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UrbanAngel -> LOTR vs ED: The Hobbit! (30/9/2005 1:07:59 PM)

Ok I've decided to bring this rubbish back, whether you like it or not. I even have the original post at home so I'll put that up too, it even includes first reply from Clownie [sm=tongueout.gif]

So, yeah, I think the argument died so I won't bother starting that bit off again, but LOTR still rules yeah!

And here's the original post


crayon -> RE: EVIL DEAD! 75% more Chins than any other film! (1/1/2006 5:26:44 AM)

Hello!  Happy New Year!  My new years resolution is to watch Evil Dead and then decide properly which is better.  It's so late and I'm so drunk...and yet my spelling is better than UAs!  (I've read this about 20 times to check [:D])

Indio -> The Producers! (1/1/2006 5:33:13 AM)

Hello, and happy new year to all you folks. Would it be out of line of me to suggest changing this thread to LOTR vs Evil Dead vs The Producers?


Mozza -> RE: The Producers! (1/1/2006 1:15:02 PM)

It's safe to say that UA was up to George Best standards last night!

Me, I was only at 5 out of 10, due to the shitness of the new year's party.

AgentGoth -> RE: The Producers! (1/1/2006 1:25:24 PM)

I wasn't actually that bad. I downed two big bottles of WKD Blue, and considering I'm supposed to be a lightweight, I could still walk unaided.[:D] I did feel a little fuzzy though.[:D]

I didn't get to sleep until 6 this morning though. I'm so tired. And I have to work tonight.[sm=31.gif]

What's the bettings that UA has a killer hangover this morning?[:D]

Mozza -> RE: The Producers! (1/1/2006 1:36:46 PM)

I think she will.

Y'know what cures a hangover gothy? Why, Army of Darkness, of course!

AgentGoth -> RE: The Producers! (1/1/2006 1:39:01 PM)

Yay for Army of Darkness!

My monitor keeps flashing on and off... so I'm having to type in the dark here. Very strange.[&:] Think the devil is trying to take over my pooter.[&:]

Mozza -> RE: The Producers! (1/1/2006 1:42:01 PM)

Time to make a big choice:

Should I buy the complete Doctor Who box set for 44.99 from play?

UrbanAngel -> RE: The Producers! (1/1/2006 1:45:22 PM)

I dont have a hangover now, I slept it off lol. I didnt know it was possible for someone to have so much sleep in one night.

I want to see the producers!

Why does this thread say feck on the front?[&:]

Starscream -> RE: The Producers! (1/1/2006 1:55:50 PM)


ORIGINAL: UrbanAngel

I dont have a hangover now, I slept it off lol. I didnt know it was possible for someone to have so much sleep in one night.

I want to see the producers!

Why does this thread say feck on the front?[&:]

Cause you were pissed last night and altered it [:D]

UrbanAngel -> RE: The Producers! (1/1/2006 2:41:49 PM)

Great, I turn into Father Jack when I drink too much

Mozza -> RE: The Producers! (1/1/2006 2:44:02 PM)

Oh dear...

UrbanAngel -> RE: The Producers! (1/1/2006 2:56:10 PM)

Well I'm pretty sure I don't look like him [:-]

Mozza -> Father Ted (1/1/2006 3:12:22 PM)

I dug out my old vids of Father Ted now:

"A very special bomb.  Y'see, when the milk float gets over 4 miles an hour, the bomb will be armed.  BUT, when it goes back under four, then...BOOOOOOOOOM."

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you there, what will ahppen when it goes under 4 miles an hour?"

God bless Speed 3.

UrbanAngel -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 3:15:22 PM)

ha, my favourite is the xmas special wear they get lost in the women's underwear section

Phil_the_korpse -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 3:25:27 PM)


oh and happy new year!

UrbanAngel -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 3:51:56 PM)


That is all

Starscream -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 4:41:33 PM)


UrbanAngel -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 5:06:13 PM)


DrAlanGrant -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 7:14:36 PM)

Evenning all. Take it everyone is feeling dodgy, not me i slept it off after passing out on my friends floor. Anyho whilst drunk last night it occured to me that over this so called christmas period the Mighty Ducks has not been shown on tv leading me to believe that christmas has in fact not happened yet. Added to this Mousehunt hasn't been shown either, conclusive proof methinks.

UrbanAngel -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 7:15:50 PM)

Mousehunt was on!! I saw it on UKGold

GhostWriter -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 7:20:27 PM)

Was it? I love that movie! Damn would've watched that, i'm going on a double date tommorrow not sure whats gonna happen, hate double dates!

UrbanAngel -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 7:23:05 PM)

Sneak off when the other couple aren't looking

DrAlanGrant -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 7:29:16 PM)


ORIGINAL: UrbanAngel

Mousehunt was on!! I saw it on UKGold

Like i said ukgold doesnt count. At least Cool Runnings was on and Tonight Withnail adn I is on so its not all bad.

GhostWriter -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 7:31:46 PM)

I was thinking we leave the other couple at some point, we'll be in central london so could come up with some kinda excuse. God i'm hungry, been smelling my mums roast lamb for 2 hours, when is it gonna be ready?!

UrbanAngel -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 7:48:19 PM)

Give it another 30 minutes and it might be.

Whats withnail and I about?

GhostWriter -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 7:55:21 PM)

Just finished me dinner, god it was good.. worth the wait [:D] nothing like having a roast with a cold beer and Shaun Of The Dead

UrbanAngel -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 7:57:31 PM)

Aaaah Shaun of the Dead, I have that on DVD, its a great film. I have a poster of the DVD cover too [:)]

GhostWriter -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 8:00:04 PM)

well i saw simon pegg in the flesh so there [sm=mad45.gif] mind you that was at the star wars premiere so i guess that means i'm a geek [sm=augen14.gif]

DrAlanGrant -> RE: Father Ted (1/1/2006 8:01:54 PM)

Bought Shaun of the Dead the other day in a little box set thingy with Land of The Dead which is class. Also got Mean Streets and The Naked Gun, think im gonna go back monday and get my grubby mits on the Jurassic Park trilogy 4 disc box set as it looks cool.

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