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Empire Admin -> Dead Silence (7/7/2007 10:57:05 AM)

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Starscream -> RE: Dead Silence (9/7/2007 6:53:30 PM)

Went to a preview screening of this and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. The ventriloquist doll is just plain creepy

FortWilliamLoyal -> (9/7/2007 7:55:51 PM)

Enjoyable film, worth seeing! Those dolls are helluva freaky, lol.

ladytamz07 -> Dead silence indeed (15/7/2007 6:07:00 PM)

I have watched dead silence, but i was not impressed. It gets boring with all your usual movies cliches. I dont think that puppets that kill people will hold out to the audience and it will not make alot at the box office. It is an ok watch but not great, so to find out you will have to go and see it, will you agree with me or not?

dr. salvador -> RE: Dead silence indeed (16/7/2007 4:18:52 PM)

what star rating did Empire give it?

skeletonjack -> RE: Dead silence indeed (18/7/2007 11:34:09 PM)

I'd wanted to see this since seeing the trailer a while ago, but due to the ridiculous limited release it wasn't showing in the north east of England so I had to import it on DVD from the States.
I found this to be a very entertaining, old fashioned ghost story.
Its atmospheric and very creepy the way traditional ghost stories should be. It's not a classic, but beats the hell out of the current torture based horror movies out there.
Give this a chance you may well be pleasantly surprised. 3 Stars

Okami -> RE: Dead Silence (25/7/2007 7:29:08 AM)

Goddamn fucking A, Empire! 95 out of a hundred times I agree with your reviews and ratings, which is why I gladly accept the other 5 times as difference in taste. Usually you have good points to bring forward for films that you deem worse than I do and that's alright. But giving this quite enjoyable movie 1 star when godawful Bollwork House of the Dead gets 2 is a downright plain fucking insult to every mammal's intellect above foetus stage on this planat. Shame on you, Empire!

skeletonjack -> Wrong, wrong, wrong! (25/7/2007 8:49:57 AM)

I don't normally question Empire reviews, but 1 star????
WTF? Have you actually watched the movie? Was this film reviewed by a horror fan? What was Kim Newmans take on it?
The doll certainly isn't the only creepy thing in this film!
As I said before, it's no classic but it's superior in every way to the current crop of horror flicks out there.

JimBo! -> Empire got it wrong.... (1/11/2007 11:32:32 AM)

Through my own opinion and clearly through the opininons of other readers its clear that this film is worth a bit more than 1 star. Its no classic but i thought it had quit alot going for it. If only the stroy was a bit stronger and the acting was a bit more human-like then this would be a genuinely creepy film. Its clunky in places but all together easy to watch for what it is. Dont avoid at all costs , its not that bad.

tallaght24 -> SPOT ON! (4/3/2008 1:38:44 PM)

Quite possibly, the worst fucking movie ever....ok Battlefield Earth is the worst, but this comes a close 2nd.

UTB -> (27/6/2008 2:34:19 PM)

1 star is incredibly harsh considering The Happening got 2 stars....

This has much better effects, a much better script (even though it's still clunky), and unlike The Happening is at least spooky in parts.

Very unfair review.

Caster -> One star? WTF? (15/7/2008 12:54:41 PM)

Are you f***ing kidding me? One star?! I thought this was a very creepy no-nonsense horror and the twist at the end was right up there with the best of them. Much better than most other US horrors so of course nobody has heard of it which is a crying shame.

smartarse -> A bit of a shame to be honest. (24/7/2008 1:50:06 PM)

A great story deserves good filmmakers which this did not get. They tried to make it a bit too Gothic with the set design and either the fog machine malfuctioned or they actually thought it was a good idea to have that much. Overall a great idea with mediocre excecution.

smartarse -> A bit of a shame to be honest. (24/7/2008 1:50:11 PM)

A great story deserves good filmmakers which this did not get. They tried to make it a bit too Gothic with the set design and either the fog machine malfuctioned or they actually thought it was a good idea to have that much. Overall a great idea with mediocre excecution.

Clarence Worley -> RE: A bit of a shame to be honest. (7/9/2008 5:37:52 PM)

Maybe 1 star was harsh, wldnt give it more than 2 though, it just wasn't scary at all, and there was no gore either. Surely a horror must deliver on one of those to be any good. 

lilzz -> I thought it was AWESOME! (27/3/2010 2:50:51 PM)

I watched this film alone in my room with all the lights off and it scared the HELL out of me!! It was AWESOME!! I love any film that scares me and after watching it I was too scared to get out of bed from watching it on my computer screen. DEFINATE MUST WATCH!!

blaud -> 'Goosebumps' For Adults (3/5/2011 3:03:42 PM)

Creating a good horror movie is never an easy feat, and although this genre exercise falls short in several places, most notably in script. It still makes a surprisingly decent job of creating an entertaining and at least vaguely interesting horror with some nice freaky touches here and there. The script, is mentioned before, wants for quite a lot, with naff dialogue and some all-too-lazy plot devices that add to the gimmick but also make the movie seem like just another scary movie to add to the pile (e.g: the poem, the convenience of one person knowing everything etc etc). Throughout, the film is a solid 2 star experience, but thanks to the clever, albeit diabolically stupid, twist, I've awarded the film an extra star, which by no means means it's an exemplary shocker, but rather an enjoyable, if clichéd little chiller that has a rewarding outcome and some lovely little shocks.

jackcarlin18 -> as dull as a doll... (22/1/2012 8:46:55 PM)

the only thing scary about this film is when you realize that it is very poor...... its extremely boring, too long to handle and not scary at all, besides one character which then turns out to be unscary near the conclusion

dleo -> One Star?? Are you serious?? (1/7/2012 12:32:53 PM)

!!SPOILER ALERT!! Did the reviewer actually watched the film?
It's not even about a killer doll (not like Chucky or Puppett Master at least) which I loved because at the beggining you don't even know what does the killing, it makes you think like it's a doll. I consider this movie a bit scary but definitely creepy (considering that for me, scary are only good films about posessions and exorcisms).
Loved old school beggining of the credits, loved the music ( ripped of the exorcist tune a bit, but still very climatic) and loved the twist at the end, wasn't expecting that at all. Solid Three Stars

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