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Biggus -> I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 2:05:57 PM)

What with all the heartbreak/relationship difficulties, 'getting older gripes' and cheating friends stuff currently going on, I thought I'd start a nice positive thread for us to celebrate stuff we're looking forward to. So what stuff have you got coming up that's got you excited? No negatives, no whinging or whining please!

(And yes Mr Noir, I expect you to post something on here!)

I'll start us off.

Yesterday I booked tickets to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band live in December at the O2 Arena. I've been wanting to see them live but have not had the opportunity to do so yet. I was a bit worried because they're starting to knock on a bit now and I'd end up seeing them in their 70s or something! To my joy, a tour was announced the other day and I've snapped up standing tickets (so I can get right to the front!) yesterday. To ensure I have to best night possible, I've also booked a room in a nearby hotel to crash for the night!


Also I've got 2 weeks off work in a couple of weeks so I'm thinking of getting a cheap break away somewhere. I've seen a good deal to go for a week in Italy and I've never been there before so I might treat myself!

Over to you ladies and gents...

Rumbaabaa -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 2:09:55 PM)

A fine idea Sir!

I'm looking forward to getting my new car tomorrow. It's got an electric sunroof! [:)]

I'm also looking for to seeing the Super Furry Animals in October - it'll be my first gig in 4 years!

Skiba -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 2:12:10 PM)

Nice one Biggus...say hi to Sylvio Dante for me!

Today I booked tickets to see Rich Hall at the Soho Theatre...I've not seen him live before and the Soho Theatre is a great little intimate venue

Kilo_T_Mortal -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 2:14:21 PM)

A trip to skeggy with Biggus and Tech Noir,

ilovebeerme -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 2:15:07 PM)

I've been offered and accepted a job in our Sydney office and although it's gone a bit quiet the last couple of weeks I'm fantastically excited by the thought of living in Oz for a while and the work opportunities I'll have when over there.  My wife and I have to (don't have to at all but will) drink our way through our wine cellar before going away, which means some seriously nice tipples over the next few months.

I've got another best mans speech to give in two weeks time at one of my best mates weddings.

The Janitor -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 2:18:08 PM)

I have tickets to see Bill Baliey at the M.E.N Area in November. I am big fan and it should be fantastic.

pettsy -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 2:18:56 PM)

Great news beerman!

If I can pull myself together, I'm heading to Alton Towers for the weekend shortly.

Hobbitonlass -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 2:22:00 PM)

I'm off to Mahabalipuram on Sunday [:D]

Biggus -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 2:22:55 PM)


ORIGINAL: Kilo_T_Mortal

A trip to skeggy with Biggus and Tech Noir,

In all genuine honesty, if this Italy deal doesn't work out, I'd be up for a piss-up weekend in Skeggie. I have to prioritise, you understand!

Kilo_T_Mortal -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 2:27:33 PM)




ORIGINAL: Kilo_T_Mortal

A trip to skeggy with Biggus and Tech Noir,

In all genuine honesty, if this Italy deal doesn't work out, I'd be up for a piss-up weekend in Skeggie. I have to prioritise, you understand!

Let dump Tech though, that guy is depressing.

discodave101 -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 2:27:45 PM)

I'm excited because...........11 a side football season kicks off tomor morning at 10.30am. So that means a pre-occupied night in front of the box and then hardly any sleep as I can't stop thinking about scoring the perfect goal. I get so giddy for my football.

I'm also strangely excited about a piss up in Grimsby on saturday night (my home town - visiting old friends). I say strangely, cos its a bit....well.....rough!

Spartacus -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 2:30:26 PM)

I'm excited about having a lazt weekend doing nothing. Seriously I am. Been busy at work so 2 days to slob out and do naff all will be a welcome reflief.

tommyjarvis -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 5:06:34 PM)

I'm excited because I've finished work and now have two weeks to doss around doing fuck bloody all until uni starts back again.

curtain twitcher -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 5:12:05 PM)

I am excited because i will be starting my new job down in London soon, it is a great opportunity! I am also excited because i am getting a nice shiny new Macbook laptop (the top end silver one, i had the white one).

curtain twitcher -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 5:13:48 PM)


ORIGINAL: Kilo_T_Mortal




ORIGINAL: Kilo_T_Mortal

A trip to skeggy with Biggus and Tech Noir,

In all genuine honesty, if this Italy deal doesn't work out, I'd be up for a piss-up weekend in Skeggie. I have to prioritise, you understand!

Let dump Tech though, that guy is depressing.

I have a slight niggling that that's going to make him even more prone to it!

Amelie_Scotland -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 8:16:07 PM)

I'm excited because in October i'm going to see Rufus Wainwright live!
And next week, i'm going to university open days in Glasgow and Edinburgh! [:D]
And also in October i'm going to spend a few days down south with my favourite forumite! [;)]

Zatoichi -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 8:22:31 PM)

I'm excited because, in two weeks time, I will have moved out of my house and into a flat in Inverness, coinciding with the beginning of my second year at college.

Tech_Noir -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 8:37:33 PM)

Excited about seeing how my SOLE project goes.

Unlikely Cinema Extreme will take it on but there's always DV Shorts with EM Media, which I'll also be applying to with my Kali short script.

clarabell -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 8:43:41 PM)

I'm excited that in 7 weeks I'm going to be a bridesmaid at my big brother's wedding

I'm excited that in just under 3 months i'll be jetting off on my adventures to the other side of the world

indysgill -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 8:46:28 PM)

I have dougnuts.

KnightofZyryab -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 8:52:11 PM)

Next week I go back to 6th form after a summer of tedium, and I'll be applying to uni finally, so things will really start to pick up momentum.

Tech_Noir -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 8:52:16 PM)

I'm also excited about the reaction to my short film Circle after its Edinburgh screening.

I know EM Media are pushing it as part of their Heartlines program so more high-profile screenings to follow.

Funkyrae -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 9:18:52 PM)

Hmmm lemme see.  Why am I excited about September? 

My boyfriend is moving over from Dublin.

One of my friends is moving here.

I'm going to the British Fantasy Society convention again.  Who knows who I'll meet this year? (unfortunately my piggin' camera is knackered).

I'm getting a signed proof copy of Helen Hollick's The Pirate Code.

Nicola Monaghan's The Killing Jar is starting filming this month (I have the signed manuscript).

My mum has another literary convention which is drawing more and more 'names' and publishers.

I start my teacher training.

Yeah, September looks pretty good.  If a tad busy.

Indio -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 9:21:03 PM)

I'm excited about going to NYC for a week in October, seeing the Jesus and Mary Chain next week, and also Underworld and Chemical brothers gigs coming up in the next few months.

Keyser Sozzled -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 9:25:04 PM)

I am excited because tomrorrow week I am getting married, then heading off to Thailand to 3.5 weeks [:)]

Third Eye -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 9:27:57 PM)

I am excited because this weekend I'm heading to London Film And Comic Con and it's going to be an ace time. Then on the 27th October it's PWG in Portsmouth.

Samuelpoet -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 9:31:56 PM)

I'm excited because I have a great future ahead of me... [;)]

Sway -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 10:00:19 PM)

Although nothing's been booked yet, I've found the organisation etc through which me and my friend are going to do the Transiberia railway line next year.  As a history graduate who's passionate about Russian history, getting to travel to Russia, and through Russia, Siberia then China, well holy crap, it's a dream holiday.

I'm also excited because tomorrow I'm going into town with a friend to have a double bill day at the cinema, with dinner and maybe bowling inbetween.

And I know it's waaaaaay too earlier to even think about this yet, but it just dawned on me right this very second - this Christmas will be the first Christmas I can enjoy without the worry of exams/uni work hanging over me. Awesome! [sm=w00t.gif]

I'm also excited for the simple things in life - I've yet to get the new edition of Empire, and there's a whole host of movies coming out very soon I can't wait to see.

keca_2000 -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 10:22:53 PM)

I may well be taking a trip to Niagra Falls in the next month or so! It's one of those places I always wanted to go but never realistically thought I'd get to see.

Yay! [:D]

Sumintelligentguy -> RE: I'm Excited Because... (31/8/2007 10:24:21 PM)

I'm excited - if a little nervous - because my uni cntacted me today with all the freshers week (well fortnight for me) info, and its finally dawned on me that im going uni!!!!!!

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