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Empire Admin -> Grease (11/11/2005 3:32:25 PM)

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Night Hawk -> (14/11/2006 11:00:10 PM)

FortWilliamLoyal -> (13/7/2007 12:28:03 PM)

It never grows old. Amazing.

shawshank prisoner -> (4/7/2008 4:02:57 PM)

in contention for the most over-rated film of all time

bradzilllla -> are u sure????? (1/8/2008 1:30:15 PM)

how on earth could u give grease 5 star everytime i see him in his movies i am scared he is going to dance and he does (i think we all remember a certain on with uma thurman) but watching a whole movie of him buliding a fucking car and dancing and singing its just unbearible and just when its about to end they hav to annoy us just 1 more time by the fucking car that they fucking made is fucking flying. fuck u john and fuck u all the other misable cast that no 1 gives a flying fuck about

deppfanatic -> Grease (Tell me more, Tell me more) (21/9/2009 9:31:42 PM)

A pure feel good classic which we get the whole family singing and dancing. Hearing Travolta sing high pitch to the song "SUMMER LOVING" great moment and im pretty sure we all had a crush on one of those characters in the film. A film which will never get old no matter how many times it gets passed down to generation to generation.

LUCASLITTLEWOOD -> Grease: Summer Lovin' (11/7/2010 10:07:19 PM)

This has to be the best musical ever, up there with the greats such as Footloose, Dirty Dancing and The Sound Of Music. Grease brings a normal high school in to song and dance with brilliant results. This amazing film has some of the most memorable quotes and songs from any films and the cast aren't that bad either, overall an amazing film, fun for everyone.

TheGodfather -> (19/6/2011 4:31:43 PM)

Watched it again on tv on friday:

Watched it for the 100.000th time but I still love it. Every time again I can enjoy it immensely, even though I know it from front to back.


stp123192 -> I'm sorry but 5 stars (10/2/2012 5:58:46 PM)

I have to leave the room everytime this comes on TV! I hate it . Mamma mia is far better and funnier

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