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The Movies Of The Saturday Night Live Cast
The SNL stars on the big screen

Today�s news that SNL star Jason Sudeikis has signed on to co-star in a new movie got us thinking about that great institution, Saturday Night Live. We all know about the movie careers of Messrs. Sandler, Myers, Murphy, Chase, Aykroyd, Belushi and Ferrell. In recent history we�ve seen Tina Fey become a household name after breaking out from the SNL writer�s room, and Amy Poehler�s been close behind. But what about the current crop? What are they up to, and who�s going to break out?


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The Movies Of The Saturday Night Live Cast | Jason Sudeikis The Movies Of The Saturday Night Live Cast
Jason Sudeikis

The Everyman

He started writing for the show in 2003, and joined the cast in 2005. He�s been a permanent member since 2006.

Best characters
One half of unbearable smug, gum-chewing yuppie a-holes, The A-Holes. He also had great fun as Democrat VP nominee, Joe Biden, on the season just finished.

Where you�ve seen him
On 30 Rock, when he played Floyd, the too-nice-to-be-true lawyer lover of Tina Fey�s Liz Lemon, who eventually moved to Cleveland and started knocking around with another woman, the cad. A big gamer, he also contributed voicework to Grand Theft Auto IV.

Coming up?
He�s just signed for two movies � Bounty Hunter, with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, and Going The Distance, with Justin Long and Drew Barrymore. He�s best friends and would-be boyfriend material in both.

The Next�?
Hard to say. He�s talented, but probably not comparable to true SNL greats. But he could definitely anchor a TV show.

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