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Empire Admin -> Sally Field Joins Lincoln (24/9/2007 9:53:46 AM)

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britesparc -> Get on track! (24/9/2007 9:53:46 AM)

Whilst no one wants a rush job with Lincoln, I had been worried that this was gonna be one of those Spielberg projects - like his Memoirs of a Geisha - that never ended up materialising with him in charge. So hopefully the casting rumour's true, and hopefully this will follow right on from Indy - after all, Mr. Berg is known for his quick shoots.

alimac -> Good casting.Looking forward to this alot (24/9/2007 11:42:13 AM)

This will happen and i am glad Steve is making sure he gets the right people for this movie even though Sally was annoying with her anti war speech at the Grammys she is a good actress .The casting of Liam is great he is a very underused actor and wee all know how good Liam and Steve were the last time with Schindlers list .I am looking very forward to this alot because i know Steve is fond of Lincoln and also because i don't know very much about him apart from abolishing USA slavery the civil war and then being assassinated

quigonjaf -> RE: Good casting.Looking forward to this alot (24/9/2007 11:55:29 AM)

Yes Liam is Still very much attached he has begun make up tests for this i think this has the potential to have the best cast ever for a movie,there are so many roles  to be filled,has anybody read the book? I have and its hefty but brilliant its done in a way that not boring at all in fact i could not put it down Doris Kearns Goodwin has done an amazing job,this could top Gone With The Wind as a movie about the civil war in its scope and size,i cannot wait!!!

jacks_back -> RE: Sally Field Joins Lincoln (27/9/2007 3:12:10 AM)

They need someone to play Sherman. General Sherman was the man who one the war. If he hadn't capture Atlanta Lincoln wouldn't have won re-election. Than there would have been 2 Americas.

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