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Unmade Stanley Kubrick
The greatest films Stanley Kubrick never made

An A-list porno flick, a bar-brawlin' Western, a Holocaust epic and, of course, a film with a boy robot that could� the films Stanley Kubrick didn't make are a wonderful and, in one case, plain weird footnote to a long and illustrious career. Kubrick was arguably the most meticulous filmmaker ever to pick up a viewfinder, and the 12 features he did make are augmented by enough research to fill a 1000 boxes (stored at London's LCC). We'll never see them on the screen, but these are the stories behind the unmade Kubricks...


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Unmade Stanley Kubrick | One-Eyed Jacks Unmade Stanley Kubrick
One-Eyed Jacks

This hoary environmental Western paired Kubrick (up-and-coming director) with Marlon Brando (fully-fledged superstar) in what should have been a match made in Hollywood heaven but, well, wasn't. In fact, to say that it was disaster would be an understatement. In 1960 Brando's clout with the studio was such that two of the cast - France Nuyen and Karl Malden - were picked without Kubrick's knowledge, in Malden's case with a whopping salary. That wasn't the only problem. "Marlon, I don't know what this picture's about," director told star during their confab at Brando's house. "I'll tell you what it's about," retorted Brando. "It's about the $300,000 that I've already paid Karl Malden." Disagreements festered until Brando schemed to have Kubrick fired and directed himself. The result was a mess Kubrick was happy to walk away from, not least because it freed him to take over when Anthony Mann was fired from Spartacus.

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Your Comments
1 I wish he was still alive.
Posted on Monday August 3, 2009, 17:22 by MartyW
Stanley kubrick is one of my all time favourite british movie directors, him and christopher nolan. It seemed Kubrick went through a hell of a lot trying to get these films made but unfortunately not working out in the end. As every kubrick fan will know, he pretty much nailed every type of film genre there is and i still wonder what A.I would of been like if he directed it and not spielberg. Read More

2 Perfume is brilliant.
Posted on Saturday August 1, 2009, 23:01 by simon2006
And it should be widely accepted as so. Read More

3 God I miss having new Kubrick movies to discover
Posted on Saturday August 1, 2009, 10:59 by Wrathschild
The Stanley Kubrick Archives is a fascinating read and worth the price tag folks. Now then, what to watch today... Barry Lyndon or Eyes Wide Shut? decisions... Read More

Posted on Friday July 31, 2009, 19:05 by sidownes
Never mind this list, I'm looking forward to the upcoming Michael Bay helmed remake of 2001. The original is far too boring for da kids, innit? Read More

5 Fantastic
Posted on Friday July 31, 2009, 14:22 by liam.hobbs
Stanley Kubrick is my favourite director ever, closely contested however. His films are exceptional and it was a shame he never got to make AI; that really would have been the best film for him to leave his legacy. These other projects he had planned sound interesting, and again is a shame he never got to make them; the studios should have had more faith and let him finish the projects he started. Hopefully a director one day, who understands films and has the knowledge and passion for the sometimes complex plots Kubrick created, will emerge and tackle the unfinished films and scripts and bring them to life. Read More

6 Oops
Posted on Friday July 31, 2009, 13:42 by Manfrendshensindshen
I'm sorry to be the first anal anorak in line, but Kubrick's brother-in-law's name is Jan HarlAn. And Perfume's director has been known as Tom Tykwer to the rest of the world. But apart from those niggles I'll give this feature a thumbs up. There are a number of other screenplays and books the Great Bearded One optioned or commissioned over the decades, but those are indeed the ones that came closest to fruition. I actually had the honour of reading one of the drafts of Napoleon and can report that it's an interesting, but hardly revolutionary biopic in terms of writing style and narrative. I guess the full scope of the whole enterprise can only be imagined with those tradmark Kubrick visuals missing... Read More

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