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Mikey C -> RE: re (14/6/2007 8:19:55 PM)


ORIGINAL: Chrisdee

Why do sports supplements foam?

If I B.S. the rest of my report will I pass with a good grade?

Do I even care at this point? At this moment? NO...I am saying to Hell with life and all the shoulds and crap! I want to run and run forever in the sunshine...just me, the ground, the horizon (?sp--that looks wrong) and air! I try and try and it gets me NADA! I'm not trying anymore! I'm living! I'm NOT PERFECT! I try! I can't live up to my expectations! I can't live up to opinions that I have of me that I think others have of me....I fall! Tired of falling. My eyes are puffy--I should stop crying--lol. How long can I keep Whatsername on repeat before I drive everyone CRAZY? What is truth? Why do people get their feelings hurt? It's lame! I think so...if one understood themselves and loved themselves, there would be NO tears. Why do people cry in movies? They are we pretend to care and cry? Is there such thing as 'the right one'? What if you found them and it is lost? What if one chooses NO? What then? is there a right two? do you think I'm looney? Should I care? You asked what is on my mind....I usually have one thing...but it is amongst a bunch of thoughts that flood after one another as you see above. How do you make the opinion of yourself the most important one? Would that mean you put yourself first? Is that  bad? What if you believe in a God? How do I get out of a negative thinking pattern? I want out? [:)] How can one be crying one second and then laughing the next? How can one feel empty but feel completely high on life? How can one be on a low point in life but feel complete excitement for the next moment and yet wanting to run away from it? Ahhhh! Can't go back...don't want to...scared to move forward--lol....I'll hang right HERE--NOW! I wanna go to the gym! I want my 4 pack back! I wanna see how quickly I can get again lol! I love my friends. Did I ever thank Indy and Indio and Crayon for being my friends and introducing me to cool people that eventually became my friends? For being so rad during such a tough time? Did I ever thank my best friend for teaching me so much? For bringing me to such happiness, to a point where I see--I'M OKAY! I'm not looney! (I'm a weird looney in a crazy way, but not a crazy looney), that I deserve a life of so much more than I was giving myself....for teaching me to plan and dream again--to help me get to the point where I can love myself--yeah I need to work on the putting my opinion of ME first above all, but it's coming! Did I ever thank my best bud for the greatest smile ever! Thank you, Best Friend (odd because my bfriend won't read I'm talking to myself? [:o] HELP! lol. Anyway, these are my thoughts...THANK YOU INDY, INDIO, CRAYON, DES, CLEMINTINE (I love Clem...I miss you), Rocky, Kingpin, Kilto (that has disappeared in the forum transition), Jackie, BCrazy (I can't spell your name--lol) Lulu and Squall for hanging with me at the airport and waiting for me on the underground etc. Izz, Mickey C, OddCinema for hanging out at the meet, Daz for talking with me uhhhh, and I forget so of your user names peeps!...GGR for all the middle of the night requests for changes. Godzilla (almost called you by your first name [:o]) for all the fun pm's that cheer me up. Mumblin for fantastic convos and advice, Frank White for always having something intelligent to contribute to threads, Oh peoople there are so many! BellaVery--she's a sweetie. Gen-Gen (in life) for being such a doll and for being such a friend. Aaron (in life) for accepting me so everyone else would. Zach for being CRAZY and all tough guy--whatever! Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Marco for a life outside the internet. Ila for being just a cutie and making me feel like she can relate, we have a lot in common [:)] and she's so rad too. Bubba for the fun convos, Ginge for sticking to his opinions and patience to explain where I am off my rocker, Funky for her optimism (?sp), Jedibobster for talking with me about stuff, Dovey for being a pal, Noel for being talking with me for hours on the phone, even when I fell asleep. I still feel guilty about that. Liz for caring. The other Liz for personal reasons. Families of friends for making my friends who they are! My family--they ROCK! They are soooooo accepting and such great pals--these are all the things I'm thinking of and it's making me feel better so I'm still typing it...I'll probably go back and delete it so No worries, Everyone from YNA all the fun parties that we no longer have. MSN peeps for inviting me into convos and making me feel accepted and wanted--you guys wanted me around--that is such a nice feeling--thank you. I'm sorry for all people that I forgot to name, but if you've seen me around then I've probably seen you and I am grateful for you too! [:)] 

LOL! Did you read all that? You're CRAZY--that's what I'm thinking.

I read it all because i saw my name in the middle [:D]
A fine stream of consciousness there that I weirdly enjoyed reading!

lulu karma -> RE: re (14/6/2007 8:54:58 PM)

Hahaha, yeah, you were fighting the hell out of your luggage in the underground.  It was water, wasn't it?  LMAO, that was great. [:D]

Right now I am wondering who from the UK is calling my cell but when I reach for my phone, it stops ringing.  I don't recognize the number.  I'm going to call them back I think.

Chrisdee -> RE: re (14/6/2007 9:42:02 PM)

Rad Mickey C

It was...I need my water, Lulu--lol. Hey why is MY secret Boyfriend calling you? [:o]

lulu karma -> RE: re (14/6/2007 10:07:11 PM)

I'm calling now.  It's on speaker and no answer yet.

Update:  A man answered.  I explained that his number had been on my missed call list a few times today (six to be exact!).  He sat for a minute and did some "Um..."

Then I lost my signal.  [8|]

zombiemaster -> RE: re (14/6/2007 11:00:49 PM)

ive forgot what this thread is about

curtain twitcher -> RE: re (15/6/2007 1:54:41 PM)

I am thinking that it is about thinking..........i think.[&:]

Chrisdee -> RE: re (15/6/2007 6:34:14 PM)

Why do I have Green Day on my computer but not my ipod?
Why do I have Seventy Times 7 by BrandNew on my ipod but not on my computer--this is highly confusing.

I'm not hungry.

matthewforan -> Thinking? (15/6/2007 7:11:01 PM)

I'm thinking CSS are a strange band and also that the news that Pete Doherty and Carl Barat will be recording together again for a Beatles tribute is the best news since they reunited God bless the Libertines.

Grunny -> RE: Thinking? (15/6/2007 7:17:35 PM)

Im thinking that CSS are a good band and Pete Doherty is a big loser and don't tell me he is talented cause I hate all his music! [:D]

troublemakerashleigh -> RE: Thinking? (15/6/2007 7:28:35 PM)

John Mayer's kinda hot[sm=augen14.gif]

curtain twitcher -> RE: Thinking? (15/6/2007 8:35:01 PM)

I am thinking that i have no idea what the fuck you are all jabbering on about.

Chrisdee -> RE: Thinking? (15/6/2007 9:04:49 PM)

I'm thinking I don't find Josh Mayer attractive...he's not ugly, just not someone I see as very attractive, I don't think I agree with Jessica Simpson's taste in males, but it's all good, as long as she's happy.

I love Hellogoodbye (the band) they are so fun and cheery.

Did I jump the gun? I do so well for a bit and then people bring in ideas..........and they pile on top of each other.......and no further explaination, I don't understand, so I react on fear and it makes things worse. It makes me come across Looney when I'm really fun and have mellowed quite a bit. I still say random things to see facial reactions but it is for people that don't know me. Those who know me, I just chill with.

I'm thinking Lulu--you are such a wonderful example! You are so positive and fun and intelligent and RAD! Thank you!

There are so many great people in this world!

I feel sick--food should be banned [&:] guess that wouldn't work.

Bubba -> RE: Thinking? (15/6/2007 9:59:43 PM)

Why the hell did I buy a moPod, it's annoying the feck out of me.
Is my phone broke cause it's very quiet tonight.
Where the hell is my credit card.
Where the hell is my hair clip.
If I stretch as much as possible can I reach the remote for my digi box with my feet.

Funkyrae -> RE: Thinking? (15/6/2007 10:04:13 PM)

Can I stretch out a little longer online before I give in to my pounding head, take some seriously strong painkillers and knock myself out for the night?

curtain twitcher -> RE: Thinking? (15/6/2007 10:05:33 PM)

Al Pacino looks like he's in the middle of some obscene sexual act.

Mikey C -> RE: Thinking? (15/6/2007 11:22:26 PM)

I'm going to a wedding tomorrow, so I'm thinking how cool it will be to see some old friends and see another friend get married.

Kazuya -> RE: What are you thinking......... (15/6/2007 11:26:32 PM)

Why is my dog chewing on my shoes again..
How the fuck can I be out of cigarettes, I just bought a pack this morning..
I wonder what the weather's like in Malibu right now..

TheManWithNoShame -> RE: Thinking? (15/6/2007 11:29:57 PM)


ORIGINAL: curtain twitcher

Al Pacino looks like he's in the middle of some obscene sexual act.

I am thinking that I demand reparations for stealing my post and passing it off as your own[:D]

curtain twitcher -> RE: Thinking? (15/6/2007 11:40:42 PM)

Me? Plagiarism? [sm=whistle.gif]

I'll make a really good film list just for you, how about that?[:D]

Bubba -> RE: Thinking? (15/6/2007 11:49:08 PM)

Can I really be arsed to go to the hassle of adding my gig photos to my Myspace?

TheManWithNoShame -> RE: Thinking? (15/6/2007 11:56:51 PM)


ORIGINAL: curtain twitcher

Me? Plagiarism? [sm=whistle.gif]

I'll make a really good film list just for you, how about that?[:D] better be good. One sniff of Heat though, and Ill have your sorry ass.[;)]

troublemakerashleigh -> RE: Thinking? (16/6/2007 10:56:31 AM)

My new Lexus Hybrid is fab![:D]

sanchia -> RE: Thinking? (16/6/2007 11:19:42 AM)

I really need to find a way to break the ice with the woman at the gym who looks so good when flushed and sweaty that doesn't come across as being sleazy [sm=33.gif]

troublemakerashleigh -> RE: Thinking? (16/6/2007 11:26:30 AM)

Try saying hi and not staring at her boobs![:D]

curtain twitcher -> RE: Thinking? (16/6/2007 11:42:39 AM)


ORIGINAL: TheManWithNoShame


ORIGINAL: curtain twitcher

Me? Plagiarism? [sm=whistle.gif]

I'll make a really good film list just for you, how about that?[:D] better be good. One sniff of Heat though, and Ill have your sorry ass.[;)]

Will you now? Yeah, right. It will be good, but all would depend on your personal taste, don't worry plenty of golden oldies and some Akira Kurowsawa.

Bubba -> RE: Thinking? (16/6/2007 5:23:55 PM)

I'm wondering how I let Izz talk me in into joining Facebook.
Would life become easier if I became a lesbian?
I also keep thinking about going out to pick up some beer for later but then change my mind cause getting drunk on my own while on MSN seems to be becoming a habbit and that can't be good.

Hex -> RE: Thinking? (16/6/2007 5:54:45 PM)

Worrying about my avg antivirus tool

curtain twitcher -> RE: Thinking? (16/6/2007 6:11:49 PM)

I know this is off topic but does anyone know why i cannot make a blog on this site, y'know on your profiles?

danbo1138 -> RE: Thinking? (16/6/2007 6:12:47 PM)

that im a sad drunk tit...........also im 33 still single........happy days

curtain twitcher -> RE: Thinking? (16/6/2007 6:14:01 PM)

Happy days indeed.

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