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Empire Admin -> Paddington Bear Coming To Cinemas (14/9/2007 10:05:48 AM)

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wombathog -> (14/9/2007 10:05:48 AM)

Let's hope his immigrant story is a bit more cheerful than Dirty Pretty Things.

dahlia79 -> Stop motion not CGI! (14/9/2007 11:21:44 AM)

Paddington should stay in his original stop-motion style, not CGI! And he better be eating marmalade sandwiches (although I guess marmite could be turned into the new immigrant trying British 'delicacies' or something crass like that). But please could people stop remaking my childhood -it's quite disturbing :(

TheMadFatChickKiller -> stop fucking with my childhood (14/9/2007 12:22:51 PM)

"essentially a story of an immigrant who arrives in Britain" Jesus, talk about tenouos. I hope he doesn;t try to ride on the Tube, that's all I'm saying

mattchoman -> (14/9/2007 12:59:04 PM)

Paddington would lose all of his charm as a CGI character.

(and marmite and cheese sandwiches are actually very good),

Amezzeray -> just one thing... (14/9/2007 2:43:05 PM)

Chesse and Marmite...mmmmmmm!!! luuurvley!

clarkkent -> (16/9/2007 10:11:07 AM)

fisrt the marmite debacle now this!!! Honestly i dont mind, i have fond memories of the bear as a kid. As for the 'hes an imigrant thing' well guess what?? HE FUCKING IS!!!! Do you see any bears roaming the british countryside eating marmalade sandwiches? No we all know there are no bears in this country and we all know bears who eat marmalade are from america!!!

Mr Grizzly -> Just one question... (16/9/2007 3:43:42 PM)

If they're going for the whole "immigrant" thing, does that mean Paddington will have a Peruvian/Latino accent? "Aye, amigo where's my sandwich?" and so on.... Can't wait to see this childhood memory ruined!

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