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How Do You Solve A Problem Like
Justice League?
The difficulties facing DC's super-team on their road to the screen

WE'VE BEEN HERE BEFORE. In February 2007, Warner Bros. announced that they had commissioned a Justice League Of America script from writing team Kieran and Michele Mulroney, and soon a George Miller hot off Happy Feet had joined as director. By that October, however, there were reports that the script still wasn't 100 per cent, and the strike by the Writers Guild punted the film to the following year – where that incarnation died. Outside the WB accounting department, not too many tears were shed. The fanboys had been disturbed by reports of a young Justice League, underwhelmed by the casting rumours ("Armie Hammer? What sort of a name is that?" went the refrain. It was a while ago.) and everyone was unsure how the movie would fit in next to the then-current Dark Knight series by Christopher Nolan.

Fast-forward to 2012, and it's a whole new ball-game. Marvel's Avengers smashed the box-office with $1.5bn worldwide – incidentally outgrossing Nolan's Bat-finale, The Dark Knight Rises, along the way – while Warners, for the first time this millennium, found itself without a dependable, established mega-franchise. Harry Potter and Nolan's trilogy had finished and The Hobbit remained, at that point, unproven. One suspects that Warners cast envious eyes at Marvel's run of success, before turning again to its DC imprint to see if its own super-team could provide a similar result. Justice League was reborn as a project in June, with Gangster Squad's Will Beale hired to work on the script, and faces another long trek to the screen. It's happening, without a multi-picture lead in, whether you want one or not. So will it succeed?

Well, maybe. A few of the obstacles of 2008 may, on recent reports, have been overcome. Latino Review posted a video this weekend claiming that both Christopher Nolan and Man Of Steel director Zack Snyder are involved in the new Justice League along with – and this is key – their respective leading men. The word on Man Of Steel is great so far, and if the movie does indeed go ahead with Bale's Batman and Cavill's Superman we could find ourselves headed into very different territory to the route that Miller tried to map in 2007.

One suspects that Warners cast envious eyes at Marvel's run of success, before turning again to its DC imprint to see if its own super-team could provide a similar result.
Assuming Latino Review's Mayimbe is right, and Nolan and Snyder do support the project with their stars along for the ride, we will at least have a cohesive DC universe. While it wouldn't have the long-building sweep of Kevin Feige's masterplan over at Marvel, at least it wouldn't clash with other incarnations. And the prospect of a Bale Batman (or perhaps some sort of Gordon-Levitt pretender if Bale says no?) meeting a Cavill Superman is a meaty prospect, offering lots of scope to bring something new to the superhero genre. If Marvel can find a tone that unites Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, Warners and Nolan should be able to get their Superman and Batman on the same screen. After all, Nolan oversaw both and if, as Latino Review reports, Nolan extends his oversight role to Justice League it should be possible to make it all cohere.

IN NOLAN WE TRUST, but even the Great White Fanboy Hope has his work cut out this time. After all, Justice League (the "of America" has been quietly dropped) faces an even bigger problem than did Marvel's Avengers: how the heck do you bring this lot together?

It's something that DC itself has struggled with over the years. Since Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and arguably the Flash are essentially godlike, what possible threat could require their combined talents? Several of the Superman films have struggled to find a villain that could test Supes alone; what could possibly test him AND Wonder Woman AND the rest? And among all these invulnerable, super-fast, super-strong, super-smart beings, what use is the Batman? It's the eternal conundrum of the DC Universe, the biggest distinction from its Marvel counterpart. These guys are just too strong; undergods rather than Marvel's underdogs. It's telling that the most popular DC character, by some distance these days, is the dude with no powers at all and a vengeance complex. Perhaps Man Of Steel can change that, but we'd be surprised.

In the comics and cartoons, we've been suspending disbelief on these points for years, but the comics and cartoons have also had decades to establish big bad villains for each hero, who can also team up and develop doomsday scenarios as necessary. You can build to a Crisis On Infinite Earths in the books; you can create a Flashpoint – but it's hard to pull together that sort of build-up in the next two years. The Justice League movie, if it comes in 2015, has no such luxury – and also has to introduce Wonder Woman and the rest of the new JLA members.

The Avengers, The Dark Knight and Man Of Steel

Clockwise from left: The Avengers, seen here wrecking the box office; Nolan and Bale's Batman; Snyder and Cavill's Man Of Steel.

"But Avengers managed it!" we hear you cry. "They gave Thor and Hawkeye something to do!". True, but here were their advantages: Joss Whedon's film only had to establish a small handful of characters from scratch – Hawkeye (pretty much), Maria Hill, the new Hulk (arguably), the Chitauri – having done the heavy lifting on Iron Man, Thor, Loki, Captain America, Black Widow and Nick Fury in previous films. Marvel's godlike being, Thor, comes with all the limitations of the out-of-towner, finding himself baffled by humanity and needing a hand. He wasn't raised on Earth, he's a johnny-come-lately, and as such parallels (maybe) Wonder Woman or Martian Manhunter but not Supes, not Green Lantern, not Flash. Of the other "big guns", Hulk has a teensy anger-management issue and Iron Man has some authority problems. The Avengers were sufficiently screwed up to need one another. And even they had to get ensemble-juggler-par-excellence Joss Whedon to put it all together and make it work.

The Justice League? Not so screwed up. While there are shades to Superman's heroism, they are not deep, dark shades – although we look forward to seeing how much grit Man Of Steel manages to add. Batman has more going on, which is why he has to be at the heart of the League, but he's dwarfed by the abilities of his colleagues. Oh yes, those colleagues. There's the challenge of resurrecting Green Lantern – or just bringing back Reynolds and pretending the film didn't fail (see, arguably, The Incredible Hulk and Avengers). His cockiness could contrast nicely with Superman's idealism (assuming Nolan and Snyder's Man Of Steel is still a burnished sort of do-gooder), but he's no Tony Stark.

Then they have to make Wonder Woman work; something the comics have struggled with over the years, leaving her eternally a great character in search of a great story. They have to make Flash more than a grown-up Dash Incredible. And who else to use? Aquaman's too limited, and probably tainted by the Entourage spoof. Martian Manhunter? How do you fit that guy in Nolan's universe? Green Arrow? The ongoing TV series might discourage his recruitment. You could add a Black Canary to the roster, maybe, but too many of the rest of the line-up are either tonally wrong (Captain Marvel? In a Chris Nolan world?) or too similarly powered to other heroes already onscreen (Elongated Man, anyone?)

Do something no one has done: have these characters exclusively tackling real-world problems. No super-powered baddies.
These problems aren't insoluble, and we're by no means ruling out a kick-ass Justice League movie – particularly if Nolan and co. come aboard but even if they do not. It's just that there are reasons why few of DC's line-up have made it to the screen, and this has to succeed despite those reasons. It's expensive to put these characters' extreme powers onscreen, it's difficult to find a crisis sufficiently enormous to require them, and it's harder to scale the film so that you have appropriately strong and intimate character moments and appropriately huge scale to test your hero's godlike skills. Superman Returns couldn't strike the balance, nor could Green Lantern (nor, in fairness, could Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer or Incredible Hulk).

THERE ARE POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS. Certainly don't bother giving everyone an origin story – Hawkeye and Black Widow don't suffer particularly from being under-explained, not all the X-Men needed their own movie-length intro and the obsession with superhero origins is a bit played out in any case. If people like Wonder Woman, or Flash, or whoever prove popular in this movie, you can go back and explain where they came from later. We'll take it on trust that Batman can ferret out any superpowered beings out there and Superman can recruit them to the cause and leave it at that. And why would those two be working together, recruiting a team? Well, the end of The Dark Knight Rises left us with a Batman starting a new phase of life, and it seems probable that Superman will take a few knocks in Man Of Steel, which might leave both of them looking for new friends to share the burden. Should something threaten the world while they're hanging out, knocking back a few brews, what could be more natural than putting a team together?

And as for the villain, the Avengers offered one solution: go for numerous identikit baddies. Or do something no one has done: have these characters tackle real-world problems exclusively. No super-powered baddies, just godlike people in capes trying to do something positive; not just catching a plunging woman but effecting real change. The big second-act downer is that they don't manage to fix global warming overnight; the third-act triumph is when they save hundreds of thousands of people from a tsunami or an earthquake. And then get back to the lab to discover that Bruce has used his tinkering productively for once, and come up with a formula for cold fusion instead of a new Bat shark-repellent, so there's hope for the global warming thing after all. Forget Superman IV: The Quest For Peace and think more Rising Stars; surely that would be relatable worldwide and provide sufficient wish-fulfilment. Who doesn't want to set Batman on Kony? Who wouldn't like Superman to fly over Tahrir Square any time that violence threatens? (Well, maybe the Egyptian military)

Let's be clear: we're excited at the prospect of seeing DC's heroes together onscreen. It could be a big, beautiful thing – very different in tone and character from Avengers or X-Men but at least as enjoyable. But there are structural problems to be overcome first, problems even bigger than Marvel's "How do you link Iron Man and Thor?" dilemma, and the sheer fire power of DC's line-up means that those structural problems are proportionately bigger. While any involvement by Nolan, Bale, Snyder and Cavill would be an encouraging sign that the studio is taking this very seriously and bringing its A-game to the table, even that won't see us out of the woods. Colour us optimistic, but still waiting to be sold on it.


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1 2015 way too soon!
Posted on Thursday March 14, 2013, 17:31 by neil896
first of all, I think if green lantern wasn't a massive flop it would have been a slightly easier task to help the justice league move forward. I think Reynolds and Mark Strong were great choices for main characters...but script and CGI suit just was a king size no no. Avengers worked so well because the movies leading into were so good, the main issue everyone had was "how will the hulk play out in this?" which was smashed! Warner would have to lead in with along with man of steel at least a wonder woman and green lantern film or flash. Dumping them all in at once would be a monumental risk even for Nolan but i dont think he would do that... i think they will take eveyone by surpris on the angle but it will depend on how man of steel does...and in my eyes,they need to do a superman film with a decent Lex Luthor, not a joker with side kick but a Lex portrayed in the Justice League cartoons. Everyone thought.. "Catwoman in the new batman film....nah!" but Nolan smasRead More

2 How...?
Posted on Wednesday March 13, 2013, 08:30 by Mr Gittes
Very good feature, but I'm still not convinced that they can pull this off. I know, people said the same about Avengers but, as Empire pointed out, that movie had a lot going for it comparatively and yet it was still a miracle that it worked so well. So if this is a bigger challenge, which - I think we can all agree - is the case, how in the hell are they going to pull off an even bigger movie miracle? I'm not a cynic, I just don't see it happening. Read More

3 RE: Depends on filmmaker
Posted on Wednesday March 13, 2013, 04:07 by joshsym
I dont know if i agree with you on that,superman returns was essentially a disaster movie and thats why so many people hated it as they never got to see superman in action, it was basically a disaster movie. I would not want that for a Jl movie while there could be scenes of them helping save lives and prevent natural disasters getting worse i would want it to be action packed with them fighting against other super villians. To me marvel is overrated when you consider all 6 of there phase one movies and 3d have made only a couple hundred million more than the last 6 dc movies (im adding returns and green lanter) and to me dc arent even trying yet. A justice league movie with batman and superman would gross more than avengers, as long as it has action and a great story. Read More

4 RE: Depends on filmmaker
Posted on Tuesday March 12, 2013, 09:15 by y2cave
I agree - once a director and/or producer is properly attached to this, then we'll have an idea of how this will pan out. Right now, it still sounds like execs spitballing to the media to try and generate a buzz prematurely. The last thing DC want to do is try and copy Marvel's business model. Marvel have done a great job flooding the market with efficient, crowd-pleasing actioners of their big name brands. It helps that throughout the process, they've had one voice guiding traffic (first Avi Arad, now Kevin Feige), making sure the whole run has consistency. He's also managed to ensure that each film had a team that was ideal for the tone they wanted. For me, unless Bruce Timm gets directly involved with a JL film, I'll be less interested. I think he's the guy they need at the wheel, even just in a co-producer capacity, to make sure JL is done justice on the big screen. Let's be honest - nobody wants to see a JL full of also-rans and 'young stars.' We want the classics done Read More

5 Depends on filmmaker
Posted on Sunday March 10, 2013, 19:01 by joshsym
The filmmaker is what makes the character awesome, look at batman and robin and the dark knight trilogy. Look at superman returns and I can already tell that this new version is going to be miles better. its down to filmmaker to tell a story in a good way. FYI joss whedon has honestly done f8ck all to deserve his rep. Nolan' track record both commercially and critically is right up there. Whedon only really has avengers in terms of movies and yet people are cutting him so much slack. Come on people lets get perspective. Read More

6 Red Kryptonite
Posted on Saturday March 9, 2013, 15:29 by christofurr
I think if I was to tackle this project I'd consider making Superman the bad guy - something could happen to him at the end of The Man Of Steel or the beginning of Justice League (maybe an exposure to Red Kryptonite - wasn't that the colour that made him evil?) and he could go on a rampage - what better reason to gather a team of Earth's strongest than to try and stop the strongest of them all? The film could end with Supes being restored to his normal self, and attempting to revert some of the disaster he's created to redeem himself, but in the end he decides to leave Earth for it's own safety... unfortunately his Kryptonian Kalamities have not gone unnoticed, and just as it's strongest defender leaves, a new threat heads to Earth... the sequel could be the JL going to find Supes before it's too late (who could be camping out on Mars for example...). I'd have Bats in an Agent Coulsen-style recruiting mission, discussing each characters brief origins and powers in a fact-file kind of Read More

7 No Bale ... no Justice League
Posted on Saturday March 9, 2013, 00:28 by MarkMcW
Great idea about having superman save batman at the the end of TDKR. Put it into the end credits scene of Man of steel but have it so its before Superman has his suit and revealed himself to the world in the Nolan universe. As though its Superman testing himself as a hero for first time, because in the trailer we see him as an adult working on a boat not wanting to reveal his identity. So after witnessing the events in Gotham unfold he realises he cant sit back anymore and must intervene and then thats when he saves batman. Otherwise if he had been revealed why wouldn't he have flown in to help batman when bane took over gotham. Or when the Joker was causing Chaos. Read More

8 Bale
Posted on Friday March 8, 2013, 17:26 by Swaine
Sorry but the success of a Justice League movie (which I would love to see) depends entirely on Christian Bales involvement, and it wouldn't hurt to have the wise cracking Ryan Reynolds back as Hal Jordan. The chemisty between these two actors portraying those characters would be excellent. Having Nolan onboard is encouraging, but with the bugdet they would need to make this film happen I can't see it being a true success, not without the actor who has made the role so much his own, Bale as Batman. And I hope these rumours of Joseph Gordon Levit playing Batman aren't true, bring him in as Robin sure, but Batman is Bruce Wayne as far as Justice League is concerned. What I want to know is when is a Batman vs Predator film going to be released?. Read More

9 RE: The Reach storyline for JL movie
Posted on Friday March 8, 2013, 12:40 by rogerebert
Problem with a lot of this stuff is that it has to draw in people who have never read the comics if it's going to make any money. I love Batman and Superman films but I've hardly read any of the comics. And there's no way I'd part with hard earned cash to see most of the story-lines/characters suggested. Read More

10 The Reach storyline for JL movie
Posted on Thursday March 7, 2013, 19:58 by ewilds
A great storyline for Justice League movie should adapt the Young Justice storyline. Maybe spread over two or three films. Have the story start off in Gotham where Ra's al Ghul making a deal with the Reach who hide their true intensions to help take down Gotham. Batman fights off this new threat and realize he is overmatched greatly. The Reach supply futuristic weapons to fight with. Batman could be played by Joseph Gordan-Levitt/Blake who get captured by the Reach. The true intensions of the Reach surfaces. Bruce Wayne sees to plot unfolds on tv, he searches for the new Batman and couldn't find him. Which beacons him to put on the cape and cowl once again. As Bruce searches and engages the Reach. He is then joined by, let's say Green Lantern, who knew about the plans of the reach through the Green Lantern Corp. The Reach can probably get Mogul and other super villians by mind control to help take the earth. A story like this will surely be interesting to watch. The story can't be likeRead More

11 Try a little retro with JSA/JLA crossover
Posted on Thursday March 7, 2013, 14:38 by Reverend
The DC movie present is too muddy for JLA to work alone. (What the Heck...every annimated JLA feature is already based on a slightly different story line.) So why not follow the Golden Age Justice Society into the Modern Age as a set up for another "team" movie. Just set the JSA up in a Crisis Universe situation and go from there. Let 1 or 2 survive and be a part of the current age JLA roster. Heck, Smallville already showed that there were superheroes before Superman...and that they can cross over. Read More

12 This can work
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 22:49 by Paulieman
A kick-ass Justice League movie is fully possible, specially if they get Nolan, Bale, Snyder and Cavill. I guess they can bring Ryan Reynolds back but it will be hard, since its planned that he will do a Deadpool movie for Marvel. Can't come up with any good suggestion for The Flash and Wonder Woman but they have to have them included in the movie, it doesn't have to be known actors. I really hope they will get a Justice League movie going and that they won't think too much/be nervous about Avengers 2 Read More

13 We know the past - tell the future
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 19:04 by bdmrmapf
Here's an idea... no origin stories! Don't we all know them by now? Creative scripting could recap what they've all been up to prior to events bringing them together. You need a big baddie.. bad enough to bring them together... do it! It's fantasy already, embrace it... we have. You have.. and you over there, you have! All the comments about how to bring in an alien, a god, blah blah blah... you've already embraced that kind of world! You've been reading the comics so long, so deeply, that you have an opinion on how to make a green matrian relatable to Earth. Thats embracing the whole idea! No origins! They've been here... born here, traveled here, evolved here, whatever! Make them look good... do your comic book history... and jump right in! Read More

14 IMO
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 16:38 by Goddamnitsaveme
I'd love to see Justice League in the cinema but there are definitely a lot of ways it could suck. Here's a few of my suggestions: 1. Carry on from where TDKR left off and use Robin instead of Batman and set JL at least a few years after those events to allow him some training time. 2. Give Superman more weaknesses. I know he's got kryptonite but he needs to be taken down a notch. The man can literally turn back time by flying around the earth at light speed... I don't know the plot for Man of Steel but it'd be cool if something bad happened that would literally bring him down to our level a bit. 3. Use John Stewart or another incarnation instead of Hal Jordan. It might ease the transition from the last movie (that we're all going to forget about) 4. Make Flash a teenager. I always saw Flash as a kid anyway because of his wit but it annoys me that all these one-of-a-kind heroes are all in the same age range. 5. Scrap Aqualad. Seriously. Nobody likes him. 6. Use Hawkgirl insteadRead More

15 RE: Here's a start....
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 14:53 by Artoo
I really like the idea of Superman being the one who saves Batman at the end of TDKR, I can totally see that working if they put that scene into Man of Steel at the end - nicely tying the two together. I did read on Latino Reviw a while back that The Justice League was only going to consist of the big 5 - i.e, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern and that the villain was going to be Darkseid. That sounds about right to me because a movie about the JLA stopping tsunami's, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, water leaks and blown fuses sounds really fucking boring if I'm honest and will send that movie straight down the pan! Darkseid is more powerful than Superman by a long way so it would take the entire JLA to go toe to toe with him - it's the only way to go IMO. The main issue is that the Justice League is due out in 2015 which is far too soon. it should be aimed for 2016 at the very least If we're to have all 5 characters in the movie as we need a stand alonRead More

16 RE:
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 14:27 by betsy101
AWorlds Finest movie first is a very good idea which could lead quite well to a Justice League movie Read More

17 Here's a start....
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 14:17 by Holbydude
..The problem with suggesting Superman saving Batman is that it will travel the world wide web very quickly and won't happen...Sorry guys and gals. But lets go with it for a while....Imagine this...when Supes rips off the cockpit roof, does Batman say: a) Who the hell are you? b) Knew you would come; or c) What took you so long? i think I've really shot myself in the foot now... Read More

18 RE: Here's a start...
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 13:47 by Normal Control
L: DanTDavies how about rather than an external villain, an internal conflict? The best batman comic is the Dark Knight Returns which ends with Batman and Superman duking it out. The build up and backstory were both credible and interesting, and if one thing would require all of wonderwoman et al it would be taking on a deluded superman :) PS can we have Angelina Jolie as Wonder Woman? Thanks :D Have to set something straight for you here lad. Miller's The Dark Knight Returns is the worst, dumbest, ugliest piece of fiction I've ever read, and I've been unfortunate enough to read a John Grisham novel. It's amazing Miller also wrote Daredevil: Born Again just a couple of years prior, which I reckon is the greatest comic book ever. Go figure. But yeah, you know Batman vs Superman would attact a few $$, after all it's the same audience that laps up Aliens vs Predator and robots fighting each other.   Edit - we have the feeling it isn't the first time yoRead More

19 RE: Here's a start...
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 12:52 by DanTDavies
how about rather than an external villain, an internal conflict? The best batman comic is the Dark Knight Returns which ends with Batman and Superman duking it out. The build up and backstory were both credible and interesting, and if one thing would require all of wonderwoman et al it would be taking on a deluded superman :)   PS can we have Angelina Jolie as Wonder Woman? Thanks :D Read More

20 RE: Here's a start...
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 12:10 by paulioscorchio
L: Helen OHara L: Holbydude Have Superman save Batman's life at the end of 'Dark Knight Rises'. How did Bruce Wayne survive the bomb / plane crash.....? End of credits sequence to 'Man Of Steel'? h I like that! That'd be a clever ret-con (sort of a ret-con anyway). That is a superb idea. Bravo. Read More

21 RE: Here's a start...
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 10:37 by Helen OHara
L: Holbydude Have Superman save Batman's life at the end of 'Dark Knight Rises'. How did Bruce Wayne survive the bomb / plane crash.....? End of credits sequence to 'Man Of Steel'? h I like that! That'd be a clever ret-con (sort of a ret-con anyway). Read More

22 Here's a start...
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 10:12 by Holbydude
Have Superman save Batman's life at the end of 'Dark Knight Rises'. How did Bruce Wayne survive the bomb / plane crash.....? End of credits sequence to 'Man Of Steel'? Read More

23 Just make it
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 10:03 by crimebusterofthesea
Too much dilly-dallying. A Superman-Batman movie would be a fine starting point and then expand from there. Why does it have to go the same route as Marvel? And why worry about developing awkward characters in the first movie? A Superman-Batman would make a bajillion dollars and you can kick on from there. Read More

Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 09:38 by jmebaby25
If they want it to have any chance of working, they've either got to scrap Wonder Woman, or completely rewrite the character so that she's basically unrecognisable as the character we know from the comics. She just doesn't work on screen. Read More

25 RE: The question is; do you do it at all?
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 05:05 by jimbo909
I've been saying DC should do a World's Finest movie for years. If Man of Steel turns out to be a more realistic approach (what if this guy really existed?) then it could work tonally with Nolan's Batman. I think to redo a version of Batman that can fit in with most people's idea of Superman will take time, so better to move on from where we are now. There should definitely be a Wonder Woman solo movie before we get to the rest of the team. Read More

26 The question is; do you do it at all?
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 03:09 by betsy101
The question is; do you do it at all? If you do there's got to be a plan. I think for it to work you have to do something completely different to what Marvel have done with the Avengers. So, it can't be Darksied attacking Earth or a threat from outer space. I think inspiration can be found in the stories written by Grant Morrisson, who made it feel like world ending threats only the JLA could handle, and also from JLA Year One by Mark Waid who dealt with the more behind the scenes stories of the characters involved. A more human story might be the way to go. To do it; reboot Batman, or at least don't use the Chris Nolan version of Batman. I don't think we need another Batman movie, everyone knows the Batman origin story by now and it doesn't need a rehash. Also, Nolan's movies are very grounded in their reality, which might not work so well for super-fast humans or men who can fly. Also, Dark Knight Rises took itself very seriously, too seriously, it was no fun at all. FRead More

Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 02:28 by jazzyjules63
I don't see how they can get away without origin stories for all of them. You can't just have a martian or the world's fastest man suddenly appearing. This will take years. Marvel were very smart in the way they had Nick Fury tying all of them together. Personally I would follow Superman with Wonder Woman (Superman cameo), Flash (GreenLantern cameo) and Aquaman (Batman cameo) movies. Then have a world's finest (or Trinity) movie which leads into the JLA movie, which can be the Martian Manhunter's origin story, having come to Earth escaping Darkseid who kills off the martian race. Read More

28 Elseworlds.
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 01:18 by makeminemedia
I'd like to see Kingdom Come done or Superman Red Son, or something where the filmmakers won't have as much pressure to adhere to the characters. Where they can stamp their mark tonally. People say that being too powerful etc means the characters aren't relatable, but we can all relate to wanting to live up to that standard and be the perfect person almost.A film should concentrate what its like having that pressure, oh and please no aliens! Read More

29 Justice League was no doubt born out of a slump in comic book sales
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 00:58 by Cameron1975Williams
...It cheapened the characters. I even thought so as a five year-old watching the Saturday morning cartoons. WB has just made a fortune with Nolan's films and is probably about to do the same with a new Superman franchise. To combine them would be to do an Alien vs Predator and tarnish two classic characters in one foul swoop. WB is my favourite studio because they gave Kubrick so much freedom, but a changing of the guard since then means they probably only care about the bottom line, just like all the rest. Read More

Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 00:45 by Cyberleader
DC shouldn't copy marvel. C'mon! Much as I love marvel, DC certainly came first by a lightyear... The Avengers was good fun...The Dark Knight Rises was 'class'. If they DO make a Justice League movie, they should utterly scrap any notion of 'make it a load of cool dudes being awesome to totally wicked rock music, whilst making chilled quips to one another'......Carry on the amazing 'Dark Knight' approach of creating something deathly serious. No franchises in what if they're god like rather than 'underdog' guys finding powers? Even no super powerers Batman is 'god like' or rather 'legendary' in his tragic, epic scaled tale. MAKE them gods and then have fun seeing them try to fix the World with ultimate powers. Easy? No. They'd sometimes blow up the wrong people, fight the wrong cause and let people like The Joker (c'mon, only the most famous comics villian EVER) pose them moral dihlemmas. Hell, even with no Joker, Lex Luther etc. there are enough real life bad guys to cause gRead More

31 Hawkman
Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2013, 00:38 by Normal Control
Been a long while since I read JLA, but I remember thinking Hawkman was cool. He's a unique character with an interesting origin, and flies around using medieval weaponry to bash the bad guys in. I think DC should follow Marvel on making successful solo movies before bringing them together for a superhero mash-up. Green Lantern could and should have been better, so more quality control is required if DC want to open their piggy bank. And leave Nolan and his gimp-voiced Batman behind as a lucrative bad memory. Read More

32 the solution is..........
Posted on Tuesday March 5, 2013, 23:35 by simjamlmx
not to bring in bales batman. the tone is completely wrong. I like the nolan batman trilogy but it's tough going, those films are too serious for their own good, doom laden, and i suspect boring for younger kids. As much as i detest alot of what tim burton did with the original from a storyline point of view, i think he got overall tone absolutely right. thats not to say i want burton anywhere near a justice league movie. nor do i want bales batman in it either. Read More

Posted on Tuesday March 5, 2013, 20:42 by TheBigLewbowski -could-dc-do/ Read More

34 RE: Simple Solution
Posted on Tuesday March 5, 2013, 20:38 by eamonn_finn
I like you point about the Dark Knight Returns Batman/Superman fight. the key issue is the difference in their ideology. Now i don't know much about the rest of the JL or what their view on Justice really is. But how about a movie where they battle each other. Not necessarily to beat each other, but to hold each other in check. Read More

35 RE: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Justice League?
Posted on Tuesday March 5, 2013, 19:25 by drico
Partly agree with nicholson50. and thats the part where he says don't do it. not every comic book has to be made. dont limit each DC character by having to mould them to each other's world to fit in the same universe. Man Of Steel looks great but already from the trailer i cant see it fitting with Nolan's Batman. Don't taint Batman and let Superman fill the gap. You mentioned in the article that Avengers topped The Dark Knight Rises in the box office. That's still incredible that one super hero competes with many. Man of Steel could well reach that sort of greatness, and then maybe give someone a shot to start a new batman story, that'd become two massive box office draws for DC. That's only money reasons. there is just no way wonder woman, green lantern, superman and batman can co-exist after the greatness of the Dark Knight trilogy. sorry to be so negative but some things are best left alone. Read More

36 RE: Simple Solution
Posted on Tuesday March 5, 2013, 18:47 by lsdbaby
Completely agree with my learned friend. Do limited crossover movies and slowly introduce the characters together. Who wouldn't want to see a Worlds Finest or Trinity movie? Then you can start dropping in extra characters like Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter as plot points. Probably the reason Warners/DC can't consider this is because Nolan and Bale are too big to be tied into a 3-6 movie commitment. I fear they'll jump in with both feat and ruin any prospect of a franchise. By the way, please please please do not give up on Aquaman. Think Tony Stark is cool because he acts like he owns every room he's in? Aquaman LITRALLY owns 2/3rd's of the Earth, and acts like it. Read More

37 Simple Solution
Posted on Tuesday March 5, 2013, 18:17 by bnicholson50
Don't do justice league! Just because Marvel did it (and made a mint) doesn't mean DC should do it. Approach the DC universe in a different manner and do some interesting crossovers instead. Do "The Dark Knight Returns" where Batman beats the crap outta Superman. There are many different ways to introduce other superheroes into franchise movies without making it a complete "assemble" movie. Grow the world organically Read More

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