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curtain twitcher -> RE: RE: (25/5/2007 8:40:06 PM)


ORIGINAL: Dragar 11(New Birth)



I expected this film to suck anyway, can't wait to hear Mark Kermodes podcast review of this, he really hates this series of films and expresses it eloquently and bloody hilariously!

I have heard this today and it's brilliant[:D]

I love Kermode, can't wait to hear this!

rosielee -> RE: RE: (25/5/2007 9:13:35 PM)

I didnt hear kermode today but he was rubbishing this film before he had seen it. From a so-called critic i think thats pretty disgusting. Having heard his previous rants i think he is in love with his own voice too much. For the record saw AWE today and loved it.

moviemaniac2 -> (25/5/2007 11:30:50 PM)

At World’s End delivered a rousing enough voyage. But as plot development crashes against story twist against twist, the picture loses all sense. The knowledge that the rules might change and another mortal loophole be untied leaves little substance to cling onto. If someone dies, well – hey – you suspect they could be brought back . Jack is more darkly lunatic than usual, but his fate is never really in doubt, while the scenes of Depp playing against other versions of himself lack the wit and panache you would expect . Bloomand Knightly are totally wooden. The rest are overshadowed by the cheeky monkey, with the exception of Chow Yun-Fat, . So: too much talk;; final action sequence extraordinary in its FX and production design; incredible technical achievement all round; wish we cared more what happened to everyone. The end. That didn’t really work,

Ace Rothstein -> Dissapointing (25/5/2007 11:41:36 PM)

This wasn't even as good as dead man's chest. Sure, the climax was astonishing but no sensationally spectacular last hour can redeem a creaky and plodding first two. The film is never quite dull but its convolutions leave you detached and distant from the characters you like. The multiple Jack sequence is two bewildering to be funny and the consistent humour is lost in the incoherent mix. It is entertaining but the moments of excitement are few and far between. This is more like dead mans chest then the first- ultimately what you get when you film them back to back. No wonder this (if there is to be no sequels) trilogy most resembles the matrix trilogy. Superb first film, Loud, noisy and nonsensical but fun second and a very creaky and imploding third film.

theoriginalcynic -> RE: Dissapointing (25/5/2007 11:47:19 PM)

Better then part two, not as good as one, a fitting finale to a good trilogy.  It's too complicated (and i watched one and two before seeing it!) and theer's too many people betraying other people but it's really entertaining.  It's really funny, although there's such a thing as too many Jacks (the funniest bit involves the pirate with no eye and Elizabeth naked under a dress) and it's got a superb ending.  The film is simply too long though but saying that there is an extra bit after the end credits that has to be seen... 3/5 It's still Depp's show!

genejoke -> RE: Dissapointing (26/5/2007 2:21:31 AM)

complicated? how is it complicated it is a really simple film.  a mite overlong but the first blockbuster this year that hasnt been a let down. that and you get to see orlando bloom die. yay. sort of, sig.

Driver 8 -> RE: Dissapointing (26/5/2007 3:29:45 AM)

Ok, forgive me, I wasn't trolling, but that's the second instance of "moviemaniac" passing off a total film review as a post which i presume is meant to represent their opinion. what gives?

The Lensman -> RE: Dissapointing (26/5/2007 4:05:35 AM)

Visually stunning, Gore has pulled a cracker in the cinematography with Pirates 3, but being so damn complicated undoes it, and you (i) felt that im just watchin, observing from a distance and not involved. shame

lbiu -> RE: Dissapointing (26/5/2007 7:47:09 AM)


ORIGINAL: genejoke

complicated? how is it complicated it is a really simple film.  a mite overlong but the first blockbuster this year that hasnt been a let down. that and you get to see orlando bloom die. yay. sort of, sig.

I agree...its simple. Its just lacks any narrative structure...its gets sloppy and messy during the middle hour and only redeems itself in the last 40 minutes, its a pretty movie....but nothing more.

Gimli The Dwarf -> Infuriatingly fantastic fun (26/5/2007 8:15:35 AM)


As was the case in the last two instalments, the best thing about the film was Johnny Depp. He's a created a wonderful character with Jack Sparrow, with his roundabout way of speaking, comedic gait and daffy expression, it's a joy to watch him. What's more, in the scene when we first Sparrow in Davy Jones' Locker it's as mad as hell and all the better for it. Multiple Jack Sparrows all working on the Black Pearl, it's hilarious. There's another particular scene, when Sparrow is choosing who should sail with him, thats a joy.

Almost as good was Geoffrey Rush, you could tell he was having a ball. The most "Piratey” of all the Pirates in these films, it's great fun watching him, and the scenes he shares with Depp are great. Together, with the help of some telescopes they create two fine laughs, and he's wonderful during that last fight, all wide-eyed and manic laughter.

In fact, pretty much all the cast are good, even if their roles are small of the actors are underused. Jonathon Pryce and Jack Davenport (sympathic), Naomie Harris (wonderful), Tom Hollander (creepy), Kevin McNally (a joy) and it's nice to see the return of smaller characters, such as Marty and Cotton

As with the first two films, the effects are fantastic. Davy Jones looks even better, he's still the best use of CGI I've seen.

Some superb set pieces. The rock crabs scene in the desert, that leads to a wonderful shot of Sparrow aboard the Black Pearl (lovingly reminiscent of his arrival in The Curse Of The Black Pearl, the entire "Up is Down" sequence and, of course, that final battle, as the crew of the Black Pearl and The Flying Dutchman engage in combat while sailing in a maelstrom, one of the most excitingly thrilling big budget set pieces of the last two decade. The aftermath, the destruction of The Interceptor and Beckett's death, is beautifully shot.

The score is marvellous. It keeps plenty of the old themes, and there are some truly memorable, haunting new ones. During the "Hoist the Colours” sequence following Elizabeth Swann's speech, I was almost welling up; the music really, really did evoke feelings. There's one particular motif, just a few simple notes that is really beautiful, and captures the kind of sacrifices we are seeing on screen, Also, we hear many different variations of the song played in the opening, and they all suitable capture the mood and tone of the scenes they play over.  For the first time since LOTR, I walked straight out of the cinema and off to buy the soundtrack.

Much like Tortuga managed to capture the world in which these people lived in the first 2 film, you could almost smell what you were seeing, the new locations do the same here, notably Shipwreck Cove and Singapore. Very evocative.

The meeting of the brethren, it was long and exposition heavy, but handled quite well I think, and gave Liz, Barbossa and Jack all moments to shine, with a few comical asides from other pirates. 

It might be silly and childish, but I'm glad that both the monkey and the parrot returned, and made it through unharmed[:)] 

It isn't all good though.

Tia Dalma. Oh dear, what did they do? She has only a small role it Dead Man's Chest, but she played quiet an important part and it was easy to like her. In this, her character's importance is increased, yet she's given less to do and she's ruined at the same time. We all knew she would be Davy Jones' lost love, but having her as the goddess Calypso trapped in a human body? Too much, and that whole releasing of her was the worst seen in the film, tacky in fact (great music though). She might have gone back to the see, but did she actually help or hinder anyone in the end? I had really, really hoped that after that storm, we would see her as a human again, finish off the story that they decided to give her.

I've read some praise for the final twist regarding Will bit I don't like it. By having him become captain of the Flying Dutchman, it places too much emphasise on his character, one who I've always thought of as the least interesting. It also gives the film a bittersweet aftertaste, in that he and Elizabeth can only be together once every ten years. It should have been Bootstrap Bill that killed Davy Jones, thereby he becomes Captain, Will has semi-kept his promise as his father is now free, and he and Elizabeth live happily ever after.

Why kill off Norrington and Governor Swann?  Two pointless deaths. Swann is slightly forgivable as it gives Elizabeth that extra motive, but Norrington. Worst, not one person mentions him once he's dead, and he's killed by Bootstrap, a character later made out to be a hero, and his death serves no purpose. It was a huge waste. Norrington should have escaped with Elizabeth and joined her and if he were to die, make his dearth have some meaning later in the film.

Sao Feng. A good character but utterly wasted. From out of the blue he's killed, and all so he can pass on his charm to Liz, and therefore lead her to become Pirate Queen, Again, as with Will, too much emphasise is being placed on her role. They've both changed so much from the first film, it's hard to remember what made them likeable to begin with

Keith Richards was bit wasted. He was the set-up for one good joke from Sparrow, but other than that, forgettable.

At times it felt like a "Pirates Greatest Hits”, with the choicest imagery and lines from the first two films relived. In some cases this worked wonderfully well, in others, it failed, such an in the last scene between Gibbs and Sparrow. (That's another thing, Gibbs should have sailed off with Sparrow at the end)

Perhaps it's just me, but I was really hoping for a proper battle, with Sparrow, Barbossa, Will, Elizabeth and Feng all teaming up against Jones and Beckett, a little bit like that poster implies. This would have been a better way to bring about Feng's death, and be a nice-set-up for that last battle.

That last bit after the credits. Please no, don't introduce a kid. It also highlights the bitter aftertaste of the film. We know Will can't set foot on land but once every 10 years, but does he spends all that time ferrying souls? Is this really the first time he's seen Liz and his son in a decade? That's the impression, and it's just something I'm not happy about, not because I'm a soppy romantic who wants them together (in honesty, I was never really bothered whether they did mask it as a couple) but it's added an extra layer, supposedly of sacrifice and yearning, yet it doesn't ring true. Like I said earlier, Bootstrap would have been the ideal replacement for Davy Jones

The Curse Of The Black Pearl was just good fun, with Dead Man's Chest, the story became noticeably darker. With At World's End, it's darker still. It's also become much more epic and grandiose, deeper themes which works quite well in terms of story and action, but less so with characters. By giving as many characters as they can big story's (chiefly Will, Liz and Tia Dalma), and going for the emotional moments that didn't pay off, the film sometimes falls flat at the times it should soar.

I know here's a few negative here, and I also know that these are mainly based on how I feel, not the actual film itself. Going down that road, there are major flaws also. It's easily 40 minutes too long, far, far too complicated - I'm still not sure about the significance of the song was, whether all the double crossing was actually intended from the start (one line of Will's seems to suggest it was all planned), what Sao Feng's plan was, the whole significance of the coins,  and whether or not Tia Dalma did actually want to be released from her human body (She must have been in human form for Jones's to fall in love with her, then she was betrayed by him and trapped in human form. She said she wanted to be released so why did she seem so reluctant - The entire timeline involving the past of these two is also confusing). The acting from Bloom and Knightly could be better (to be honest though, they have both improved), and quite often the whole thing is greatly contrived

As so often happens with me in films I truly like but with moments I dislike, I've already started concocting my own version of events, and that can't be good.

And yet, for all it's faults, for all I really do hate what they've done to some characters, I can't bring myself to not love the film.  It has so much going for it and up until Norrington's death it was the best of the three. The characters of Sparrow, Barbossa, Jones and Gibbs are always a joy to watch, there's some truly funny humour thrilling action and there is a heart to it all as well. I was entertained for damn near all of it's running time, ecstatic for a great deal of it, just happy to be back in the company of these characters in this world. It's possible that I love it simply because of it's splendid CGI and action, but I think hats a bit like liking Frankenstein simply because of the make-up. There is a great film to be seen here, and I'm well aware that the faults Vie found are less to do with the film, but how the film affected me, as is almost always the case when I review films. But there's just too much here to love, to enjoy, to want to watch over and over again, for me to give it less than full marks, and I actually think I'll grow to love it even more with time. I certainly don't expect others to agree with me. It's majorly flawed, but hugely, gloriously, wonderfully, thrillingly, superbly, stupidly, ridiculously entertaining at the same time – 5/5

adamdavidsmith -> RE: Infuriatingly fantastic fun (26/5/2007 10:02:28 AM)

don't forget to tell everybody - SPOILERS.

Sorry my mistake, great review there, perhaps you should do a top 50, 100

Gimli The Dwarf -> RE: Infuriatingly fantastic fun (26/5/2007 10:13:17 AM)

Sorry, I thought I had!

i007_Bond_007i -> RE: Infuriatingly fantastic fun (26/5/2007 10:16:13 AM)

That's an epic review Gimli! I'll have a look once I've seen the film [:)].

DaveNewman18 -> RE: Infuriatingly fantastic fun (26/5/2007 10:18:28 AM)

Hoping to catch this tonight, I bet the cinema will be jam-packed, its got to be having a great weekend considering the amount of hype, expectatio and anticipation surrounding this film.

a_mite_whimsical -> RE: Infuriatingly fantastic fun (26/5/2007 11:53:58 AM)

I have to agree with you on this one Gimli .... whilst I was thinking all the way through the epic running time of AWE that surely, as a film fan I would have to find this concoction of nonsense offensive in the extreme. I can see the points all the naysayers are making about character arcs, caricature of Sparrow, wooden acting, unbelievable etc etc etc, but at the same time, I absolutely adore Pirates of the Caribbean, simply because it is so damn entertaining!!
Having been twelve when the first film came out I went to see it a grand total of eight times in the cinema (.........yes, I know) and the obsession continues. For some reason, this trilogy has been immune to my criticism. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, if you were one of the many who DID enjoy Dead Man's Chest, and are looking forward to a new satisfying chunk of Pirates, then you will absolutely love this.

theoriginalcynic -> RE: Dissapointing (26/5/2007 12:18:10 PM)


ORIGINAL: genejoke

complicated? how is it complicated it is a really simple film.  a mite overlong but the first blockbuster this year that hasnt been a let down. that and you get to see orlando bloom die. yay. sort of, sig.

What's the plot?

welcometofightclub -> RE: RE: (26/5/2007 2:09:23 PM)

i saw this last night, in fact the first cinema we went to had no empty seat till 9.45..and we were there at 6!!! i only actually saw the 2nd film a few weeks ago, basically never got round to seeing it and heard bad things about it. the last hour went somewhere but the rest was pretty naff. so i wasnt overly excited but i did kinda WANT and EXPECT to be really entertained and like this film..however......
me and my girl friend tobe honest were left in horror, apart from a storyline that was so far past complicated that just became incomprehensable, you couldnt actually tell what people were saying! i migh thave atleast party understood if the speach was clear! the first film was good because it was full of fun and excitment, but im sorry this was pretty poor, okthe final fight was pretty good but the rest was just uncomprhensable mumbling. was it me or was there a point trying to be put accross, it was more like a drama or sumthing than a nice popcorn summer film. im left saddened by this, technically film was great al the visuals done real well, and depp was good tho not mazing.but how could he be in this rable! going to see spidy in couple of days.itd better do alot better than this!!

olihiggy -> very good (26/5/2007 3:24:40 PM)

i thought it was a rather good romp. yes the twists and turns were this way and that but it was great fun, not as funny as the first but still very good. has anyone seen after the credits....

SoftStuff -> A mixed bag (26/5/2007 4:21:14 PM)

The empire review is spot on as far as I am concerned. It sums up everything that I thought about the film. Overall, it was a real mixed bag... Some great bits, some funny bits, some moving bits, but some downright silly bits too. I thought the bit that really let the film down, was the whole multiple Jack thing (especially good Jack/bad Jack). When will producers learn that it is just not possible to pull this off in a visually convincing way?

lbiu -> RE: A mixed bag (26/5/2007 5:35:22 PM)

what really pissed me off was the complete underuse of Calypso and the pirate lords. We are all hyped for this epic battle with magic, a sea goddess and hundreds of ships and somehow all we get is some whirlpool and tons of crabs [>:]

willchadwick -> (26/5/2007 6:42:55 PM)

Empire you have underrated this! The film is fantastic it beats the second but not the first. It is visually stunning, the acting is on top form, the writing is brilliant. It is just a little bit too long in places.

Gimli The Dwarf -> RE: A mixed bag (26/5/2007 10:07:44 PM)



what really pissed me off was the complete underuse of Calypso and the pirate lords. We are all hyped for this epic battle with magic, a sea goddess and hundreds of ships and somehow all we get is some whirlpool and tons of crabs [>:]

I did think it strange that once The Flying Dutchman and The Black Pearl had finished battling and the seas became calm again, all the other ships were just sitting there.

Gimli The Dwarf -> RE: (26/5/2007 10:09:09 PM)



what really pissed me off was the complete underuse of Calypso and the pirate lords. We are all hyped for this epic battle with magic, a sea goddess and hundreds of ships and somehow all we get is some whirlpool and tons of crabs [>:]

I did think it strange that once The Flying Dutchman and The Black Pearl had finished battling and the seas became calm again, all the other ships were just sitting there.

Indio -> RE: (26/5/2007 10:09:23 PM)

I thought it was OK, nothing amazing but certainly not worthy of some of the abuse piled on it. Yes it was too long, and it got too convoluted half way through, but it was pretty entertaining, one of my main problems was the acting of Orland Bloom and Keira Knightley, while they're not as bad a pair of actors as they're often made out to be, they're not that great either so Knightleys big 'rousing' speech, and their 'emotional' shared moments near the end fell flat I thought. Seeing the last few scenes, which were obviously leaving the way open for a fourth film, I was thinking it might be time to call it a day and leave it at the three films.

So while it might not be the best film of the summer, it is a contender for 'best film with a scene of a monkey flying out of a cannon'. [8D]

icwiener222 -> god soldid entertainment (26/5/2007 11:37:15 PM)

Went into this film, not expecting to enjoy the film, but thought it was an very entertaining addition to the series. It took me 2 viewings of the 2nd film to enjoy and understand the over streched plot, but at World's End was entertaining on 1st viewing. Captain Jack just gets better and better, although Chow Yung Fat's character was greatly underused. The banter between Jack and Barbossa was the hightlight of the movie, but I found Will to be very annoying, Elizabeth has clearly gone for the wrong man!!!

I do recommend that the next film has fewer plots and less main charcters, even though they did manage to bump off 4 characters in this movie!!!! Roll on the next film because you know there will be one

Aranathor -> (27/5/2007 12:53:10 AM)

This film was visually incredible and awesome, but... was anyone else annoyed by Keira Knightley's speaches? if i was a pirate there i would have shot her just to stop her irratating grinding voice.

Also, there wasn't enough of the Monkey, who is, after all, obviously, secretly the most important characther ever, which will be reveiled (in the near definite 4th installment) about as subtley as Tia Dalma's true identity

beebs_ -> Not a good look (27/5/2007 1:32:38 AM)

Pirates 3 was soooooo bad.

Little bits and bobs were good, but it was such a mish mash of random, confusing shit.

Keira and Orlando were just so bad.

Smudge -> What a mess (27/5/2007 9:16:06 AM)

Over-long, over-plotted, not enough fun.
Curse of the Black Pearl worked well because it was simple, funny and didn't take itself too seriously. Dead Man's Chest faltered by being too concerned about setting up this installment.
At World's End take's itself too seriously (only the Davy Jones Locker section is fun), worries about complicated plotting and exposition in the second reel, and the climax takes too long. I liked the secret about the wooden eye, Barbossa's return was a bonus, the visuals a treat, and the crew of Jack's was a great idea (not the goo/bad Jacks). BUT, what was the point of the pirate lords, the Calypso thing was a sideshow, what were the rest doing whilst the Pearl and the Flying Dutchman were in battle??
Frustratingly poor, for all the effort (and money) that has clearly gone into it. Bet it takes a mint at the box-office though.

sanchia -> RE: What a mess (27/5/2007 10:35:03 AM)


thearchitect -> RE: Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End (27/5/2007 1:17:09 PM)

the first film was good and then they took it too far by making sequels. they are making sequels on the idea that everybody in the world loves jack sparrow, well i don't. what made the first film so good was that they flashed out all the characters making them interesting, in the second the only interesting character was davy jones and he wasn't really given a back story that was explained in great detail.

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