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theoriginalcynic -> 4400 Sky One pace (11/7/2007 11:43:14 AM)

What no 4400 thread? The thinking mans Heroes has returned...

Don't get me wrong I like Heroes but im a huge fan of this sci-fi / drama but sometimes it can be quite confusing.  Trying to watch the 4400 now would probably melt your brain.  But I recommend going back to the begining to newbies.  It stars the lovely Summer Glau too [:)]

Only watched the first episode from the new series so far but it was superb.  A boy develops a power that allows him to be seen as a God.  This was really entertaining and back on form after a slightly below par third season.  Nice to see everyone back and the promicin storyline is really starting to take pace.  They come up with some really interesting powers on this show.  Would have loved to be in that kids shoes when the Blonde lass started hiting on him...

Will give my thoughts on the second episode later but so far the 4400 has returned better than ever.  Nice

theoriginalcynic -> RE: 4400 Sky One pace (11/7/2007 2:19:12 PM)

Second episode was just as good, peoples worst fears coming true is kinda old hat but they put a new spin on it.  Has to be more to the Isabelle thing then we know and the ending and Kyles new ability was a shock / great stuff...

theoriginalcynic -> RE: 4400 Sky One pace (15/8/2007 4:18:46 PM)

I still think that Kyle's ability isn't really his ability.  I bet she's a baddy and she wants him to get Jordan to do all of this.  Kyle's too trusting isn't he? How does he know that the book is real? It's a bit strange how he didn't get an ability for ages and then suddenly he got one.  I think she wants him to start a war between promicin people and non promicin people.  Imagine the carnage.  Why does Jordan think it's a good idea that everyone has an ability? To heal the world? That's fine but what happens when people get nasty with super turbo powers behind them?

theoriginalcynic -> RE: 4400 Sky One pace (7/9/2007 12:48:36 PM)

Does nobody watch the 4400 on here? Tell's you everything when people go on and on about heroes and this great series is criminally ignored [:@]

This weeks episode was superb.  It was nic to see Lilly and Richard together again.  Isabelle's gonna get her powers back leading up to a war between promicin people and 4400's vs Regular Humans.  Awesome! The fourth series is the BEST thing on TV at the minute - do yourself a favour and go back to the beginning.  It's far superior to the over hyped Heroes

theoriginalcynic -> RE: 4400 Sky One pace (19/9/2007 4:16:28 PM)

The 4400 two part finale was excellent - it was the best season yet.  When it all ended though I was left a little under whelmed after the fast pace of it all.  What I mean is - how much has the story actually procressed this season?  The season three finale ended with promicin being handed out - the season 4 finale ended up with a lot of people with abilities in Seatle.  That doesn't seem a huge leap in thirteen episodes.  Don't get me wrong this was the best season yet but it hasn't moved on a great deal.

On another forum people were saying that's a good ending if it ends there.  I disagree - the 4400 has only just begun.  The war hasn't even started yet!!! What's gonna happen when the people with abilities turn on each other or the rest of the world?

That's the interesting part... Jordan thinks he's doing good work but he's the person that will 'cause the war.  Promicin people and 4400 v's normal humanity.  If it ends there the story isn't finished and the first four series don't mean a great deal...

Please renew this sky and CBS/Paramount for season five

batrico -> RE: 4400 Sky One pace (20/9/2007 2:49:48 AM)

Spoilers included in post

I agree 4400 was among the best series on tv this summer (and the Dead zone which was awsome this series too.).The whole fourth series was amazing.I thought the virus ability was great way to speed up the spread of promysen.Sad that seans brother and mam had to die though. It was fun seeing what abilities people got in the finale.Imagine looking at a picture and being there a second later.
btw wonder if  the marked have really been wiped out for now as jordan said hed do.
Cant believe noone else adds to this thread lol.

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