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Empire Admin -> The Marine (11/1/2007 6:07:23 PM)

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boscoduffy -> (11/1/2007 6:07:23 PM)

you have got to be kidding

Indio -> The Marine (11/1/2007 6:14:14 PM)

I saw the trailer for this on the DVD of Idiocracy earlier and it looks terrible, aimed at the sort of people that populate America in the future in Idiocracy [&:]

Carlito Brigante -> RE: The Marine (14/1/2007 9:49:54 AM)

Cena sucks...

EVILSPEAK -> RE: The Marine (14/1/2007 10:02:28 AM)

If you take it for what it is (brainless nonsense) it's actually quite painless to watch. And it does have a good Teminator 2 in-joke also!

acurrie -> not fit for DVD (6/4/2007 4:44:58 AM)

this is so bad that it should go straight too channel 5 or even 5US. Is this a recruitment film for the yanks.

manny88 -> Massive racism (26/2/2008 7:34:21 PM)

I've never seen a film thats so unashamedly racist. I know the WWE corporation is racist anyways due it's many ridiculous sterotypes but I thought it wouldn't transgress into there films. However i was mistaken, terrible flick with terrible morales. John Cena should know better!

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