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10 Great Musical Numbers

To be one of the greatest song-and/or-dance performances of the decade you don't have been in a musical - but it helps. Equally, you don't need any ability at singing or dancing, just an enthusiastic attitude and a willingness to go for it. Don't believe us? Check these babies out

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Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor
Elephant Love Medley, Moulin Rouge (2001)
As fresh and inspiring the 50th time round as on first viewing, Baz Lurhmann's gorgeous reimagining of La Traviata is showcased best here with a fight of song lyrics between Nicole Kidman's courtesan Satine and Ewan McGregor's lovelorn writer. Touching on everything from The Beatles to Sweet, it's McGregor's joyful, elongated "We could be lovers" that still sends chill down the spine, while the culminating lines from Elton John's Your Song are pure magic.

Catherine Zeta-Jones And Ensemble
Cell Block Tango, Chicago (2002)
Welsh lass CZJ reminded us that those fabulous pins started off in musicals with this electric turn in Rob Marshall's adaptation of Ebb and Kander's sexy crime musical. The fact she steals this ensemble number, a cracking, darkly witty expose on murder and marriage, goes a long way to demonstrate how she gracefully knocked Renee Zellweger's squeaky lead out of the park and out of the running at the Oscars.

Amy Adams
Happy Working Song, Enchanted (2007)
Shrek set the benchmark for Disney song parodies at Everest levels as soon as Princess Fiona's scales killed a cute ickle bluebird, but it's Amy Adams calling on New York's creatures of the forest to tidy up Patrick Dempsey's apartment that pulls it off to perfection. Using rats, pigeons and cockroaches in the roles traditionally occupied by wide-eyed squirrels is brilliant; Adams' wide-eyed Princess and her cheery reaction make it even better.

Jon Heder
Canned Heat, Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
The geek rises: unloveable nerd Napoleon steps up to the school talent show armed only with concrete self-belief and a Jamiroquai single. It says something about the scene that, while it's never been allowed on YouTube, a step-by-step fan video has passed 1.2m views. So let's watch that instead - genius.

Abigail Breslin
Super Freak, Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
Yes, it strikes nails into the heart of children's beauty pageants, but really, this scene is wonderful because of Breslin - only 9 and displaying all the chutzpah of Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia! Breslin became one of the youngest-ever Oscar nominees for her performance, and this joyously inappropriate striptease dance to Rick James' Super Freak - choreographed by her terrible grandfather - soon brings her fractured family together out of protection and, eventually, happiness.
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