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There appears to be great deal of confusion at the moment regarding the type of threads that are started in Movie Musings. Here are some guidelines for the content that should be placed in this part of the forum.

News Threads
The primary area of confusion is that of news related threads. New trailers, photos, casting confirmation, interviews etc relating to specific films belong in the corresponding thread for that film within Future Films.  More generalised news should be posted in the Movie News forum.

Comparative Versus Threads
Versus threads. No more please. They'll be locked as relative merits of any particular film can be discussed within the reviews for one or the other.

A Review By Any Other Name
Is still a review. There are some common thread titles that attempt to disguise what are essentially review threads, these include the accursed 'yay or nay' and the utterly banal 'any good?'. You are, after all, discussing the relative merits of any particular film. That's a fair definition of a review.

Is it on TV in five minutes? Marvellous. Good job we've got a what's on TV thread for such alerts. If you want to discuss a particular film in depth it goes in - you've guessed it - the review thread for that particular film.

Homework Threads
Want some help with your school/college/university work? Offer your own thoughts first or it's a straight lock. Especially if you're new to the forum. We generally don't take kindly to threads of this nature but may allow it if it's a genuinely good topic with your own thoughts.

Actors & Auteurs
Anything referring specifically to an actor or director should go in A&A. Questioning whether or not John Carpenter will ever make a good film again (he will, have hope) for example should go in the John Carpenter thread in A&A.

Lists/best and worst threads should be fairly obvious. They belong in Lists and Top 10s. Please make an effort to see if one already exists. Anyone who starts one on Bond for the next six months gets banned.

Movie Musings should contain a general topic for discussion that, quite simply, doesn't fit anywhere else. We realise that there are a number of threads that cover several areas and there is going to be some repetition in the short term, but hopefully this will help with the structure of the forum. If you want any further clarification, please PM a mod or raise a moderator's ticket.

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