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Cat5 -> Future Films (10/11/2005 1:19:34 PM)

As you can see, this topic has been moved from the Special Forums so that you can now post about upcoming movies as well as comment about stories added by the Empire Admin team. Before you start a post, it's best to check that there isn't already something out there about the film you want to talk about. If there is, then please add to that thread, as trying to sort out several threads on I Still Know What You Might Have Done Three Weeks Ago On Wednesday could get a bit tedious. [:D]

Mozza -> RE: Future Films (16/11/2005 3:50:45 PM)

Also, no spitting.  It's just rude.

matthewforan -> RE: Future Films (2/12/2005 10:48:03 AM)

Shirts and Shoes must be worn at all times.

tenthplanet -> RE: Future Films (10/12/2005 3:33:29 PM)

havea look at www.matchstalkman.com

AndyT -> RE: Future Films (6/1/2006 8:25:45 PM)

Raise your hand before you speak.

eD yzarC -> RE: Future Films (22/2/2006 10:28:52 PM)

Interesting in who people actually think Grace is playing in Spider-Man 3. Well, I'm not going to come on here and act like I don't know anything or anyone, but I do. I'll be honest with you guys, Grace is not Venom, but Venom is set up for SP4 in this movie. Topher Grace is playing Electro. Yes, Electro, not Venom. I like the character of Venom really well, he's a brute with no brains but his strength out matches Spidey's smarts. But back to topic, Grace is playing the blonde, ambitious billionaire Maxwell Dillion in Spider-Man 3. If you want a good idea of how the character is being portrayed, watch the Fantastic Four. He is a dark and moody character like Von Doom. Dillion is in poor health because of a rare blood disease so he has to take these antigens which come into play later. harry Osborne hires Marko Flint as a so called hired hand. I was told how Electro transforms. The Sandman comes into the movie already with his "Special Ability" and it is said how he got them through a flashback scene, thanks to OsCorp. Dillion is turned when The Sandman is fighting with Spidey near a super conductor transformer type thing, thats the best way I can describe it from the info i was told, and Dillion is knocked into it, causing a large explosion. The electricity reacts with his antigens and gives him the powers you see in the comics, including the ability to throw electric type Boomerangs, glide on a type of cloud of electricity, and to just use the blasts of electricity also. After this, Electro as he is referred to now, or Sparky by Spider-Man, which he actually uses in the movie a few times, blames both The Sandman and Spider-Man for what has happen to him. Even though he no longer needs his anitgens, he must now feed on sources of electricity to survive. Electro is introduced in what seems like the first half hour of the movie and spends the rest of the movie trying to kill both Sandman and Spidey. Meanwhile during the movie, Jameson's son returns to space with two passengers and a stow away boards his ship. yes its a small red-gel like substance that attaches itself to anything with molecules, remember that. Harry Osborne plays a smaller role in this movie, but maybe the most important. Picking up where his father failed with his military formula, he revises the formula...........into something more. The gel-substance attaches itself to Jameson and he then kills the other two members of his shuttle squad, he doesnt transform into anything, his mind is just being controlled by the well I might as well say it, alien. There is two, maybe three spectacular-mind blowing scenes in this movie. There is one battle that starts at the bottom of the streets, climbs to the roofs of skyscrapers, then travels back down to the streets in Time Square!!!! Another moment is when the shuttle is going to crash into the heart of New York, and you'd be surprised who actually steps up and tries to help stop the city from being destroyed!!! The third scene is for all of you non-believers out there, the climax of the movie which i will not give away on here, has a small scene showing our idioit of the day, Harry, yet again helping create a nemesis for Spidey, when he gives Jameson's son his newly revised military formula, which reacts with the alien controlling Jameson's mind. He almost instantly dies, and yes he does die!!! The climax of the movie actually happens inside, outside, and on top of the church where Jameson's services are being held. The funeral services for Jameson are being held inside while a battle erupts outside between The Sandman who has come to hunt down Parker, who he knows is Spidey because he was hired by Harry to kill Peter aka Spider-man, and Electro who followed Sandman to the church. When Peter and Mary Jane walk up to the casket containing Jameson, the battle between The Sandman and Electro bursts through the front of the church, creating a major distracting which is just the right moment for the now called alien symbiote to travel from Jameson to Peter!!!! Peter dodges people to the back of the now cleared out church but before he can even rip his shirt off, what I'am told is an amazing transformation using computer imagaing of course, that starts with a single black strand, almost like a hair that comes out of his arm, which Peter doesn't find too pleasing because he begins to scream, as the first strand wraps itself around his arm, and more and more black strands come out and do the exact same thing until his entire body is covered in an awsome black suit!!!! The suit also gives him a slightly bigger size, which I'm told you can notice he is bigger with the black suit, but not body builer freakish huge lol Then the final battle takes place with the new Spider-Man against both Electro and The Sandman......I can not say how this battle ends, but you will be slightly surprised, lets just say it dont end like the last two movies........then the closing of the movie. You see peter Parker sitting on top of a skyscraper, talking about his newly aquired "Greater" power, then Peter dives off of the building and his suit takes shape again as we see him swinging along like the last two ending, only faster, farther leaps and swings, you can truly see a newer, stronger Spidey. A small hint to look for when the movie comes out, at the end when peter is swinging past the building in his new black suit, as he come in close to the camera, you can see something in his white eyes on his suit, which I'm told will look like a outline of SP4's villian, yelp, you know who, trust me on this one people i know what im saying here and this is what SP3 will be like. Looking Forward? ive alredy got a 10 min video of Haden church as the Sandman in a scene with him making his first leap to the criminal world robbing a bank,until a certain wall crawler stops him that is[;)]that scene i dont have on my drive (because no scenes with spidey have been filmed yet,but there will be come May[:D])

psalm666 -> RE: Future Films (28/2/2006 11:04:25 AM)

Thanx bro i don't need to watch Spiderman3 now...[:(]

sabre -> RE: Future Films (7/3/2006 10:39:34 AM)

dont u think aeon flux was a bit pointless?
also pirates 2 wont be as good as one but never mind.

sabre -> RE: Future Films (7/3/2006 8:36:50 PM)

i didnt spell that right did i.

theram05 -> RE: Future Films (13/3/2006 2:12:37 PM)

That sounds pretty impressive to me, I so wantedto stop reading in case you were right, but couldnt stop myself!

doctorolorinbats1975 -> RE: Future Films (18/3/2006 11:08:17 AM)

I do feel Moderators payed more attention to this forum. Too many users posting random news.

jor el180 -> RE: Future Films (19/3/2006 4:03:57 PM)

Spider-man 3 sounds really amazin, i was wonderin how they were gonna pull it off with lets say, not so impressive villains. is Dr. Ock returning? is goblin returning?- i must ask - eD yzarC how the hell do u no all this neway??

and absolutely is spelled like this...absolutely

TheOneAndOnly -> RE: Future Films (25/3/2006 10:39:06 PM)

I belive that X3 is the one film this year that will rule over them all

councilskivvy -> RE: Future Films (25/3/2006 10:58:34 PM)

maybe Pirates 2 could do very well, "why's the rum gone"

TheOneAndOnly -> RE: Future Films (25/3/2006 11:00:27 PM)

i did mean so far pirates 2 should be funny but as the best film who knows we will just have to wait and see

obsesive_film_fan -> RE: Future Films (30/3/2006 9:22:36 PM)

X3 looks good but I haven't seen the others, Pirates looks like it should be great, a cast that good should be able to avoid the curse of the sequel. Has anyone heard of a film called "State of Play"? I was a BBC series a few years back, I think it should be out next year but I can't find any news on it.

councilskivvy -> RE: Future Films (30/3/2006 9:46:53 PM)

You need to check the first two out really there's a sort of running story, X2 is amazing

TheOneAndOnly -> RE: Future Films (30/3/2006 9:52:53 PM)

just because you like wolverine, i think that X3 will be the best out of the trilogy

councilskivvy -> RE: Future Films (30/3/2006 11:21:43 PM)

No i like the films

TheOneAndOnly -> RE: Future Films (7/4/2006 8:01:32 PM)

yeah i know me to

Anne Hedley -> RE: Future Films (8/4/2006 9:49:01 PM)

Hi picked this up today regarding  The Prestige book together with a picture of the cover and information about the film due out in October plus other tidbits


Coming Soon #3: "The Prestige"

Coming Soon But Not Soon Enough
#3 The Prestige

(Disney Touchstone. Arriving in October)

I grew up in a fantasy/sci-fi loving environment. Played Dungeons & Dragons ...the whole deal. My childhood home suffered from geekaholicism. [or was blessed by...depending on your p.o.v.] Though I have largely left that world behind the cockles of my heart are still warmed by things magical, fantastical, or of similar ilk (excluding Harry Potter to which I am determinedly immune). The Prestige is a movie about rival magicians in turn of the century London. So, I'm there.

I love wizard battles. Gandalf Vs. Saruman , Queen Bavmorda Vs. Raziel , Madam Mim Vs. Merlin --give me more on a loop. I don't even care if the movie is cheesy or the f/x are lacking. Not that we need to worry about that in this case...

The production team who will be adapting this award-winning novel from Christopher Priest is led by director Christopher Nolan and DP Wally Pfister (both of Memento and Batman Begins fame). Headlining as the magicians are Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. The supporting lineup includes Michael Caine, Andy Serkis, and most enticingly David Bowie as the fascinating Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla and the ubiquitous Scarlett Johansson as...well, a love interest I'm guessing. Whew. That's a lot of prestige talent lined up for The Prestige itself.

Ah but who am I kidding. I've been breathlessly excited for this movie all because Joe Reid said "Batman Vs. Wolverine" back in October.

Reason enough.

tags: Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, magic, movies, Scarlet Johansson, David Bowie, The Prestige

previous "coming soons"
#4 A Prairie Home Companion, #5 Dreamgirls, #6 The Fountain, #7 Running With Scissors, #8 Volver, #9 Inland Empire, #10 Little Children, #11 Margaret, and #12 Bug

Anne Hedley -> Scoop (27/5/2006 12:31:54 AM)

Thought you may like these new pictures of Scoop



I don't know of anymore yet  -  enjoy

zeppelin -> RE: Scoop (3/6/2006 7:54:45 PM)

Interesting, I can't seem to see any of Hugh Jackman's claws in those pictures [:D]

Anne Hedley -> RE: Scoop (3/6/2006 11:39:02 PM)


ORIGINAL: zeppelin

Interesting, I can't seem to see any of Hugh Jackman's claws in those pictures [:D]

Sorry Zeppelin I tried several times and they would just not work   -  perhaps Photobucket is messing me up it does from time to time.    I did try a few times andgave up 

rsh1978 -> RE: Scoop (11/6/2006 8:37:15 AM)

In reply to the guy who says Topher Grace isnt Venom. If this is true then why is he listed as playing Eddie Brock who as we all know is Venom????????

Anne Hedley -> RE: Scoop (11/6/2006 10:42:10 PM)


ORIGINAL: rsh1978

In reply to the guy who says Topher Grace isnt Venom. If this is true then why is he listed as playing Eddie Brock who as we all know is Venom????????

Hey I am sorry about that I must have got my wires crossed [:-] -  I was thinking of someone else at the time [and that now he escapes me  -  poor old soul [:D]

geesus -> RE: Scoop (13/6/2006 12:51:11 PM)

I was one of the only people I know that was wishing that Venom wasn't going to be in Spidey 3 but I think it is pretty obvious Grace is playing Brock from the pictures of him in the street taking photos.

QTorScorsese -> RE: Future Films (24/8/2006 1:52:06 PM)

Just to say the referenes to anchorman, the west wing and pulp fiction all great choices classic entertainment

Anne Hedley -> RE: Scoop (24/8/2006 10:31:36 PM)


ORIGINAL: geesus

I was one of the only people I know that was wishing that Venom wasn't going to be in Spidey 3 but I think it is pretty obvious Grace is playing Brock from the pictures of him in the street taking photos.

Thanks for coming to my rescue there I got my wires crossed up earlier. Unfortunately I have not watched a Spiderman film for ages I seem to have gone of the fact that our hero risking life, limb and web has 'no face' and therefore no expression  - just me I guess

Riggs -> RE: Future Films (7/9/2006 9:46:39 PM)

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Pheonix was a great read but the film I expect will be better than the Chamber Of Secrets for it's scare element and the phsycological thriller aspect aswell.

Picture Harry in his detention class writing as his hand bleeds and writing in his own blood.

Horrible but a good adventure for mental thought.

The scene in the Ministry Of Magic ought to be exceptional especially with the battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort. 

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