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Donnie Murdo -> RE: TROMA (11/1/2008 11:59:54 AM)


ORIGINAL: filmburner30
Actually I have seen a good Troma film - a Vampire film called Def By Temptation which features Samuel L Jackson no less

Jesus Christ.  Can't say I'm entirely surprised though.

Sam's Agent : "Hi Sam, would you like to be in...."
Samul L Jackson : "Hell yeah!"
Sam's Agent : "uhhh, okay then."


Has Empire suddenly become the Jeremy Kyle forum?

To be fair have you seen Off Topic sometimes?

dangerous_jamie -> RE: TROMA (11/1/2008 12:06:50 PM)

I just wanted to defend myself, I only found the thread last night.

And she deserves a kicking, she kept well over a 100 of my DVDs when it came to an end.

She says: We wanted different things.

I say: She wanted to be a psycho, I wanted as fucking far away from her as possible.

Sorry to ressurrect an old thread, but my piece needed to said.

I'm still not a rabid fanboy!

Donnie Murdo -> RE: TROMA (11/1/2008 12:11:15 PM)

To be fair Jamie, it's not like anyone has a clue who you or your ex are, or where you come from.  It's extremely unlikely this thread would have been resurrected after 6 months, so it's not like you really had to jump in and defend your reputation.

dracovir -> RE: TROMA (11/1/2008 8:09:52 PM)


Didnt know Troma were still going (seems it is, by this thread).  Not seen any of their films for years.

Loved their early 80s stuff...  closest the yanks have ever had to their own Hammer.  Mostly tosh, but entertaining tosh.  Class of Nukem High and NH2 are well worth watching if you havent seen them yet.  I'd pay to see a new adaptaion of any of their stuff.  We can have Hulk, but no toxic Avenger is borderline blasphemy!

dori -> RE: TROMA (12/1/2008 12:34:16 PM)

anybody who makes films like redneck zombies is alright with me. 

sharkboy -> RE: TROMA (1/9/2012 2:35:24 PM)

Attention all Troma fans - apparently they've just uploaded 150 of their movies to YouTube where they can be viewed in their entirety for zero of your english pennies [:D]


elab49 -> RE: TROMA (1/9/2012 2:43:50 PM)

Last I saw it just seemed to be a handful so it's impressive to hear it's pretty much everything. This is a great service for fans and potential ones.

Quite a few directors/companies seem to be doing this now - there is a Loach channel that runs through some of his stuff as well somewhere,

And this'll likely be the first and only time you'll get references to Loach and Troma in the same post!

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