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10 Stomach Churning Moments

Right, it's the end of the year and we're not gonna lie - we've eaten a lot of food of late so forgive us for skirting delicately around exactly what some of these scenes contain. Suffice to say, they're disgusting enough that we've gone for allusion over explanation. If you've seen them, you'll know exactly what we mean. If not, don't watch on a turkey dinner

Eyeball!, Hostel (2006)
Jennifer Lim (playing Kana) had such realistic make-up applied for this scene that when she looked at her reflection in the mirror she actually began to cry. What have we learnt? Torture = not fun, people.

The Fire Extinguisher, Irreversible (2003)
Just one of the scenes that made this Newsweek's 'Most Walked Out Movie Of The Year' in 2002, this demonstrates the other way to weaponise a fire extinguisher besides blasting someone in the face with its contents.

Scissors, Antichrist (2009)
We're not even going to be even slightly glib about this. There are no words, Lars von Trier, none at all.

The Van Accident, The Orphanage (2008)
You didn't see that one coming, didja?

Buh-Bye Rib Cage, Saw III (2006)
Don't play with chemicals, kids. Or with serial killers, for that matter.

Train Jumping, Suicide Club (2002)
Little white bags will never be the same. Remember, if you see an unidentified piece of baggage at a train station (in Japan at least) you'd best find an alternative mode of transport.

Spunk Pastries, Van Wilder (2002)
Though it's no Saw III, masturbating dogs to create the world's most disgusting sweet treats is going to make people squirm in their seats for sure.

The Bowl Snack, Audition (2001)
There's hunger, then there's this. Makes your half-eleven hunger pangs look like one of Henry VIII's banquets.

Tongue-Splitting, Ichi The Killer (2001)
The natural way to apologise for carrying out 'just a little torture' is obviously this. Obviously.

Ray Liotta Gets Fed, Hannibal (2001)
We're guessing it tasted a bit like chicken. That is just a guess, mind: we've done absolutely no research into this, honest.

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