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Empire Admin -> The Good Girl (11/12/2006 11:37:33 AM)

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Wilbert -> RE: (1/2/2007 5:20:59 PM)


ORIGINAL: mrdoom14

The Good Girl is quit a good little film wich has plenty to offer and Aniston was a good girl for taking on a seriuse role and doing an excellent job at it.

I see what you've done here. You should have entered Thunderdome.

Daniel Kelly -> RE: RE: (1/2/2007 5:25:51 PM)

Good Girl is one of those enchanting and unexpected little indie gems that come along, and put a real mark in cinema. You really have to give Kudos to Aniston for not only leaving "Rachel" but going the complete opposite direction. She presents a bitter and far from glorified character that really should have been a bigger feature in the 2002 and 2003 awards campaigns. Equally good is Gyllenhall pulling away from his career creater Donnie Darko and whilst those two characters are more similar than you might expect, he has to play it differently because the films are so different in style and presentation. The Good Girl isn't epic in any sense of the word, but it reamins a wonderfully bittersweet slice of indie cinema with very few detractors.

Sugar Kowalczyk -> RE: RE: (5/2/2007 12:31:10 AM)

*Spoilers will occur*

The Good Girl is possibly one of my favourite indie films. Jennifer Anistons is sublime as Justine who is a bored woman whose everyday life consists of standing around a dead supermarket and going home to a pot head for a husband and his best friend. 
It isn't until Justine meets Holden (named after Catcher on the Yye) that she begins contemplating leaving her usual everyday life and her husband... however it goes distrously wrong when Holden begins to go crazy. Cue some great comedy - Jake is superb in his role of Holden showing that he is more that a pretty face especially when he finds out that Justine has slept with her husbands best friend. In fact this a brilliant dark comedy there are moments where you feel guilty for laughing like when Justine gives Holden the blackberries.
An honorable mention has to go to  Zooey for her brilliant one liners, she says it in such a dry way and so ineffectively that you can't help but burst into laughter... one in particular is when she mentions about 'Ladies you should unblock your pipes' !
It is the ending which I love but I do think that some people don't seem to understand Justine's character I have had many people say that she should be mourning and more upset for Holden but I think that we can gather this from the ending... albeit she isn't bawling her eyes out her it is so subtly done that I feel it such a beautiful ending.

It is 5/5 for me and it is such a great film to watch great acting, direction and script

england_cmr -> RE: The Good Girl (22/1/2013 3:03:20 AM)

The Good Girl is such a brilliant film. Amazing performances from everyone, particularly Aniston. She is just so heartbreaking in this role. So subtle and good. I just wish she would do more films like this. I personally find her to be a fantastic actress, and she is so much more capable than the rubbish comedies she insists on doing. She could be so much more and this film is a hint of what she could be if she was more brave in her choices. The film is hilarious and yet deeply sad aswell. Would urge everyone to watch this!

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