23/10/2007 11:51:42 PM)

what's the point of doing another Goonies movie? first one wasn't that good, and let's be honest here people can ANY of you point to a good sequel too a movie that was made so long after the original?

Adrian -> (24/10/2007 10:00:21 AM)

4867 years ago? now i feel old. I thought it was only 4592 years ago. By the way... Goonies 2!!!!!! am I Hyped? well I was born in 79 and am alive. yes I'm excited by the prospect of Goonies 2. then I read the word animated. why? do they really mean to rape the memories of u all by making the Goonies a cartoon? no way Chunk's belly-wobble will work without live action. and that's just for starters.

jimoakley666 -> Hmmm. (26/10/2007 1:53:57 PM)

I'd prefere it to be a live action film. It just seems odd to swap media like this. Its not like they have to hide the fact that they're all older. Although i will admit that, as Wes Clough pinted out, Monster House was rather Goonieish. If it was done in that kinda stylised mo-cap i think it may just work. Just...

guyrussell69 -> goonies 2 (26/10/2007 3:23:49 PM)

Iv never met ANYONE who dislikes the Goonies. Dont spoil it by making a sequal of any kind. I very much doubt they will recreate the magic of the first!!!

aussietrooper20 -> goonies 2 (27/10/2007 12:19:55 AM)

They should make a movie version where the goonies discover where 1 eye willie's ship went to, but need to rush to get the treasure before china does. I did write this idea to steven speilberg, so he could still make it.

Highnoon -> Ah Well. (27/10/2007 11:13:34 AM)

When Iread te Title Goonies 2 I was a little excited. I saw the original when I was a wee lad and funnily enough only bought the DVD yesterday but an animated film? I'd prefer to sse the guys in the flesh, older,thogh probably not wiser etc. When I think animated it doesn't feel lke a proper sequel just some kind of 'slap it together and ge it out while the time is right'.

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