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5 Synopses That Make You Sound Insane In The Telling

Pixar's Up

"Old man ties balloons to his house and flies away to South America with a cub scout where they meet a giant bird and lots of talking dogs."

Harry Potter
"Abused child is rescued from life in cupboard under the stairs by Robbie Coltrane who says he's a wizard and takes him off to a magical school."

"So there's this guild of assassins who can bend bullets like they're in The Matrix but - get this - they're descended from WEAVERS. And there's a Loom of Fate that depicts mankind's future. Yes. A loom."

Mamma Mia!
"Oscar-winner Meryl Streep plays a hippie obsessed with singing ABBA."

Man On Wire
"Man ties wire between the Twin Towers, walks across it."

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