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Empire Admin -> Exclusive: Weitz Brothers Making Elric (29/5/2007 4:16:41 PM)

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CameronJames -> (29/5/2007 4:16:41 PM)

Big sweaty dudes with thick necks and swords, I dunno sounds a bit ginger beer to me

MCRfan -> Where's the justice?! (29/5/2007 6:27:18 PM)

Lord of the Rings was the first great fantasy adventure book made into a movie and it was brilliant! The Chronicals of Narnia has had a good start, and by all accounts, so has the His Dark Materials trilogy! So, will someone please tell me why two of the greatest writers today haven't had their masterpieces transferred to the big screen?? I am of course reffering to Raymond E. Feist and Robert Jordan. The Riftwar Sagas and The Wheel of Time series are ripe for big screen exploration and its about time these author's visions were realised!!

topgunmaverick -> someone slap new line (29/5/2007 8:31:21 PM)

HEY NEW LINE; SHUT THE FUCK UP, this series of books were good but are being majorly overhyped, they are in NO WAY as good as the lord of the rings and lack imagination or originality, this is one series of over-hyped films from over-hyped books, new line is just trying to make alot of money by trying to build up its credentails to that of lord of the rings, pretty cheap shot if you ask me. which you don't. ah i don't care.

elimonator -> by elimonator (29/5/2007 10:00:00 PM)

I think we should give it a chance.

alimac -> (29/5/2007 11:14:56 PM)

new line are dicks if it wasn't for them trying to screw jackson out of money the hobbit would have been half done by now but typical studios always thinking about the dollar now we have got sam riami rumoured to making it i like sam but don't think he near the calibre of jackson

davidpanik -> Yawn! (30/5/2007 9:28:39 AM)

Another day - another fantasy novel franchise goes into pre-production.

simonlitton -> RE: (30/5/2007 2:00:59 PM)


ORIGINAL: CameronJames

Big sweaty dudes with thick necks and swords, I dunno sounds a bit ginger beer to me

If you read the article you'd know that Elric is "A physically weak, perpetually sickly albino". Not exactly Conan.
On the other hand, I agree that there are too many of these things going into pre-production, even if this one is more of a sword 'n' sorcery thing than a kids' fantasy.

ouija board -> READ THE BOOKS BEFORE BEING SO CRITICAL! (2/6/2007 12:14:24 PM)

The Elric stories where fantastic and should transfer well to the big screen, if sticking with the books in having more of an adult theme than Lord of the Rings and if they can pull of the Rodney Matthews style, these could be something special, can,t wait to see Stormbringer screaming into action. (More to the books than hack n slash)

anakin solo -> It could work ? (4/6/2007 10:43:13 AM)

It is a break out of the mold, like you guys have been saying he's not convential fantasy hero and might show a more darker side to the hero who's always portrayed as someone with a pure heart a trusty sword or axe and his willing to lay his life on the line for a cause. And it will be difficult to make but won't it make more interesting to see. I also agree with MCRFan that they should make films of robert jorden's wheel of time series because it would make one hell of a film series that would knock lord of the rings out of the park.

jmc1967 -> (8/7/2007 4:22:19 PM)

a big fan of moorcock , let hope they can do it justice , i think hawkmoon would have been a better choice

Moonglum -> Great News (9/7/2007 9:10:16 PM)

I have been waiting, with the arrival of digital graphics, for Elric to hit the big screen for too long!!! Lots of interesting characters, swordfights, magic, dragons, and scenery should make for a spectacular movie(s).

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