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troublemakerashleigh -> Sharpe (18/6/2007 7:51:46 PM)

Just wondered if anyone else was watching the repeats on UKTV History during the week? It's only a few episodes in maybe five or six, I think I lost count!! My dad worked on it when I was little and I have memories of visiting the set and I watched it when I was 11 or 12 but I'd forgotten how good it was!

Peppermint -> RE: Sharpe (18/6/2007 8:10:31 PM)

Wasn't the person you name dropped in one of those? [;)]

Anyway, I used to watch it, but I can't get that channel, I don't think as I haven't got Sky anymore and that one off one that was on a while ago was very good.  It was really interesting to see a story where he wasn't at such a high rank in the Army.

Also, could you check your pm's please as I sent you one [:)]

troublemakerashleigh -> RE: Sharpe (19/6/2007 10:47:56 AM)

Its a freeview channel. I love it, I was really too young too appreciate it too much when I was younger I think

Fluke Skywalker -> RE: Sharpe (19/6/2007 11:16:55 AM)

When it first came on ITV I was totally into it - the big battles, Sharpe sticking two fingers up to the toffs etc. etc. Some of the episodes were brilliant although it became a bit hit and miss the longer it went on.

The recent one set in India was terrible though - they lazily threw together all the basic elements of a Sharpe episode without a thought and it came out shite.

So what did your dad do on the production? He's not Sean Bean is he

troublemakerashleigh -> RE: Sharpe (19/6/2007 2:05:51 PM)

I thinkthe recent one was a case of cashing in on alot of speculation. People had been desperate for another Sharpe. It was disappointing tho, however I adore Bean so i'll take him in anything!

LOL, no my dad was the horsemaster, and they always seemed to film during our school hoildays so we were dragged out there to the set. which in hindsight was kinda cool! I wasnt to chuffed at the time tho!

Wedge -> RE: Sharpe (19/6/2007 3:09:32 PM)

The entire seires (excluding the most recent Indian one) can be picked up for around 30.  Try Virgin megastores.   I got mine for about 29.99 from a DD Home Entertainment sale.  [:D]

Wedge -> RE: Sharpe (19/6/2007 3:11:11 PM)

Personally, I can't waited for the Flashman series, supposedly being made by the same people.  Troublemaker, let us know if you're dad's being hired for that one and fill us in with all the insider information!! 

troublemakerashleigh -> RE: Sharpe (19/6/2007 4:47:31 PM)

I will do, should be good tho

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