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6 Overdue Oscar Wins

Martin Scorsese (2007)
The world breathed a sigh of relief when Scorsese - six-time nominated bridesmaid - finally became the bride and took Best Director for The Departed. While an excellent film, it probably isn't the one that Scorsese would have won the prize for in an ideal world - that would be Raging Bull, Goodfellas and Taxi Driver, all of which went home empty-handed and, in the latter's case, wasn't nominated at all - but as a career achievement award it was more than overdue.

Kate Winslet (2009)
One of the most overlooked actresses of the decade, wins-wise, Winslet finally clinched the trophy after five nominations, three in the last 10 years alone. Having become the go-to girl for award-worthy period drama, it was no surprise that period drama, The Reader, nabbed gold for Winslet, unleashing some of the most breathless speeches in recent memory. Still, give her a break: she had five near-misses' worth of thank yous.

Lord of the Rings (2004)
While Fellowship and The Two Towers were victim to the Academy apparently saving up the kudos for the last film - netting only six production Oscars in relatively minor categories - Return of the King saw Peter Jackson and his team sweep all before them and scoop up all 11 of their nominations - matching all-time record holders Ben-Hur and Titanic. It was third time lucky for that Best Picture Oscar after all.

Morgan Freeman (2005)
Despite nominations for roles that can only be described as bangin' in Driving Miss Daisy and The Shawshank Redemption, it wasn't until 2003 - 15 years after his first nomination for Street Smart - that one of the world's most revered actors finally got his due, for Oscar darling Million Dollar Baby. About blooming time.

Robert Altman - Honorary (2006)
Despite winning this "for a career that has repeatedly reinvented the art form and inspired filmmakers and audiences alike", Altman was never honoured with a 'proper' Oscar. And this one came just in time: the five-times nominated director of Gosford Park, The Player and MASH passed away in December that year.

Peter O'Toole - Honorary (2003)
It was 20 years after the most recent of his seven nominations that O'Toole finally won his prize, and he initially turned it down as a consolation prize, writing to the Academy that he'd like to "win the lovely bugger outright." And, just to show he was indeed still in the game, four years later in 2007, he was nominated again, for Venus.

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